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  1. deisel400

    85 yz 250

    I have an 1985 yz 250 with a cracked cylinder. I am wondering if I can use a cylinder from a 86 yz 250 or any other year without issue, or am I limited to 85 cylinders. Thanks.
  2. deisel400

    Dyno Jet Kit or no?

    My bike with the top of the air box opened up, the stock needle would make it bog really bad. I had to tape it back up until I got the needle, and then it would run properly with the air box open. The bike would bog badly from 1/4 to full. I could barely pull any hills, it was bad. I even tried bigger mains with slight improvements but still a HUGE bog.
  3. deisel400

    Two Brothers Exhaust System

    One word LOUD! I have one on my dr 650 and I always wear ear plugs with it but it sounds deep, and awesome. The power is a bit more everywhere, and lightens the bike up quite a bit. It also IMHO is the best looking pipe for the dr. So if you dont mind ear plugs then its a good pipe. Good luck.
  4. deisel400

    how to straighten and align the front of DRZ?

    What i did was get a couple of 2x4's or 2x6's, and clamp them to my front tire and my back tire to hold the front wheel straight. Next I loosened my triple clamps and measured from the end of the bar (on one side) to a center point on either the rear of my seat or my rear fender. Next i measured from the other side of the bar to the same point, and then compared the two measurements. If they were off then i would pull on the side that had the longer measurement until they were the same. Then I would tighten the triple clamps up, and then do the measurements again to make sure they were the same all tightened up. Good luck.
  5. deisel400

    Two Brothers Racing M-7 V.A.L.E.™ Exhaust System

    The pipe sounds awesome and is loud enough to hurt your ears. I always ride with ear plugs for that reason. Even with ear plugs the pipe sounds awesome. The two brothers pipe looks better then the fmf imo. The quality is awesome, I have over 4000 hard kms on the pipe and it looks brand new. Good luck.
  6. deisel400

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Ya it looks like no miles. More minty then my 08.
  7. deisel400

    How long does it take: engine start.

    Mine only takes two revolutions of the starter to start it cold whether its been a week, the next day, or -10 out.
  8. deisel400

    I think i'm going Deaf!

    I have been wearing earplugs since putting on my two brothers m7. Without the ear plugs my ears hurt bad, every exhaust pulse feels like a pin prick. The ear plugs also actually make my exhaust sound better because its not so loud. The wind also bothered me before and now i barely hear it. The only problem i have with ear plugs is after 2 hrs they become uncomfortable. What kind of ear plug is the most comfortable? thanks.
  9. deisel400

    New to Thumper Talk ~ Questions about DR650SE

    My stock dr 650 with the needle shimmed, and no snorkel would pull even with a supertrapped, open airbox dynojetted klr 650. Now with my two bros pipe, open air box, dynojet kit I can destroy that klr.
  10. deisel400

    97 rm250, low compression, why?

    Them scratches arent bad. I had a cylinder with the nikasil gone 1 inch around my exhaust port on my cylinder on my sled with an extremely scored piston, and still had the same compression as brand new. It also ran like there was nothing wrong. I would just get the cylinder honed to remove the scratches, and to help the rings break in better.
  11. deisel400

    2-stroke oil in a 4-stroke?

    Atf burns so good that some guys run 100% atf in their diesel trucks. It also works good as a fuel lubricant for diesels. So It could work as a top end lube.
  12. deisel400

    Does my DR need Viagra ?

    Mine will wheelie in second with no clutch, and it has stock gearing, dj kit, two bros m7, air box cut, and header ground. I find that I have to crack it in the bottom end to get it wheelie, this bike has the best throttle response in the lower end with the cv.
  13. Thats sooo funny since he could have used a hammer and a socket to do his main bearings LOL!
  14. deisel400

    Unhappy with new FMF Q2

    My fmf powercore 4 that I had on my 400 did the same thing. I heard it was a normal thing from the vibes of the bike, and the sound waves. After it had done that all the way around the pipe it actually looked not bad.
  15. deisel400

    Oil Stabilizer in our DRs?

    Do not use, it will foam up in your transmission and cause problems. All that stuff does is thicken up the oil. If you wanted thicker oil run 15-40 diesel oil, it will be good for high temperatures but wont foam up.