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  1. I need a new countershaft seal for a 2000 YZ 125, but I can't find it on any of the schematics. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  2. pman13

    Tank bags

    My friend has a street tank bag that he mounted on his WR250R. It is great for the road like sections but gets in the way when you want to stand up in the trails. I would recommend a bigger fender bag (I jam an amazing amount of stuff into my Wolfman bag) and/or find a better fitting backpack. The key for backpack to not bother you is to make sure the bottom has the heavy stuff and that it fits right.
  3. Your bike is looking great and really coming along. Can't wait to see her when she's done.
  4. pman13

    Kickstarter Spring Location Help(With Pics)

    Hope you get an answer, because I'm having a problem with my kickstarter that might be related to how I have the spring in there.
  5. pman13

    650r clutch noise

    What year is your bike? Have you checked to see if you have the updated clutch bushing?
  6. pman13

    XR200R Powroll build coming

    I wonder what's happened at Powroll. I've bought a cam, piston and replacement rings from them and had wonderful service each time. Sucks that so many people are having issues with one of the few vendors who makes parts for our wonderful bike.
  7. pman13

    XR carb ??

    I've used a dremel and created a slot for a normal screw driver to back out frozen bolts. You may want to try an ez-out too. Not sure about the rejetting.
  8. pman13

    XR200 will not start?

    Does it start for a second when you use starting fluid? I'm with the other posters, something is clogged in the carb. I've had problems with bikes that sit for more than three months with today's gas, let alone 5 years.
  9. pman13

    Flywheel removal XR200

    I used an impact gun as well. Another trick that worked well was jamming a penny on the clutch gear. The penny is soft enough to not damage the gear, but strong enough to stop it from spinning.
  10. pman13

    '87 XR200R - Running Issues

    Chuck, What pilot and main jet are you running and at what elevation for the 218?
  11. pman13

    XR200R Pro Circuit Exhaust

    This is a Pro Circuit muffler with a stock header.
  12. pman13

    XR200R Pro Circuit Exhaust

    I acquired a brand new Pro Circuit exhaust for my 86 xr200r and now I have a question. On the stock exhaust the headpipe slides into the muffler, but there is a gasket between the two. On the new exhaust the head pipe slides into the exhaust, but there isn't room for a gasket and the stock exhaust clamp is way too big. Should I be worried about the lack of a gasket and what should I use for an exhaust clamp?
  13. pman13

    Xr200 Stuck lock nut ** Old School Al callout**

    I am a second vote for the dremel with a wire brush to remove the old gasket gunk.
  14. pman13

    Xr200r Decompression Cable

    Thanks Drybead, that is exactly what I'm missing. Appreciate the help guys. Without TT the XR would just be a pile of crap in the corner.
  15. pman13

    Xr200r Decompression Cable

    I have the cam working correctly, but the replacement cable I bought is not nearly long enough to reach it. I'm wondering if there is some other piece that I'm missing that connects the two.