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  1. CR14

    I left a paper towel in the engine

    Update: The good news is the bike has almost a hundred hours since this happened and runs perfect. The bad news is I've only put a hundred hours on it in three damn years. Smh
  2. CR14

    Suzuki Ds100 Throttle Tube, 3D Printed.

    I still have my first bike. A 79 ds185. One day I'm doing a complete restoration. It's nice to see the ds getting some love on here.
  3. It's private property where hare scrambles are held throughout the year. This past "fun ride" was the first of its kind there and I don't know how often they will do it in the future.
  4. CR14

    Offroad training classes near philly

    Rick Lafferty in South Jersey. http://www.richlaffertyracing.com/ Less than 1 1/2 hour from you.
  5. This is a "fun" ride(not a race) in Millville, NJ at the Ormond Farms property. Everyone is welcome, though you must have an AMA card. One loop for kids, one for adults. $5 gate fee. $20 for adults to ride, $15 for first kid...$10 for additional kids. 163 Hesstown Road Millville, NJ 08332 https://www.facebook.com/groups/293036937485650/
  6. CR14

    Small offroad group/team starting

    FOD isn't worth it for the trails. However, going at twilight hours on the mx tracks is fun(4-7). It's half price. I might try to hit it up this Friday. I'm not an mx guy, btw, so don't be intimidated if you aren't either. I'm still working on hitting all the jumps except the big double(that may never happen). But it's a good tool to get faster in the woods.
  7. CR14

    Hare scramble

    Quoting this so the OP reads it twice! Now, OP, go race in the proper class, don't worry about finishing well(just finish), and have fun. You'll probably question why in the hell you are out there when you are exhausted and can't feel your hands, but stick it out. You'll be proud of yourself when you are finished. And just think...you'll race the c class(which is usually 1.5 hours). On your last lap think about how tired you are and how beat the course is...then think of us fools that race the 2(or 3!) hour main on that beat-ass course, and smile to yourself.
  8. CR14

    The only chick in a dude crew

    My crew is mainly A and B riders. Sometimes we'll have an AA guy or some C guys. There can be a dramatic difference in speed and ability!lol No one is left behind and everyone has fun. The fast guys always give the slow guys pointers and encouragement. If your boyfriend doesn't like it, come out here to the east coast where guys can appreciate a woman on a dirt bike. As for feeling weird standing up in rough terrain, once you get used to it you will feel weird sitting. It takes time and practice.
  9. CR14

    Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

    How was the appointment? Mine looked just like that. The Dr said the only real option was surgery. Four years later, I still have the plate in and it doesn't bother me. I can't believe he let you go so long without doing anything. It needs to be plated...no way around it.
  10. CR14

    Kx Frame Conversion

    Search MPS on the Vitalmx forums. There are picks of his work. It is shocking. I wouldn't ride one of his bikes across a parking lot, let alone over jumps. That's no exaggeration. Stay away from him at all costs.
  11. CR14

    How Fast Do You Suit Up To Ride

    Depends how cold it is.
  12. CR14

    Clutch Lifter Rod Wear...Causes?

    No brass or chunks. It mainly just looks dirty(just a little worse than usual). I'll see if it's magnetic tomorrow. But the basket is starting to notch, so I know things are wearing. Will overly dirty oil cause the clutch to slip or make noises? Thanks
  13. On my last ride I noticed a light squealing and vibration noise (only way I can describe it) coming from what I assume is the clutch. I also think I felt I slight slippage. I say "think" because it only happened very briefly and I couldn't repeat it(though I stopped riding shorty after to not cause any damage). The trans oil has a good deal of metallic in it. The basket is notched slightly, but not bad. Here is a pic of the rod. The discoloration is an indent worn into it. This is the end that goes into the motor to the arm.
  14. CR14

    Whibco/Port Elizabeth

    There is a club that has permission to ride there. They will chase off anyone who isn't a member. Between the cops, land owners, and club, it really isn't worth the effort.