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  1. KevinM-DRZ125

    Need stock DRZ-125 exhaust - kids bike stolen

    Oh crap... Jeeze.. I screwed up.. and grabbed the wrong exhaust pictures. Thats from a CRF70. LOL. sry about that. and you guys are good. I'll post the correct pictures tonight.
  2. KevinM-DRZ125

    Need stock DRZ-125 exhaust - kids bike stolen

    Here's the pictures of the stock exhaust. I think I pm'ed you a price.. Just let me know. I can do a Buy it Now on eBay or just go thru PayPal and give you my contact info. As with the front end parts in the other thread.. I rode with this on the bike on 5 occasions in 2006 before putting on the Yosh exhaust. You'll need your own bolts. I had to use those to mount the yosh exhaust. I'm guessing you have them anyway. Let me know what you want to do. -Kevin edtit: sry some are blurry.
  3. KevinM-DRZ125

    Making the drz 125 small wheel bigger

    Ok here are pictures... Wheel... Forks... Brake... Triple clamp.. I think you may need that for tabs used by brake line .. and I have the fender... No charge for the fender.. I'll never use it. I'll PM you a price... including shipping. I can put it on Ebay for a Buy it Now price if you prefer.. or we can just do via PayPal. I'll PM you my contact info. Everything is pretty close to new condition. I rode the bike with these parts on 5 occasions in 2006. Let me know.
  4. KevinM-DRZ125

    Making the drz 125 small wheel bigger

    Schu.. sry but I got home from work too late last night. I will get the info and pictures tonight or Saturday.
  5. KevinM-DRZ125

    DRZ 125 Jetting database

    Year: 2005 DRZ 125 Elevation:Sea-level to 500 Temperature Range: 50-90 degrees Airbox Modified Top: Cut out Snorkel: Removed Backfire Screen: In place Air Filter: Stock Pilot Jet: 22.5 Main Jet: 117.5 (have to confirm that) Needle: Yamaha TTR125 needle Needle Clip Position: Bottom clip (3rd) Fuel Screw Setting: 1-1/2 turns out Exhaust Type: Yoshimura Exhaust Modified: No Cam:Hot Cams Stage 1
  6. KevinM-DRZ125

    Making the drz 125 small wheel bigger

    Yes, I would ship them to you and the price would include that. Let me find out how much it will cost to ship to MI via UPS ground and I'll get you a price. Pretty sure it would have to be two boxes, but I'll see if I can consolidate somehow without risking scratches/damage. I'll take some close-up pictures and post those too. Will try to do that tonight. I don't think you need the triple clamp that I mentioned, but you can have it if you want it.
  7. KevinM-DRZ125

    Making the drz 125 small wheel bigger

    Well.. I have a full front end to a stock 2005 DRZ125L. Full front Brake (including the lever and brake line), Triple Clamps, Forks, Wheel (incl the tire). If you want them, I'll sell 'em as cheap as possible. They've been sitting around doing nothing since I got the bike in later 2006, and I have no plans to use them. I can take pictures and send them to you if you're interested. But you'll need the back end too.. which I don't have.
  8. KevinM-DRZ125

    Oil change drz125 ?'s

    From another thread I found here... There's a big bolt on the bottom of the case. It should be the Larger of the two bolts. I Know there's a second bolt down there that is not the oil drain... don't remove that one. Not a disaster if you do. If you remove the wrong bolt.. this link will help you undo that.. Maybe read this before you remove the bolt. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=207949&highlight=Oil+Drain Also this thread.. with info on the Wrong bolt issue... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=527047&highlight=Oil+Drain Other than that... -you may want the bike warm so it drains quick. -it uses 850 ml of Oil. Any decent 4 stroke oil .. I use Bel Ray 10W-40 Thumper but others are good too. -Change the filter if while you're at it. -The drain bolt has a washer. I'm not sure if it's a crush washer. I've gotten away with a few oil changes without changing the washer. No leaks so far. But if the washer is smooshed... maybe get a new one. If you don't have one yet, you can probably get away without changing it.
  9. KevinM-DRZ125

    Yoshimura Complete exhaust System Availability

    I've ordered from JC... They were a good Vendor to deal with. Just FYI.
  10. KevinM-DRZ125

    KLX140L, What do I need to know?

    See how it runs for a bit. Sometimes the plugs will foul but see what happens with it first. If jets are hard to get, there probably isn't much you'd want to change at this point anyway. At least until you can get some jets. Good luck. Hope he was psyched!
  11. KevinM-DRZ125

    KLX 125 will not kick start

    Sounds good. Sometimes, these bikes can be tough to start when it's cold out. Too lean from the factory.
  12. KevinM-DRZ125

    klx 140 needs carb work

    I would bet the stock KLX140 is pretty lean. In cold weather... sub 50 F.. it's going to be even leaner to the point of being a pain in the butt to start. Deceleration pops when you hit the throttle in neutral is a sign of a lean pilot circuit. at minus 4 deg F... I'd be surprised if many bikes would even start. My CRF250R took 20 mins to start on Sunday AM at +23 deg F. and that bike is rejetted for for chilly weather.. like 40-45... but not frigid weather. Getting the right pilot jet will be key. Fuel screw is a fine tune of the pilot circuit. I don't have a 140 so I don't know what size is stock.. but if (when) I jet a 140.. I'd get the next 3 or 4 larger pilot jets. If I was opening the airbox and putting new pipe on.. I'd expect to up the pilot a couple of sizes. Maybe more. if needle is adjustable, that would make life easier too. Main jet.. probably a couple sizes up for opened intake system. But you have to experiment. If I get a 140 and sort it out, I'll post what I've learned. Good luck.
  13. KevinM-DRZ125

    Mods for a CRF70?

    Check out Honda Trails Bikes site. Excellent prices. http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/ I put the 88cc Race Head kit on my sons 2005 70. Gave it more power than stock. Also did other mods to the suspension. He got it 2-1/2 yrs ago... so seat height and weight became an issue. New forks/clamps and new swingarm and shock. Suspension mods cost some bucks though.
  14. KevinM-DRZ125

    KLX140 Pre-Purchase Questions... (Forks)

    I was trying to find out if the forks I used on my 2005 DRZ125L will work on a 2008 KLX140L. From what I've read so far here... they will. The forks and Triple Clamp I used were from a 2003 RM100. So 2003 RM100 = 200x KX100 And since 200x KX100 = 2008 KLX140.. I'd say to '03 RM100 front end will bolt on. I later swapped my 2003 RM100 triples for Applied Racing KX100 Triples... so I have a used pair of 2003 RM100 triples if someone needs those.. dirt cheap. I'm going to do a little more research to be sure, but if KX100 triples/forks will fit on the new KLX140.. then my set up should work fine on the new KLX. The frame on the new KLX is so much better than the DRZ's frame. Not to mention the swinger.. the shock.. the rear break... Next thing is the shock. I have a $300 WP shock on my DRZ. I'm expecting I won't be able to use it on the KLX140. Hope this info helps. My 125L pics are in my Garage.
  15. KevinM-DRZ125

    What I think of the 08 rmz250

    That looks like Raceway Park's practice track.