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  1. barbuster400

    09 crf450 gas line connection

    unplug the fuel line at FI and gas keeps running from tank. Should not leak at all till pump pushes it, am i right?
  2. barbuster400

    2010 YZ450 Cold weather starting

    Mine starts just fine. Been riding it on the ice this winter. All stock
  3. barbuster400

    2010 release date

    Anyone heard when the dealers will be getting the 2010's in
  4. barbuster400

    Another case of loose fuel pump wires

    i replaced the stock with a longer after market shifterat about 5 hrs. never knocked it out of gear again now at 45hrs. I think the after market one is msr.
  5. barbuster400

    Seats - Compatability

    yes they will fit, just a different color
  6. barbuster400

    2009 Rmz450

    Picked up the 08 just over a week ago. Nice to be back on suzuki.
  7. barbuster400

    07-08 engine cases interchangable?

    yeah, no repairing. broke wide open. I have found a set of 08 cases for a very good price, that is why i wondered if they would fit.
  8. barbuster400

    Glad to be back on RMZ

    Could not get one in the spring and racing had already started so i bought a 08 yz. Sold that and am now back on a RMZ again. Just barley broke in and love it. any tips would be great. Have a 06 RMZ that i ride on the ice.
  9. barbuster400

    07-08 engine cases interchangable?

    broke, why would i change just to get a different color
  10. Are the 07 and 08 engine cases the same? can they be interchanged? I need cases for a 07 yz450 if anyone can help me out it would be a big help. Thanks
  11. barbuster400

    2007-2008 case halves

    does anyone know if the 07 and 08 engine case halves are interchangable. Broke a chain and need new cases and have a set for a 08. If they will not fit would anyone out there have a set for the 07? Thanks for any help.
  12. barbuster400

    Sticky float???

    Yes it sounds like the float valve. Mine did the same thing.
  13. barbuster400

    2009 Rmz450

    There is not a 08 anywhere close to me Could have one shipped but then would be paying 6000
  14. barbuster400

    2009 Rmz450

    Anyone know when they will be available. I waited for ever last spring for the 08 and ended up missing the first 2 months of the mx season till i bought a yz. Hoping to get back on a rm soon, but not even my dealer knows when they will be out.
  15. barbuster400

    Wanna help me troubleshoot my RMZ?

    float needle sticks on mine if it sits for even 2 weeks, replace it and it will not stick, the coating wears off then it will start sticking more often