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    Stripped my "main" oil drain bolt... or crankcase?

    I went through this recently the night before a big ride...lol I had just finished doing my usual pre-riding inspection, maintanence.... Then came that #12 ol drain bolt at rear of engine.... Did what you did, twisted a ***** hair to hard lol. The fix.... Layed the bike the bike on it's side and re-tapped the hole the same size as the exsiting hole. I still use the same bolt! No problem after 400 km. Also if you drill a 1/32 hole in the bolt head, u can then use some stainless wire and tie off the bolt to your frame. then she will never come off.

    Grey wire?!?! Canada vs. USA

    My 06 bogged before i rejetted and did all the "free mods", after that it runs great. hasn't bogged on m once, and I get maybe 1 backfire every couple rides., if that. Did you re-jet it?

    Kelowna is Dirtbike Heaven

    GO CANUCKS GO!!!! Every place in BC is awesome to ride....

    How do you clean the airbox?

    I clean my airbox with a rag with some varsol on it.

    Orange weapons

    haha my buddy

    Voting Photoshop # 1

    sorry for late entry, i was in hospital with a yeast infection,and Im a guy.....hmmmmmm

    Photoshop competition #1

    here is my measly effort..........

    AIS Question

    I know that some countries out there don't get the ais...but which ones...? I have no clue. I can help you with what the ais looks like and where it is though.... http://img74.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p1010044ef6.jpg This is on the right hand side of the bike. (outlined in red is the ais)

    AIS kit for 2007 WR is not the same as 2006 WR

    Great point, but alot of people will spend that extra bucks so it is convient and time saving. As my granda used to say.... "Time is money, so why the hell waste your time?"

    What size tire do you guys usually run?

    does that s12 140 fit the stock rim for an 06 wr450? if not, what does the stock 06 wr450 max tire size? Thanks.

    Shift lever costs $70 !!!

    cut the lever down where the rubber protector is on the lever. There is a threaded hole for the brake adjuster that u can use and stick a 8/32 x 3 inch machine screw (found at local hardware store). Screw it in, wrap some duct tape and then some hockey tape to preffered thickness and voila...brand spanking new lever for 45 cents. I believe a little swiss army knife with a little hacksaw blade and a couple of these screws will help ya big time in the bush if you happen to brake your lever. been using this for quite some time.... works great.
  12. if ya really wanted to know.... you could of just, Oh I don't know?? uhhhhhhhh GooGled it? http://www.knighter.net/ here is his site.. He is 6 '4 and supposley he likes sausages.... He doesn't eat them either he say's....hmmmmm Nonetheless... Seen it 16 times prior, but enjoyed 17. Its like seeing a movie and learning new things from it everytime you watch it. I noticed in frame 204,987 knight actually grabbed a sausage while in the dreadful big rock section.....
  13. I personally like the 3/4 inch winch cable for my carb removal...... (pic here) http://image.basspro.com/images/images2/78000/78155.jpg I am a Bushman.....so I use bushman tactics! I unhook a few thingies and wrap my cable around it, maybe even add a figure 8 stlye wrap with a good roll of REAL Ductape! I hook her up to my f-350 super diesel and out she comes... Have you removed your ais yet? That's a whole New Battle....

    06 WR450 fuel?

    where i live we can get 94... But what i have read (by my understanding). most put in what ever is available at highest octane. do a search, lots of threads done on it. peace to the middle east BB