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  1. no hand

    Kawasaki ke 100 wont start

    I had a KE 100, a 1979 if I remember well. When it wouldn't start, most of the time it was the contact point behind the flywheel that needed a cleaning. The spark wasn't done with an electronic box, but with a small metal tab hitting on a tip of some sort on every rpm to make the contact. If ever you decide to rebuild it just prepare to go fishing for the small roller bearings at the piston pin, they are a cage-less design and tend to fall in the crankcase when you remove them.
  2. no hand

    Orange iron - 1989 yz80 resto/mod

    Really nice build! It sure brings back memories. I remember in the day, I did pretty much the same. In the mid nineties I wanted a bike so bad I started shopping for the cheapest I could find. I found a blown-up 83 engine and then found a scatered 85 frame. The Yamaha dealer told me these motors were very impressive for their time and made about 22hp. Later on I bought a 1985 yz125 and I sware the little 80yz was faster. Keep up the good work!
  3. no hand

    THE KYB SSS Fork Offroad Revalve

    Mike, I think there is more to it than what you understood. Often in suspension tuning you expect the best setup is only possible with a complicated and creative shimstack. I found that many suspension setups that have proven very effective were in the end quite simple and easy to do. Even from big name suspension shops, you try it, then you open it to find that not much has been done. sometimes just one step in the right direction makes all the difference.
  4. no hand

    Yz250 the rebuil motor kit to buy

    I would say the piston is worn-out because you can see signs of severe piston slap down the skirt. Also there are some wear marks proving there were big chunks of dirt scoring the piston at some point. Sometimes dirt gets in during a filter change or even washing the bike without something to cover the air filter.
  5. no hand

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    Real nice and clever mounting on the steering tube, shure looks strong enough. Fabricating the cowling and all must be quite a big challenge too, anxious to see it ­čĹŹ
  6. no hand

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    Mine is a 08yz250. My worry is also is that it would not be sturdy enough, or to weaken the part where I have to drill. The tripleclamp for example, I'm a bit scared to drill a hole into it... Has anyone had bad experience with a damper post coming loose or the threaded hole becoming elongated with time?
  7. no hand

    Can I drill into a head tube?!

    Don't want to hijack the thread but, I'm about to try and do just that, fit a Honda damper on a Yamaha. Do you have any pics of your work? Any advice on where exactly to install?
  8. no hand


    I'm having a machinist working on a 13'yz250f triple clamp to go on my 08'yz250 (boring to 56mm). He said the slightest change in bore alignment will be catastrophic when measuring all the way down at the axle. Could it be there is a bind in the fork making it the wrong width at fork lugs on your bike?
  9. no hand

    fork valve chart yz250x for 220lb?

    I would personnaly start with a .46 spring in front.
  10. Marcus. Hope you're doing fine! What happens is the wife is riding ME.... I don't get to ride nothing lol...
  11. In my opinion, the 2-stroke yz250 frame has a strange handling that no suspension work will ever cure. I still have a 08yz250 in the garage and honestly find the handling comparable to a 20' lumber even when you revalve until you have flawless suspensions. I have heard the race team used to be so tired with the rigid alloy YZ frame in those years, they broke out the belt sander.
  12. no hand

    03 rm250 please help !!!

    Good call, the nozzle jet definitely wears out and makes it impossible to jet off idle. The nozzle jet is removeable on the RM only you will have to go to a Yamaha dealer to buy a replacement. You will find the same one on a 2008 YZ250. To access it simply remove the 17mm drain bolt, remove the main jet with a 8mm socket, then just under the main with a 10mm socket remove the nozzle. It will come right out.
  13. no hand

    DIY revalve without buying shims

    Cheers Dogger, shure is great to have you back ­čĹŹ
  14. no hand


    An old trick I've seen a few times was to install a thicker base gasket and machine to top of the cylinder to bring back normal compression. This mod would shift the powerband higher with maybe a bit more hp. My guess is that is what happened to your bike. The big problem is when someone else tries to rebuild the engine with a stock base gasket, they often end up wondering why the piston contacts the head.
  15. no hand

    06 RM250 cyl. ID # ?

    I have an 06 also and will check for that number tomorrow. Is there anything wrong with this particular batch number?