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  1. I installed the 16-tooth front sprocket, and although I can run a lower RPM highway speed now, I wound her out the other day, and got the same top speed I had with the 15-tooth, 102mph... do you think it's because the motor can't pull that tall of a gear without mods?
  2. dsapp

    is the head pipe supposed to glow red in the dark?

    well, I took the bike to a mechanic, and told him it was lean from the factory and that the headpipe was glowing at night... so he changes the main jet from a 140 to a 145 and turns the mixture screw out a 1/4 turn... he said the plug is now the right color.... BUT the headpipe still glows... most likely because the pilot and needle jets are still lean, huh? I don't know why he didn't do those too??? geez... guess I'll take it back to him...
  3. dsapp

    how does the speedometer and odometer read?

    the speedometer and odometer run off the same cable to the front wheel, right?
  4. what are they connected to, the transmission, the front wheel, what? thanks:excuseme:
  5. dsapp

    How to change your counter sprocket ( CS )

    correct ! I called Kientch, and they also said the FAT part or protrusion goes to the inside, against the motor. "This one I had to study on,,, someone correct me if I goofed up,,, but see the FAT part on the new CS? That goes toward the engine. I dry run both ways and the FAT in-ward is less movement.Besides that was the way the stocky was on there......"
  6. dsapp

    Any comments on 08 DR650?

    I bought a new 08 in June for $4,808 plus title, taxes, & tags. ordered black side panels and gel grips for it, softened the rear preload to better match the front soft shocks to soak up all those road bumps and pot holes, I run about 15lbs. in the front tire, 10lbs. in the rear for wet traction on the pavements, and floatation in the soft stuff... otherwise left it stock and I love it! I did order a 16-tooth front sprocket from Jesse, and might get it rejetted to get it off the lean factory mixture.
  7. dsapp

    is the head pipe supposed to glow red in the dark?

    I found this on another thread "An exhaust pipe will glow in the dark. Now if it's cherry red in the daytime, you have a problem. But a little color at night is just where it should be." and this one "Mine glows in the dark too, the more power I ask from the motor, the more it glows, even at elevated speeds. Mine always did that even when it was stock. It has to be really dark to see it though... btw: my valves, head, piston and cilinder still look brand new after 2 years." and this whole thread says it's normal... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=277503 and here's a great explanation of possibilities! " if the exhaust valve opens too early the exhaust flame will escape whilst still burning & expanding. the idea is that the mixture burns in a controlled explosion & pushes the piston down. when the useful effort of this push on the piston has gone it's time to open the exhaust valves & let it exhale. if it's done too soon the burning gases go out the exhaust port. the valves are actually quite good at coping with this on modern machinery. there is also the possibility of running lean. if i remember rightly the temp of a good mixture is 800c & lean can be 1200c!!! if the bike runs fine it won't be this. dodgy ignition/ignition timing can burn the fuel too late making the unburnt mixture burn after it got kicked out the cylinder is another. lets note forget that the header is a single wall thickness pipe. on roadbikes it would be dual & the orange glow wouldn't show & wreck your lovely crome headers." SO... and being that the dealer says it's normal, and MC manufacturers seem to sell bikes like this all the time... I guess the true tale of the tape would be to simply pull the plug and see if it's white or brown, huh? if it's truely running lean and hot, then the plug will be white. Is it possible to be brown and running hot? not necessarrily lean? I'm no mechanic or engineer
  8. dsapp

    is the head pipe supposed to glow red in the dark?

    pardon my ignorance, but what is a "Ti pipe" ? titanium??? thanks
  9. dsapp

    is a fork brace worth $160?

    thanks guys.... I'll probably be debating this for a while
  10. dsapp

    word to the wise, don't ride a KTM 990 Super Duke...

    yeah, a guy down the road has one... he comes out of the turn in front of my house at like 60-70 and pulls the front wheel up, and rides that wheelie on past 100 and out of sight.... it's insane
  11. dsapp

    is a fork brace worth $160?

    I notice a slight wobble at high speed cross winds, and in high speed turns... thinking a fork brace would help, but is it worth $160??? how about a steering dampener? they're even more $
  12. dsapp

    is the head pipe supposed to glow red in the dark?

    I called the dealer and he said the same thing... he said that increasing the pilot and needle jets may not solve the problem... he said it's the pipe material, and that when it reaches that certain temperature, it will just glow... he said the only way to fix it is to switch to a different pipe material/thickness. does this sound right?
  13. I have a new 08 DR650 with 800 miles on it... it just had the 1st service done by the dealer and the only thing they found was one intake valve was out of tolerance, so they adjusted it. I noticed last night, after coming home from only a 3-mile ride, that the head pipe had a slight red glow to it. You can't notice it in the daytime, of-course. I had an 05 DR200, that the headpipe glowed red real bad at night. both bikes are stock. I'm going to call the dealer today, but all they are going to tell me, is that everything is in spec... so the question is, is this normal? I have several ATV's, and none of their headpipes glow at night time, no matter how hard you run them.
  14. I just bought a new (2008) DR650... and am curious about a rubber spacer that sits between the cylinder cooling fins on the left side of the motor. I looks like it was some put there for shipping when the bike was in a crate and the dealer forgot to take it out... it even has a blue paint marking dot on it... but the dealer told me he didn't know why it was there. Any ideas... I think I could and should just pop it out with a screwdriver.
  15. dumb question I guess... but I bought some gel grips for my new black 08 and I went to cut the grips off, and they must be glued from the factory??? what can I do?