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  1. jamiehughes

    Weird oil color

    well i wish you the best of luck and i hope its a simple fix.
  2. jamiehughes

    Weird oil color

    i never understand why guys think that dirt bike engines are just simpleton pieces of crap. maybe the older 2 strokes but these 4 stroke engines are super advanced, especially when you figure they are engineered to spin upwards of 11,000 rpm..if his head is bad he's about to get a financial welcome to the new age of dirt bike engines..we just dropped $3000 on one that just quit running and wouldn't start again..lol..
  3. jamiehughes

    Weird oil color

    so you are saying that in your previous post "weird oil color" you didn't say "i was driving down the road and my bike just died and leaked all the oil somewhere" and then your next post said " got home and oil was all over the front of the motor" your previous post says these things... pretty sure you just need to stop looking for the "magic" answer and just start tearing into stuff and figuring out what's what if you want your bike to be around for a bit or find someone who might be able to help you if you don't know how to tear into it..
  4. jamiehughes

    Weird oil color

    well until you take it apart and actually look at what is wrong with that thing "buttmunch" might be right... it sure doesn't sound good especially since you made a post last week and said that this bike blew oil all over the front of it from somewhere and had no compression then either..
  5. jamiehughes

    07 yz250f starting problems

    damn, sure sounds like ya got a blocked jet..
  6. jamiehughes

    07 yz250f starting problems

    did you actually take all of the jets out of the carb to clean them? if you didn't then you probably better..just spraying it down doesn't get the jets cleaned up usually and that's what it kind of sounds like your issue is..
  7. jamiehughes

    YZ250F DRINKING coolant... Help??!!!

    until it started leaking a bunch in there it probably wouldn't run terrible, pulling a plug will tell you if it's burning water since the plug tip might be the same color (whiteish), if it is then there is your answer, it might also have some little white "crustaceans" built up on the plug tip also.. and just think about where did the water go that was in your radiator especially if you find no external leaks? most of the water in your radiator is not going to evaporate in 3 weeks..I'm not saying that it is just a head gasket(probably definitely something inside there tho) but the guys on here have given you all the info you need to know to figure this out if you want to.. denial on a dirt bike is gonna cost you $$$$ sooner or later (been there done that).. hopefully it ends up being something simple for ya..
  8. jamiehughes

    YZ250F DRINKING coolant... Help??!!!

    pretty sure I've never seen a bad radiator cap causing white smoke.. it'll cause an external leak or overheating if it isn't holding pressure but white smoke anytime is like he said water burning..only way it burns is to be getting in the cylinder somehow.. and the reason your radiator was low was because it was burning it while you were out riding and you just weren't seeing it smoke anymore.. sounds like it was still burning it tho if you don't have anything external leaking. i'd tear it down before it ruins other parts..
  9. jamiehughes

    Top end

    well hopefully you do it before something breaks in there..we had one that we obviously didn't know the hours on it before we bought it (had a newer hour meter on it) and we trusted the guy as a local rider and then it let go on us..ended up being a crank bearing issue that let the crank move just enough and then it took the head and all other associated parts out as well..it was over $3000. with parts and labor..and the bike was a clean looking 2011..
  10. jamiehughes

    Light steering at speed

    lol, i learned long ago when buying used dirt bikes that the hour meter readings can be suspect...especially on a 2016 model.. and yea like i said yamaha is famous for putting just a dab of grease on em..and maybe the bearing tension nut is loose which will definitely cause a loose feel in the front wheel..pretty easy stuff to check
  11. jamiehughes

    Light steering at speed

    make sure your steering stem bearings aren't getting loose or worn out also..especially if you are the second owner..yamaha is known for not putting much grease in there on any new bike and to most it is out of sight out of mind on those bearings.. so check em out, should be a piece of cake to check for wear if ya got your bike on a stand and can get the weight off the front wheel..
  12. jamiehughes

    Aftermarket Clutch Perch

    most would probably buy the whole lever and perch as an assembly in the same brand to get the best fit..
  13. jamiehughes

    09 yz250f skid plate

    still lots of good peeps on here with a lot of good ideas and help..
  14. jamiehughes

    09 yz250f skid plate

    cause he didn't actually look for your bike... a 2009 model..lol hence why he's not responding back would be my guess..
  15. jamiehughes

    2016 Yz450f front brake issue please help

    well i can tell ya on the feeling squishy is that the master could have ripped an internal seal, the same thing happened to me on my boys older bike. he dumped it on that side and the brakes were terrible after that and a master rebuild kit fixed it...could be some air in there also