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  1. firebolter

    Gas Gas XC 300

    One of my riding partners has a GGXC300. AWESOME bike. Is as good as a KTM300 (yes I have owned a few 300's). Very balanced machine with great suspension. Cheap Huskies? I got my TE310 from here and they are a smaller shop that is awesome. http://www.schulzcycle.com/newbikes/2011husqvarna.html Another great place with really good pricing is Ridersville in Berkely Springs WVa. http://www.ridersvillecycle.com/showcaseproductdetail.htm?ID=16921556&Brand=501&Type=1514&fm=1 Call and Ask for Harold, the owner. He is a no BS good price guy, sells alot of Husky's and KTM's.
  2. firebolter

    Motorcycle USA Review - 2012 Beta 350 RR

    The 2010 I got is the "old" or "Redhead" motor and I love it. While the new 2011 310's use the X-Lite motor (11 lbs lighter), I love mine. Feels lite like a 250 but with plenty of torque. I changed out my ECU to the Husky Race ECU and my dealer did the power up, other than that, stock and runs great. I sold my 07 KTM200 XC for this bike and I don't regret it. I got a great deal last Oct on it so I went with the older motor, which is no slouch. Maint is a piece of cake on the older motor. I have 25 hours (1 Enduro and 1 dual sport event) on it and it runs great. it does feel lite in the trees and the motor lugs down to idle and pulls smoothly so not too much clutch work needed like I would on my 525 in the same conditions. Only down side, small tank but IMS make a 3 gal for it. Great bikes and the 310 is about perfect in the woods. On the road it gets a little buzzy at 50mph and up, but how often do you do that? I like the Beta and am considering replacing my 525 with a 520, but that 350 is so nice, but kinda stupid to have a 310 and a 350, so I'll likely go big bore with the Beta. You should ride one, the 310 is a really good bike and I am sure the 350 Beta will be very similar. Just big enough to have lots of torque but small enough to still be nimble in the trees.
  3. firebolter

    rfs motored Beta overheat fixes?

    I lived in Oahu 82-85 and I had a CR250 then. Lived in Mililani and used to ride Kuhuku all the time as well as up by the prison in the valleys up towards H2 and Mililani. Good ole days where you could rip all over the island back then. When I lived in Kauai (85-03) I always had 2 bikes, a KTM 300 and a Husky 125. A good friend of mine (Phil Overland) who moved to the big island actually, anyway he was the guy who always got me to ride smaller and smaller to the point that the 125 was my weapon of choice, especially in Kauai with the normal mud, roots and all. On the Big Island, there is always traction with the rocks and such. Miss racing Maunea Kea! That is still to this day, my favorite Enduro of all time. Nothing like riding across the top of Mauna kea and seeing the silverswords. Like riding on the moon when you are in the crater! Trails on the east coast are similar, lots of rocks in the mid atlantic area, so you would feel right at home riding here. I always say, if you can ride in Kauai and make the trails there, you can ride anywhere. regarding the jetting, I really don't remember, but I know I use the red needle in the "middle" clip position and the recommended Pilot and Main that came in the kit. I dropped it in and never looked back. 4 years later and that bike still runs strong, starts easy, no bogs or hesitation, just a very friendly big bore in the woods. When I am in NJ trails, where it is sandy and very tight trees, she heats up some, but I have yet to boil it, just the fan comes on more. But even then, when I shut it down, the fan never runs more than a minute or so, so it is helping the rads keep the temps in check. The HT Oil cooler doesn't hurt, I got it purely for more oil capacity, not for heat dissipation. Sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks.
  4. firebolter

    rfs motored Beta overheat fixes?

    On my 525 RFS, the HT Oil cooler just really adds more oil capacity, doesn't cool too much. If you continue to over heat, you might want to check the jetting next. I have ridden up at Kahuku many times (lived in Kauai for 18 years) and it is pretty easy to boil over a big bore in those trails. My 525 will now overheat only in the tightest/slowest of single track if I am on the clutch alot, even then it has never boiled over, just the fan comes on more so than usual. I have a JD jet kit in mine.
  5. firebolter

    Motorcycle USA Review - 2012 Beta 350 RR

    It used to be that way with KTM in the early 90's. I would show up to ride and there would be 2-3 CR250's, a YZ or 2 and an occasional KX all with fly wheel weights and the usual trail gearing and me on my KTM. Now you see more Husky's than you do Kawi's at most events! Japanese manufacturers stayed focused on motoX and in the process, KTM, Husky, Husaberg etc. keep growing. Now add Beta to the Enduro mix. Wait another 5 years or so, Beta's will catch on even more so. I just bought a 2011 Beta 300 2T lim edition Trials bike . Fabulous bike and awesome engineering. I am now looking at a 2012 520RS to replace my 07 525 for Dual Sport duties! I think Beta will do just fine over the next couple of years.......
  6. firebolter

    2012 USA Models

    From the original email--- Watch for more information to come on the complete line of 2012 Husqvarna off-road motorcycles, including the TE dual purpose and the TC/CR motocross models I'm assuming there is more info to come on the 449.............There is no way they would have dropped the 449
  7. firebolter

