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  1. MI MX

    Areancross Saginaw??????

    matt, Junkie, 809 and rach369 (on MIdirtriders.com) have all raced it before.. junkie was talking about it the other day.. shoot one of them a message. Im sure they can help ya out!
  2. MI MX

    All Michigan Riders Important

    Thanks for the info.. I just contacted the reps in Macomb county.. as well as oscoda where the cabin is..
  3. MI MX

    Trail conditions around MIO

    I'm in the same boat.. the weather has been amazing for this time of year.. I definatly should be taking advantage of it but havent been
  4. MI MX

    McCulloch's Pro-MX

    Hey carl, I heard you changed the track up a bit.. any new pics? I'll make sure and bring the camera out on the 13th... see ya then!
  5. MI MX

    indoor track

    totaly agree with motoXT McCulloch's is a really beginner freindly layout so even if you are brand new to track riding you would still have fun and be safe. same go's for pro source.. But they are alot tighter then out door MX tracks.. so that can be a bit harder to get used to.. Honestly, as long as you go on a day when you know its not going to be packed with other riders you will have a blast...
  6. MI MX

    indoor track

    pro source (you already know that one) McCulloch's Pro-MX (walled lake, just opened this year) Moto Plex <-- not in MI but its relatively close drive you can check out pics and info about McCulloch's here.. http://midirtriders.com/vbulletin/forum/showthread.php?t=432
  7. MI MX

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    and a few more.. you can check out our site (www.MIdirtriders.com) for even more photo's and a write up of the facility.. plus a run down on fee's and practice times ect. Had a great time at the open house.. A big thank you to McCulloch's Pro-MX
  8. MI MX

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    Some pics for you guys that are still NON believers
  9. MI MX

    CCC Fall Color Tour

    great to hear you guys had a good run.. we shoot up to St. helen for a day trip that weekend. man the colors were fantastic ( even though we had some mishaps in a few puddles) it was still a blast. best time of the year to ride I think!
  10. MI MX

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    carls a awsome guy.. this place is going to rock if all the plans fall into place.. See you guys there.. Hoping to get some pics posted on MIdirtriders.com by the end of the week..
  11. MI MX

    Sandbox MX, any good?

    The Sandbox is awsome honestly. I have a crap load of pictures posted on www.MIdirtriders.com look under the "sandbox" section of the sponsers area on the site. We ride out there all the time. but like tattoo said the track is closed for this sat. so anyone that wants to ride sun. make sure you call ahead of time.
  12. MI MX

    This sucks

    haha.. been there, done that.. that sucks..
  13. MI MX

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    I talked to carl late last week. I will be heading out to the track (for a walk through) within the next week. If you guys are intrested, I am hoping to have photo's posted and a detailed write up on www.MIdirtriders.com
  14. MI MX

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    you guys are so funny.. Here is a guy that has been busting hump trying to get this track(s) in and opperational, to help the sport grow here in Michigan and all you can do is judge his crediability? I have spoken with dave (carl's right hand man) and I can't even begin to tell you the passion this man has for what they have embarked apon! I guess what Im trying to say is.... ROCK ON!!!! Soon there will be a motoX and indoort track less then a hour away from my house.. and Im deing to ride it...
  15. MI MX

    Armada Fair

    didn't make it myself (had to work) but a few members from my webiste made it.. said it was a blast.. except he got some crap stolen from his vehical