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  1. mrmajestic

    Road rash make-up

    Last fall I found the point of no return of 606's on the street. I was powering through a right turn in an intersection and it washed out. The right rear plastics suffered some rash in the muffler area. Other than my Zeta grip cap and a small mark on my TT case guard there was no other damage. Any suggestions, short of buying new plastic, on how to repair or cover it up?
  2. mrmajestic

    FCR delivery impatience

    As mentioned in other threads, spend the $5.00 and start with a JIS screwdriver. You might still have problems or perhaps an impaled hand but at least you had the correct screwdriver.
  3. mrmajestic

    DRZ skid plate...best one?

    White Brothers from TT seems to be the standard. Of course there are heavier but do you need it? I was in the rocks today and felt secure with mine.
  4. mrmajestic

    Lowering DRZ400E Suspension

    May I ask why you are dead set against the Kouba? I put mine on, set the race sag and lowered the front forks, it runs great for my old man style riding. They are only $70.00 and their service is fantastic. I ordered on a Sunday and forgot to type in my name. I got a call at eight o'clock that night to correct and expedite the order.
  5. mrmajestic

    MCCT Today!

    I am deaf as a post so I did mine per the instructions. Works great and should be one of the first mods for everybody.
  6. mrmajestic

    bypass the clutch interlock switch

    Seems like Suzuki made it to remove. When I disconnected mine I couldn't believe they actually had the connectors sexed correctly to bypass it.
  7. mrmajestic

    need rear suspension measurement

    I measured my stock units and they were 4 7/8". I am sure it is a metric dimension but that should give you the information you are looking for.
  8. mrmajestic

    Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

    I assume you have a drivers license that allows you to drive a car/truck. If that is the case the fuel savings over a four wheel vehicle are significant. Of course a seemingly nice young man with an interest in motorcycling sure beats one with less desirable traits.
  9. mrmajestic

    Needle adjustment without pulling the carb?

    The correct terms are socket head cap screws and wobble or ball end drivers. As for using my hemostats they are already being used for something else!
  10. mrmajestic

    MCCT Report

    I installed my TT MCCT to alleviate any future failures. Much to my surprise I was rewarded with a quieter engine at all rpm's, smoother running, and no more annoying rattling when lugged. Obviously the stock unit wasn't doing its job properly. I used the accompanying directions for the installation and it went smooth and quick. I also purchased the TT kick stand and Topar rotor guards, north and south, along with their rear caliper guard. Sweet dreams for me tonight!
  11. mrmajestic

    chain guard on an E

    Check out the Zeta heel guard from Forrest at Wheeling Cycle. That should be reasonably easy to rig.
  12. mrmajestic

    How long did your stock battery last?

    I bought my 04 in 05 as a leftover. My battery never was any good and I replaced it this spring. I figured they didn't keep it charged. I paid 90.00 for the Yuasa from the local battery guy. I am sure it was brought to life correctly and will last a lot longer with the recommended tender.
  13. mrmajestic

    Difference between '05, '06, '07 DRZ400sm

    I don't mean to hijack this thread but I looked at an 06 S and the front turn signals were mounted on the triple clamp. My 04 is mounted to the fairing bolts. I like the 06 better. Can I do the same with mine if I purchase the appropriate mount?
  14. mrmajestic

    Ultimate Dual Sport Tires. Please Vote for your Fav.

    Dunlop 606's on both ends. I will replace with same when needed. I ride about 50/50 and love them.
  15. mrmajestic


    I installed the #2 tonight and lowered the forks 1 inch. I can touch the ground now with my Bill Mayer saddle. I left the race sag loose for now as I don't ride real aggressive. Great product and quick and easy install. I would recommend it for all of us short inseam-ed riders.