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  1. RLthumper

    Help! '02 RM 125 issues

    Just bought a non-running '02 125. I know thats always a huge gamble, but for the price I picked I got it for it will be hard to lose money on the deal. Anyway, when I first picked it up it wouldn't even fire no matter whether I was kicking it over or trying to bumpstart it. After cleaning out the carb a bit and installing a new plug I've gained a little ground, but not much. Still have no luck kicking it over, but when I bumpstart it now I can get it to fire a few times, and on a few occasions I have even gotten it to run for about 50 yards, however with anything less than full throttle it dies and even under full throttle it is not making much power -- probably only going about 5-8 MPH. After these runs the vent tube running to the float bowls pukes - so I'm thinking I need to adjust my float level? Just not sure if the float level being messed up would cause the engine to have so little power. Guess I may have to start looking at rings, too. Just hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Also, if anyone knows a good resource about the Mikuni carb thats on it that would be awesome as well. I sourced a manual for the bike online but the only picture of the carb is an exploded assembly view and its hard to make out the individual parts. Thanks!
  2. RLthumper

    Anyone at CSU?

    Anyone on here go to CSU or live in Ft. Collins? Don't have a bike at the moment but am most likely getting a YZ250 or a 200 XC in the next couple months. Wouldn't mind finding some people to ride with, especially if they don't mind teaching a noob some tips for riding MX. (have always ridden trails/single track)
  3. RLthumper

    Ktm Mechanic in Denver or surrounding area

    +1 on KTMTalk. And there's no need to pay anyone else to do the work. Single cylinder engines are very easy to work on once you've torn one down and realized how simple they really are
  4. RLthumper

    The future for KTM 2T

    45 BHP 125? Count me in
  5. RLthumper

    Plated smoker

    Anyone have more specific information on the requirements to plate a smoker? I just moved back here from overseas and want to get another bike and plate it but don't want to have to pay for the more expensive maintenance on a new 4 stroke (since my damn S4 likes to empty out my wallet every chance it gets!)
  6. RLthumper

    Wall Street Journal Rhino Article

    Sorry for your loss. I completely support suing Yamaha to change their designs and increase safety warnings, but I don't support suing for punitive damages.
  7. RLthumper

    Look where you going dagnabit...

    I think you mean his = 4,750 ZAR + 4,500 ZAR = 9,250 ZAR Unless you were somehow at fault as well then he should take full responsibility. Just sayin'
  8. RLthumper

    KTM 300 good for CO foothills?

    Thanks for all the input everybody! It's pretty much what I'd heard about the bike but just wanted to make sure
  9. RLthumper

    helmet cam, desert near Dubai, 2 bikes

    Nice vid. I'm in Doha, Qatar and take my Jeep out to the dunes every other weekend or so. Won't own another bike until I move back to the states next summer, though
  10. Looking to get back into riding after a bunch of years off. Was just wondering if you guys who are more familiar with the area think a 300 XC or XC-W would be a good fit for places like VDR/Rampart (I've never actually gotten the chance to ride in CO. Did most of my riding when I lived in TX, and I'm in the Middle East now; be in CO for school next year). I'm 6' 205 if that helps any. Thanks
  11. RLthumper

    Drz Sm stats

    Thanks! I'm thinking about getting one this summer as something to ride around town when I don't want to pay for gas for my truck and for a little light off roading. If I do get one I'll probably try out some supermoto, too. Now I just have to convince my dad to loan me some cash since I only have about 2k.
  12. RLthumper

    Drz Sm stats

    I've been looking all over and can't find any stats on horsepower and 0-60, etc for this bike. Anyone know? Thanks
  13. RLthumper

    250 or 450???????

    if you want to kill yourself get the 450
  14. RLthumper

    my bike

    looks great. and you cant beat the price
  15. RLthumper

    My first new bike

    where in the UAE are you? i used to live in qatar.