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  1. KTMRider4Life

    2007 250xc

    They're good bikes, they're light and feel very light. Power is similar, no electric start, but early year electric start was problematic anyway. Parts are cheap and plentiful. You have to decide what you're willing to spend on a bike. And keep in mind an old bike could need money to get up to snuff. If it's low hour and not ridden hard it could be a deal. Ridden hard and of that age it may need some serious work in the future. It's always a gamble.
  2. KTMRider4Life

    YZ125 vs KTM150 EXC

    I've not owned either bike but ridden several of each. All things being equal a 150exc (that's a newere model bike) is going to crush an 01 YZ 125 in every way. It handles better, has better suspension, and motor wise they're on different levels as well. Honestly not even really a fair comparison in my opinion. To the guy who said the YZ suspension would be better, he's likely thinking of 06+ SSS yamaha suspension which is very good. 01 YZ suspension vs. a newer 150exc in the woods, the KTM is hands down better.
  3. KTMRider4Life

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    I just did a little jig with my voodoo doll, hell show up by Sunday now. I'd bet on it but I don't make bets on TT anymore.
  4. KTMRider4Life

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    B.S. I set it up for you...
  5. KTMRider4Life

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    Muck34 should be your guy, hes a real tomac slurp durper. I think that's about as close to a 50/50 bet as you're going to get. Tomac should win IF he doesn't &%$#@! up. Which he does about 50% of the time.
  6. KTMRider4Life

    RV to race MEC

    Mongo rides a ktm and lives in Sac....
  7. KTMRider4Life

    KTM 200 exc fuel economy bad, help

    I've found mpg to be a poor indicator due to varying condition. But moreso I've found that gallons per hour to be a better guage. Typically my 01 200 raced at the front of the B class or mid pack A in Ca I burned a touch more than a gallon an hour. With a 3.5 gallon tank I could run a 3 hour scramble without stopping for fuel. If you're bike is jetted well like you say it is I'd be willing to bet good money (I'm not a betting man) that it's going out the overflow. There could be different reasons for that. Float height. Leaking needle. etc. It's not that well known but looping your overflow up higher than the top of the carb (or higher) will help conserve fuel. I would make sure that your float level isn't too high or needle leaking though.
  8. KTMRider4Life

    So...... ET?

    At least you admit it.
  9. KTMRider4Life

    So...... ET?

    Dude your hilarious, that's the dumbest thing I've read in a while, and I've been reading liberal tear comments on Kavanaughs nomination so that's really saying something!
  10. KTMRider4Life

    So...... ET?

    All of a sudden? You were wuoti.g me last week. He could've ridden any bike he wanted, if ht e chose the wrong bike to race today hes dumber than I thought.... and let us all down in that regard.. The bike didn't make a lick of difference, and his finishes are well below expectations especially on home soil. Haven't you been saying he's the fastest in the world? Today is not even close to that kind of showing, regardless of new bike or not. Herlings whooped his ass last year on a different bike...
  11. KTMRider4Life

    So...... ET?

    He got his ass kicked, nice excuse though... NOT...
  12. KTMRider4Life

    Why did they get rid of our 'Like' count?

    Douchey or not my days won/post count is much better than yours... I'll boof in your face before I give you my year book.
  13. KTMRider4Life

    Why did they get rid of our 'Like' count?

    Someone told you wrong, there's no way my pist count would be where it us if that were true
  14. KTMRider4Life

    Why did they get rid of our 'Like' count?

    Meh, they still show who "won the day" and I got you beat by almost 4 times there.... I was thinking probably you??? Its not meaningless, as you pointed out the post to likes ratio says it all, mine is yuuge. Anyway, everyone of us are attached to the enormous body of work here. My word count from the last two years alone is equal to several novels. Over 20,000 posts. They can do whatever they want but it feels like they're pissing on their main content drivers and most loyal followers. I think it's clear they've decided they don't want guys like me posting. Its an interesting twist. Funny, I see your post count at half what you're claiming....
  15. KTMRider4Life

    Red the Dyno you have been waiting for lol

    Because he follows what I say/do. He's bought two bikes based on what I had to say.