    Beta Wins 450 Shootout

    I'm sure you've ridden one right? The suspension gets great reviews. I suppose Cody Webb is just lucky. The new Beta bikes are as good as you read. I have a KTM 525EXC and a Husky TE 310, both great bikes, but this new Beta 400 coming out in 12 might just be the bike that gets me to sell these 2. If your argument is true, then KTM has been paying off magazines for a long time.
  8. firebolter

    2010 te 250

    Here is the JD kit for the 310. http://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/product.php?productid=122&cat=16&page=1 209.00 bucks They do not list the 250 on the JD website, so it must be the same as the 310 kit?
  9. firebolter

    Bit the bullet

    Fixed. Husky's require no more TLC than any other brand. I have 2 KTM's, 2 Husky's and it is MUCH easier to work on my Huskies than my KTM's, both doing the valves and oil changes! And I don't end up with a pool of oil every where when doing to oil changes on the Huskies!
  10. firebolter

    TE310 2011 Fuelling glitch?

    I have read of others having this issue. I have yet to have a EFI bike that didn't need some help with the stock mapping to make it better. I have the 2010 310, but I swapped my ECU out for the Husky Race ECU prior to delivery and my bike's mapping is absolutely perfect. Here's a thread from CH about this issue if you haven't seen it. http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/2011-te-310-off-idle-hesitation.16110/#post-144627
  11. firebolter


    all 310's (including the 2011) are 6 speeds I love my 525. Great bike, uber reliable and will do anything. I love it as a back up bike and Dual Sport bike. Will do 75 all day on the road and is a hoot off road. I weigh 235 and the 310 would EASILY pull a 250+ lbs rider. Lotta bike and a smooth powerband. I haven't ridden mine on roads at all, nor would I, that's what my 525 is for! I registered it, but have the plate in a drawer if I need it for an enduro. In the woods, the smaller the better IMO so going from a 200 to the 310 was really a pretty quazi equal trade considering going from 2 smoke to 4 stroke:busted: If you are gonna do alot of road miles, the bike can do it, just gear for it and try not to run at extended max PRM's for 20 of 30's of miles, change the oil often, keep the valves up, you'd be fine. But again, a larger bore bike just makes a better DS IMO. Let's just say, there was no where my 200 couldn't take me and the 310 is the same way, just with thump instead of smoke. That's the way it feels to me. Powerband is plentiful for most anything you could want to do. There is a thread on CH about a guy that just did the Barsto to Vegas DS and the bike was perfect he said.
  12. firebolter


    Mine is a 2010. I replaced my 2007 KTM 200XC with the 310 as my main Enduro/race bike. Mine is set up with the Husky Race ECU (8000H2002), other than that, stock from a motor perspective. If you have a good dealer, then have them set the bike up. Great bottom end. Bike lugs really well down low. Will pull 2nd damn near anywhere. I am staying with the stock gearing, 13/50 as it is perfect for me. THis bike pulls so good and the throttle response is very linear. It truly is like my 200 with more balls in a 4 stroke package. Fast on top and revs out okay. Bike feels very light and is very maneuverable in the trees, so I was happy that it doesn't feel bigger than my 200 did. A little tall, but not too bad. Good suspension and quality parts. If you are talking about the 2011 model, it is about 12 lbs lighter than the 2010. Maint on these bikes is not bad at all. They hold about .5qt more oil than their KTM 4stroke counterpart. Valves a super easy to get to and adjust. the 310 is a very good bike and makes a great all around off road bike.
  13. firebolter

    Road trip w/TE450??

    450 or 510, either is cool, just set up the gearing accordingly. I use a KTM525 for my Dual Sport. It is just like the TE's, a real dirtbike with just enough stuff to make it legal. I do 500-600 mile weekends and the bike doesn't miss a beat. 100 of that is cruising on highways at 60-75 mph. I use a EE seat on my KTM and that makes that bike all day comfortable. I had Seat Concepts do my 310 seat with their "dual sport" foam. About 1.5 inches wider and more plush. Address the seat and the gearing and you can have alot of fun. Check valves, fresh oil and such before you do a long trip. And depending on what your definition of Dual Sport is, I sat they are Dual Sports. Performance comes at a price, you want power, light weight and good suspension and maybe race the bike some in Enduro's or HS? Then buy a higher end DS like a KTM or a Husky and you can do it all. You want to just put gas in and change the oil every now and then and just fun ride, go exploring or ride with friends, then buy a DR. Both are dual sports. My 2007 525 has been doing just fine, but I keep up on the maint, change oil and such routinely. You have to do more upkeep as these bikes (TE's, EXC etc.) are a much "higher tuned state" of vehicle than the "normal" dual sports like DR's, WR,s XL,s etc. You get what you pay for and stuff lasts if you take care of it. JMO......
  14. firebolter

    2011 TE 310 ride reports ?

    Biggest difference 09/10 has older large motor vice the new X-Lite motor, so there is about 13 lbs difference in motor weight alone Switched to KYB forks vice the 50mm Zokes New frame design There are some other smaller differences, but these are the main ones.
  15. firebolter

    2011 TE 310 ride reports ?

    Go read here http://www.cafehusky.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16048