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    Just a curious XR200 observation...

    I know this thread is a bit old .... but i still havent gotten a wheel yet .... lol. Just wondering if you ever tried the 81 xr200r wheel on your 01 and if it worked?
  2. I had painted mine with the krylon fusion and its really bubbled up now and i was wondering what other year tanks will fit the bike with no modifications. Also wondering if i get other year tanks ... what modifications will i need to make. trying not to put much more money into this cause im getting ready to sell it but dont want to sell it with the bubbled up tank. Thanks

    1982 XR200R questions. and my intorduction.

    The Krylon fusion didnt work to well on my XR100 gas tank either ............ its got tiny bubbles all over it. What a mess!! I'll be looking for a new tank as well. I dont think the crf tanks will work on the 87 xr100 tho.

    1982 XR200R questions. and my intorduction.

    Hiya fordfreak .......... I see your still at it with that bike. Been a long time since ive been on here and the bike looks fantastic. Mines been in the shed all winter and i havent touched it at all. weather is getting nice now tho so i'll probably be pulling it out soon to get back to work on it. Probably going to sell the 87 xr100 that i did a frame up restore on and put that money into my 99 xr200r and maybe some into my 71 yamaha CT1 Enduro. I picked up a 4x4 ranger supercab to haul the bikes around in and have been doing some work on it this spring but its ready now so its time to get the bikes ready to do some riding. Still want to do a body lift on it so i can fit some 33's on there though. I'll probably be poppin in a lil more now and im sure i'll have some questions so keep an eye out for me ...... lol. Your bike certainly has come along way!!

    tips for a xr 100

    Your question was pretty much answered in the 1st couple replies ........... but i cant believe no one mentioned the obvious. Bigger Jumps = More Air

    I am ready to give up

    Since your just now getting a manual ......... in case you werent aware .......... the choke is ON in the UP position. Most every engine ive had before its always been the opposite so thought i post it. Its always the simple things that get ya. Sorry your having trouble getting it started. Do yourself a favour and read the manual cover to cover before going on. Timing with a timing light is used to dial it in perfectly. You can time it at TDC on compression stroke with the cam gear at 12 o'clock, Flywheel mark at F or T (cant remember which off hand). And theres also timing marks on the pulse generator to align. You may be getting spark ..... but at the wrong time. 1st thing i would do tho if you havent already is pull the flywheel off and make sure the woodruff key & keyway is OK to make sure the flywheel hasnt spun a bit giving you a false reading on the timing marks. While its off give the inside of the flywheel a good cleaning and make sure theres no rust ot build up. I would also pull the pulse generator and clean it all up good and use some light emory cloth on any electrical contact areas. Did you ever put a compression tester on the bike?? When i put mine back together i started it without the gas tank, air box or exhaust on. You can rig up a plastic bottle with a clear hose to your carb. makes it alot easier to work on without everything in the way. Mine also started easier when kicking it without touching the throttle when cold. It seemed to flood real easy. HTH .......... I know how aggravating it can be.

    What do you guys think?

    I think ............ I already read this post ....... lol

    fuel flows thorugh carb wrong way

    If you dont see a "O" or mark on the cam gear (it should be right near the teeth) ......... flip it over ........ its on backwards.

    fuel flows thorugh carb wrong way

    No gasket for the rocker cover .......... sealant is used there. I would be more than happy to give you specs and scan pages of procedures for you ............. but im sure there is quite a bit of difference between an 82 and a 99. I also would have copied procedure info and posted it here but would be afraid of giving you bad info. And you would be very fortunate to be able to just run to the shop when you get paid and purchase a manual for a 24 year old bike. I couldnt even find one for my 87 xr100 & 99 xr200. I ordered a factory shop manual from Helm for the 99 but was lucky enough to find the 87 manual for $6 at amazon books. You might want to check there for the 82's manual.

    1982 XR200R questions. and my intorduction.

    You need the head off to put any kerosene or wd-40 in the port to check for leaks properly. But i guess if its bad enough for the liquid to run right through .......... you know its bad but then again .... pouring liquid right in on top of the piston isnt good either. If you do it that way ........ i would dfinately reccomend kerosene......... and to change the oil one you get everything straightened out.

    fuel flows thorugh carb wrong way

    I to thought bent valve but i would still check the timing before pulling it apart. Im surprised you didnt pull the head to check things out when you had the engine off the frame. On my 87 xr100r ............ i found a bent valve (but mine was exhaust) ........... When i pulled the head and looked into the exhaust port ....... i could see daylight shining through. If you dont notice anything right away visually ................. pour some kerosene or squirt some WD-40 into the port to see if any leaks past the valve.

    xr100 kick starter

    The one on my 87 does but not sure if its stock that way.

    E-start XR200, pic inside

    So whats your opinion on the lifan motor so far?? Does it feel about the same as stock? We want details

    1982 XR200R questions. and my intorduction.

    Dont tear into the motor yet. Just get yourself a good manual and set the valves and set the timing and adjust the compression release. In my manual ...... the compression should be at 199 lbs. Mines at 185 As many parts as you've bought for he bike .... im surprised you hadnt gotten a manual yet.

    1982 XR200R questions. and my intorduction.

    You dont have an air screw ..... you have a fuel screw and an idle screw. The fuel scxrew is similar to an air screw in the reguards that when its on the air filter side of the carb ....... its an air screw............ and when its on the cylinder side of the carn its a fuel screw. 2.25 out on fuel screw 2.5 out on idle screw Yes turn them in till they seat lightly and back them out the number of turns.