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  1. ogrider650

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    no, i cant remeber if you were with us when we were up at silverwood and came up on some chick going pee right next to the trail and she didnt see/hear us till we were about 5 feet from her i was laughing so hard i almost crashed
  2. ogrider650

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    bwaahahahahaha dude you know that was the BEST!!! thread EVER!!!! lol next to the beaver sighting that gopt removed in about 10 minutes
  3. ogrider650

    Shamrock MC Dual/Dual European Scrambles

    joe you aint racing poop!!!! gimpy hahahahah, yeah slash x the spot of the infamous shoulder seperation ugh sorry :-) shamrocks always put on a good race
  4. ogrider650

    Lucerne Vally accident.

    damn joe , no inults to the ganxster quadamallins?????? dude you really have turned over a new leaf!!!!! hahahaha j/k thought id reference that old great thread!!! i know you remember
  5. ogrider650

    SBNF 8-29-09 ride report

    long time no see eddie!! hows the shoulder old man!! you too joe hows the knee gimpy lol (yeah like im one to talk) good ride report i love riding up there and eating lunch at devils hole
  6. ogrider650

    Gorman On Memorial Weekend

    will there be any gangster mexicans with tatoos on quads??? or is that just on easter hahahahaha sorry just thought id bring up that once great thread hahahah yeah im bored!!!
  7. that was a super fun first loop. a little much for beginners and kids maybe but i had a blast, it wore me out though, i had fun with joe and paul meeting and passing each other on the first loop, eddie sorry about the wipe out hope your feeling better, heal up brother! all in all a good comeback race still got some injury issues but i'll fix those ready for some more!!!
  8. the beaner will be there! leaving sunday morning
  9. ogrider650

    You missed the toughest race of the year VAJJ BOYS!

    ok, i hear that some peeps are talking about the bu, i will be out at checkers. ive been trying to properly heal from all the crashes last year. im good to go now, i think??? eddie ......red numbers and as an ammi?? well at least your not in my class anymore lol. look for the beaner at checkers and i will finish!!!
  10. ogrider650

    United MC Enduro

    they put on a super fun course! and 2nd loop will be challenging im sure. so head on out their first loop was one of my favorites last year
  11. ogrider650

    Johnson Valley 12/27 ride report and pics

    thats jackrabbits, they always put on a good show. i missed the race last year due to being sick and ended up pitting but the weather and dirt were perfect. just go out and relax and you'lll do fine just take the rst couple fo races to learn to follow the ribbon and pace yourself just have fun. there are a ton of D37 guys in the CA forum that will always give you good advice or they belong to clubs that will let u pit with them at the race to make sure you get back okay. have fun:thumbsup:
  12. OK no worries i may plan something for the mid week i'll keep all informed
  13. come on, the BU hasnt been out to lucerne in months without breaking something!!!!
  14. was thinking about going for a scoot to freeze my junk off of sunday. thinking lucerne valley camp rock and cambria say 8-8:30ish?. anybody interested? paul?joe, todd? beuller.............beuller.........beuller..............lol XR650R non-plated slower than average rider hahaha