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  1. 450 vet

    PowerBomb or Megabomb

    On the stock exhaust on the competition bikes(crf yzf etc) there isnt much increase in power unless you go to a obnnciously loud 3in open core and even then its simply moving the power around.I have the fmf system and powerbomb on my 03 and i would be lying if i said it was nite and day over stock.I can only justify replacing a exhaust unless i wanted to save a pound or 2.But even then it prolly wouldnt be worth it.
  2. 450 vet

    Valve Guides shot?

    u may be alright,all the bikes i have seen would take a chunk out of the guides and was clearly visible mandating replacement.These are not interference fit motors
  3. 450 vet

    Tire suggestions crf 450???

    yeah the dunlop 756 were the hot set up back in the day.i run the 739 now because i go it on sale($39).Looking for a good but cheap rear pretty soon lol
  4. 450 vet

    2002 whats wrong

    i awlays twist the throittle on my fcr equipped machines.Even my snowblower has a primer.why kick it 10 times when with a couple twists itll start in 2?i had a yz426 that would foul plug after initial start up.double check the pilot an make sure you turn fuel off when your done riding incase fuel is dribbling into motor from faultu needle and seat
  5. 450 vet

    2011 crf450r

    Thats the problem,people tend to go by what they"read or heard" instead of seeing things for themselves.Wait until you ride the bike and decide for yourself if you need more top end.Dont let others opinions be the final say on what works for you.
  6. 450 vet

    Which year model CRF450R

    Ride whatever you can get ther best deal on..seriously.I wish i could have half of the money i spent buying bikes just to spend more money on accessories just to end up dumping it because something else comes along that i just had to have.Back in 98 or 99 i was a mid pack intermediate riding a 93 yz250,so its all on rider.I definately know my 03 crf can run with the vet class.
  7. 450 vet

    Is 09,10,11 raceable stock?

    anything is "raceable" stock.It all comes down to the rider.How hard do you want to work?
  8. 450 vet

    CRF450R Stalls w/ quick throttle.

    yeah a fuel screw you can work by hand is a must!sometimes youll have to adjust it evry time you ride for varying conditions
  9. 450 vet

    CRF450R Stalls w/ quick throttle.

    could be a lean condition.Verify that youre ap is working correctly.If there is a hole in the rubber diaphram for the plunger assembly it will not squirt.Also make sure carb is thoroughly clean too.Theres a lot of passages to get dirty on the fcr carbs.Almost all 4 strokes will bog if you rap the throttle WFO when the motor isnt under a load.Try adjusting your fuel screw first before you tear into the carb.you want to turn it out until you get the highest idle.that should put you in ballpark.
  10. 450 vet

    The reddest CRF450R?

    "sounds faggish" lmao...too funny
  11. 450 vet

    What do you think? Not too bad for a '02.

    bike looks good.
  12. 450 vet

    Home Made Bump Seat

    thats a pretty good idea,looks like ill be doing this,i didnt want to pay $100 for one of those sdg stepped seats...nice
  13. 450 vet

    110 rear tire

    yeah i can notice the heavier tire in the whoops..not that im a pro though lol
  14. 450 vet

    Just got my first 4 stroke!

    yeah youll be fine.poping on decelleration is a lean condition.Turn the fuel screw out a turn or so and you should be fine.Theres an art to finding good info on the web,lots of useful stuff but just as much BS as well..lol i love my 03 crf450
  15. 450 vet

    2008 450R price

    3grand.i dont believe in over spending for soemthing your gonna get rid of anyhow.Its not gonna appreciate in value.So me being the cheapo i am,i say 3 to 3300 max..