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  1. highsidervt

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Here's mine:
  2. highsidervt

    DRZ at VIR

    Manny! Hey, we have to set a weekend for you come up here to VT and do the sighting run for my motard ride. Maybe the weekend of the 26th?
  3. highsidervt

    DRZ at VIR

    We ran the North Course. I've always wanted to do a track day at Summit Point. How are the facilities? At VIR, I stayed in a suite on the front straight, my balcony was over the pit entrance. It was pretty sweet.
  4. highsidervt

    DRZ at VIR

    Yes, the last pic is a friend who has some experience with Supermoto racing. He killed my lap times his first time ever riding a DRZ, he races an RMZ. Before my DRZ, I always had sportbikes, so I tend to ride the DRZ like one. Its a great track bike for a small track, VIR was a bit too long for it, just didn't have long enough legs. I would hit the rev limiter in 4th at the pit-in, and basically just wind out 5th for the rest of the straight. I could just barely make 100 MPH, but it felt like 5th had more. I think a new rear sprocket is in order.
  5. highsidervt

    DRZ at VIR

    Not sure if anyone cares, but I thought I'd post these up anyway. I recently did a Cornerspeed track day down at VIR, had a great time, though as you might imagine I was certainly wanting for straight away speed - only got about 100 MPH out of it.
  6. highsidervt

    Stalls going down hills?

    Duhh....I can't believe I didn't think of the float height on my own.....I'll check that out tonight, thanks!
  7. highsidervt

    Stalls going down hills?

    I've been having a strange issue with my DRZ400SM; any time I go down a steep hill, the bike shuts off and/or has terrible throttle response. It also has been having an intermittent idle issue, where it idles very high on street rides. What should I check first to cure this issue? The bike has a stage one K&N jet kit and a full Yoshi exhaust....
  8. highsidervt

    Jetting Recommendation...

    I had a jet kit installed for the stock pipe, but my mechanic kept all of the goodies that were in the kit, so I'm thinking I'll have to buy different sized jets. Just looking for what size jets to buy.
  9. highsidervt

    Jetting Recommendation...

    Hello all - I just bought a Yoshimura stainless exhaust for my DRZ400SM (thanks Thumpertalk store!), and I am still running a stock carb. Could anyone recommend a jet size for this setup? I am planning to use the bike at Virginia International Raceway in April, and I want to squeeze as much juice out of it as I can. Thanks....
  10. highsidervt

    thinking of a new drz400sm,not sure?

    I bought a new DRZ SM last year, and I really like it. Oddly enough, I also have a KDX 220 for the dirt; the KDX is faster. If you're looking for a fun, ready to rip on the street motard, it'll make you a great bike. If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks and do a little tweaking to get to street legal, KTM and Husquvarna make bikes that are much, much more powerful and better suspended. At the end of the day, I have a set of dirt wheels and tires as well for my bike, and it really does it all - dirt enduros, woods riding, street/commuter duty, and track days. Its cheap money for such a versatile bike, IMO.
  11. highsidervt

    OK, lurkers...you could at least say hello!

    Hello. I don't post much beacuse I am real newbie to dirt bikes and motards; I only know about this site from another person who rides a DRZSM. As time goes on, and I do more mods to the DRZ, I will post up more. I am looking forward to my second track day on the DRZ down at Virginia International Raceway. Has anybody ever ridden one of these bikes down there? I rode an R1 last time I went, so this should be a whole new experience.....
  12. highsidervt

    Carbs for Dummies

    Thanks for the help - I dont think they did the 3x3 mod, so I will have to check when I get home - not getting enough air sounds like it might be just the thing! Of course, I am told that this carb that comes on the bike is garbage, so if it comes down to it I'll just spend the money on a Keihin or an Edelbrock.
  13. highsidervt

    Carbs for Dummies

    I had a jet kit installed in my DRZ400SM, took it to a track day, and it ran great all day. I let it sit for about a month after that, and then it would'nt run unless the choke was on full. So, I brought it back to my mechanic and told him to fix it. It now runs ok, but seems lacking in throttle response, and when I ride it in the dirt it will stall while idling down hills. Throttle response seems worse in the dirt, as I am on and off the throttle. Now, I am a mechanical dummy, espcially when it comes to carbs. But, I am told that this problem can be allieviated by adjusting the mixture screw. Does this sound right? Also, where is this mystery mixture screw? When I was a kid and had a dirt bike, it was so easy to find.....
  14. highsidervt

    Carb upgrade for a DRZ SM

    Hello all - I'm looking to upgrade the carb on my DRZ SM to get some more power. I have a friend who has some credit at a local dealership, and he is willing to get me the parts at half cost, just so he can recoup some cash for his credit. What sort of carb do I want? He sent me this link - which one should I get? http://offroad.parts-unlimited.com/24/75/2769370
  15. highsidervt

    DRZ 250 Wheels on a DRZ 400 SM?

    Sorry my first post is begging for help.... I have an '06 DRZ 400SM, and I found a reasonable deal on a set of off-road wheels and tires with the front brake rotor and rear sprocket. I'd like to have that setup for some trail riding....does anybody know if the DRZ250 wheels will fit on my 400SM with relative ease? Thank you.