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  1. Any chance you still have the yellow oversize tank?  


    • FOR SALE
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    Clarke tank, stock tank, stock seat, Yoshimura RS3 slip-on and lots of plastic for sale. All was on 2005 DRZ400SM. All in great condition as it was on a street bike that never was laid down. Sold the bike 5 years ago, had switched out all plastic out for white. See picture and message me for pricing on any item in photo and/or more photos. I'm in the Modesto, CA area. Items can be shipped at an added cost. Payment via cash or PayPal gift/friend.


    Hughson, California - US

  3. Has anyone tried these http://www.highwaydirtbikes.com/HDB_Shop/ Looks like a good idea, however they don't sell the mirrors by themselves, you have to buy handguards as well. Not an inexpensive way to put mirrors on, unless you need handguards also.
  4. smpapish

    2.6 IMS tank getting lots of tiny cracks

    Never mind, found on IMS site to buy direct. I'm still curious about the 3.6 Clarke tank if anyone has used one, it's made for the E model.
  5. smpapish

    2.6 IMS tank getting lots of tiny cracks

    Has anyone recently ordered a new 2.6 tank from IMS? TT does not list it. It is not listed on the web site I got it from the first time. Is this discontinued or a special order tank now? There is enough splits that I don't trust it on a long ride, I like the profile this tank gives for riding so unless there is another tank close to this profile I want to get a new one. The 3.6 Clark looked close in pictures, does anyone have this tank or have they they see it in person?
  6. I have the 2.6 IMS natural tank and it is developing lots of small cracks or splits at the surface. It is not leaking yet, but I am expecting it to if this continues. Has anyone else had this happen? Also, if this is an inherent problem, has anyone used the Clarke 3.6 tank? It is also made for the E model only, but I have my DRZ set up to accept an E tank already. The Clark 3.6 looks like it has a flat profile like the 2.6IMS, but that can be deceiving from pictures. Any input would help. BTW that IMS tank is 5 years old.
  7. smpapish

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    I didn't replace it, just added to the stable. It's been 20 years since I had a liter bike. The kids are grown and out of the house, it was time again. My S1000RR, with a few goodies added.
  8. smpapish

    White DRZ's! lets see em..

    Here's mine.
  9. smpapish

    Thumper Talk running Slow?!

    Is it just me or has Thumper Talk been running extremely slow lately? I keep two tabs open and can surf about 5-10 topics on any other site by the time one page opens on Thumper Talk.
  10. Here's my other toy. Fun starts at 1 mph!
  11. smpapish

    Proper SM helmet.. what do you wear?

    I have the Arai XD, great helmet!
  12. smpapish

    Tank swap? will the plastic E fit an S?

    Yes it can be done ( I have the IMS 2.6GNCC tank for E on my S) but you have to fab a "T" bracket for the rear of the tank out of aluminum and order#3 in the diagram with the hardware to mount the tank. You also need to relocate the horn (this is where bracket #3 mounts) and loose the fan or go to a slim computer fan.
  13. smpapish

    DRZ 400 Sm Delima

    Go white, I changed from yellow and love it! FYI-my seat is a SDG, they do make it for the DRZ.
  14. smpapish

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Put on Pilot Powers. Wow! Much better than the stock Dunlops.
  15. smpapish

    Plastic tank for drz400sm Troubles....

    I run the 2.6gal GNCC tank made for the E model on my '06 SM and do not have a fan. Only gets hot if you idle for a while without moving, even in 100 deg temp days in the summer.