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    XR: Invincible Stories

    I was riding with a friend of mine out at a local pit when I laid it down and broke the clutch lever bracket. While I tried to rig it to get it back to the truck, my friend fouled his plug and couldn't get his to start. I made a very temp fix by wrapping a plastic bag (it was all I could find) tightly around the broken bracket and the handle bars. I towed the other bike about 3-4 miles through deep sand and some singletrack back to the truck with the clutch lever practically hanging off. Glad the XR has that low end or it would have been alot worse. Not as extreme as some, but I was still impressed.
  2. xrcoastie

    Dear Honda...

    I was looking for a used trail bike to get back into the dirt with but the dealer had a leftover new '03 XR400 and wanted only slightly more than some used bikes I'd seen. Glad I grabbed it when I had the chance. Now there's a couple XR100's listed in the local paper. Starting to look pretty tempting for the boys.
  3. xrcoastie

    XR250 or XR400?

    Mine wasn't hard to find, it was on the floor at the dealership 2 yrs after it was made. The salesman said the owner had ordered alot of them though. I guess everyone wanted the CRF's instead. I'd call around to local shops first. You might stumble across one like I did.
  4. xrcoastie

    XR250 or XR400?

    I spent my teenage years riding a '79 yz400. After taking about 10 years off from dirt riding, taking up street riding instead, I finally wanted to and could afford to do both. I found a new leftover '03 xr400 last spring and picked it up for dealer cost. I'm 6'2" and 230 lbs and the 400 fits well and has plenty of power for the trails, until they open up. I guess I shouldn't expect sportbike acceleration in the dirt though. I haven't ridden a 250 but I know I wouldn't want any less power than the 400 offers. It handles everything I've found to test it with so far. Like others have said, it's mostly rider and I don't see myself outgrowing the 400 anytime soon. Probably never.
  5. xrcoastie

    Need Help and Starting Sequence For 2003 XR400

    Full choke and start kicking. Starts within a few kicks. Let it idle for a few seconds and move to 1/2 choke. Idles on half choke while I check the tires and put on my helmet. Should be warm now, so kill it, check oil, restart with no choke and ride.
  6. xrcoastie

    Music... getting pumped!!

    Tool, Pantera, Static X, Megadeth just a few
  7. xrcoastie

    how do u like your xr400 ?

    So far it kicks a$$. It has all I need for what I use it for. I'm sure a MX bike would be fun too, but I'll take the XR first.
  8. xrcoastie

    What do you carry when trail riding?

    Most of my riding is done within 10 miles of my house and the beginning of the trail is about 100 yds away so I don't carry much. Camelback Small Tool kit- Factory tool kit + a few more things. Cell phone Knife Kahr P40- It's all public land and I ride by myself alot. Never know who you're going to run into. The Kahr fits in my pocket better than my Sig too.
  9. xrcoastie

    night riding

    I just got back from my first night ride. Alot different then during the day. It seemed almost easier to focus on the trail, which was good because I had plenty of armadillos and rabbits to dodge . If only we didn't have these da*n banana spiders. The webs stretch across the trail and you don't see the web or spider until you're pretty much riding through them. I got so full of webs I had leaves and twigs dangling off my helmet. I finally stopped to clean them off and I had about a 2-3" spider crawling up the front of my shirt. Other than that, it was awesome. I'll definitely do it again.
  10. xrcoastie


    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have some ok trails here but I can't wait to get my XR in the desert and my Monster into some twisty mountain roads.
  11. xrcoastie


    I'll be honest, I searched but didn't immediately find the info I was looking for. It's late and I'm feeling lazy so I am going to ask anyway. I have a stock 03 xr400. I am currently stationed in southern Louisiana and I live and ride in altitudes ranging from 5-10 feet above sea level, depending on how tall the hill is . I am going on vacation to Arizona this summer and I'll be taking the bikes with me. I will be at about 3500' - 4000' altitude. I think I'll need to change the jets, but not sure. Can anyone help? Also, where is the good riding in the Clarksdale, AZ area? Thanks alot.
  12. xrcoastie

    first bike

    dirt- 79 yz400 street- 03 Triumph Speed 4
  13. xrcoastie

    The One!!!!

    Sounds like a fun trail. I just started riding dirt again after about 10 years of only street bikes and I've only found a few trails so far. They're mostly quad trails but there is a section of one that I guess is "The One". It starts out as about 200 yrds of 3-4ft whoops that twist and wind through the trees with the occasional roots and logs across the trail. There are also palmettos and vines everywhere, giving it a jungle feel. Kind of a nice twisted rythym section to get the blood flowing. The trail gradually tightens and the whoops diminish until it's pretty much just over the roots and between the trees. The last section is the trickiest. The trail winds around and sometimes follows fairly close to the 4ft bank of a small canal. The whoops are back, farther apart, but now they're steeper, so each one is like climbing a steep bank and the dropping off the other side. The trees are a little tighter and there are more roots and logs on the trail. Now you are twisting and turning and even ducking under some fallen trees in a few spots, all while going up and down. The vines are there too, only now it seems like they're waiting to grab your handlebars if you get too far off the line. I've only ridden though it a couple times so far because I found it earlier this week, but I can already tell this is going to be the favorite part of every ride.