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  1. He tried 3 times and don't tell me he didn't.... Like I said earlier, if 1 rider goes down it's clean, if both riders go down it's dirty. But on that topic if you want to bring up Vegas and say Tomac didn't try riding dirty to a degree then I can't think of anyone else who would agree with you. Tomac was pissed tonight because he felt he got the short end of the stick, do you honestly think Marvin was going for a take out? I don't think Marv has ever tried to take anyone out here in the states, OTOH Tomac certainly has. Tomac put himself in that situation, it's racing, tomac needs to get over it. And if he wants to retaliate the dumbest thing he could do is bring it up ahead of time.
  2. Are you really going to complain that riding hard for a WIN is worse than that? For crying out loud wins are the second most important thing in the series.... there's only 1 better reason to ride guys hard and that's the championship! @phantom451 complained earlier it was on the last lap, now you're complaining it was for the win..... would you rather someone take a shot for 21st place on the first lap???? Use your head people! Before you post!
  3. The racing is boring riders should be more like hannah 😭.. Marvin the cleanest rider since ryan Dungey took my guy out going for the win 😭
  4. Who cares what lap it was on, I say it's more understandable to do at the end ofthe race rather than the beginning anyway right? I've been taken out like that before but i certainly didn't melt down like that. He showed a lot of weakness. Using that emotion to try and take marv out has a decent likelihood to put him in roczen position.
  5. Mark my words, I'll die laughing if tomac takes himself out in the process. If he has any brains (I don't thinkhe does) he'll remember what happened to roczen this year.
  6. Tomac has gotten almost what he deserves after last year. Bitching about it just shows everyone hes a sore loser.
  7. What we need is tomac to piss off Anderson, Anderson would punt tomac into next year and the tomac meltdown would make us all forget about Alessi crying it'd be so epic.
  8. And some of us said marv needed to take it like a man. And let's be honest, compared toTomac marv took it like a CHAMP. In that case tomac needs to be fined in multiple races. The rules are the rules, the rest been a precedent set before and everyone follows that precedent. Tomac has used his team mate to help him every bit as much as any other team yet the mental midget complains about others doing it??? Puhlease. Yamaha had a group of guys making Marvs life rough inthe 250 class, marv took it like a man. More reasons I'm glad I'm not a tomac fan. Again you guys say all the time nobody can match tomac speed, well why was marv so close???
  9. One more thing, the look on Tomac's face says "I know I'm acting like a little bitch".
  10. Tomac is a head case and since I don't like him I'm glad to see him starting a new meltdown. This won't be good for his racing, hopefully he carries it into the outdoors.
  11. Tomac got what he deserved.
  12. That video clearly shows chokmac cut down way harder than he had been previously, he opened the door and then acted like a little bitch when musquin slammed it in his face. If I've said it once I've said it a million times, if both ridersgo down it was dirty, if only 1 rider goes down then it was clean. Karma is a bitch to the cheating monster energy kawasucki team and mr. Chokmac. Anybody whining about it in here is just pissed their guy lost. Yall always say tomac is so much faster than these other guys, well why was Marv close enough then????
  13. Anderson phoning it in...
  14. supercross

    What time does the actual racing start today? Looks like in 45 minutes?
  15. #Yamachick, looks like their 450 to me.