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  1. Just to clarify in case someone stumbles on this thread later, the very early (98 and I believe to 99) 200 cylinders had a different way of mating the pipe to the cylinder. You can unbolt the "adapter piece" I don't know what it's called and with some work mount the newer style that uses the newer style o-ring pipes but you'll have to fill piner bolt hole and redrill it about a half inch away. Then somewhere around 02 or 03 the cylinder changed again to be adapted to use a head with o-rings instead of a head gasket. So there some very small differences in the early year cylinders to where you would have to use the right pipe and or head gasket/oring. The potting etc is all the same to the best of my knowledge. But you can drastically change the way these motors run with pipes, carbs, and ignitions.
  2. Yes there is a 220 out there, don't think it's the best idea though.
  3. The KTM 200 is a bored and stroked 125 to 200.
  4. Porting is the same across years unless you modified it. Put a 38mm carb with a fatty on it and you'll swear it sprouted wings because that bitch will FLY. Sounds a lot like the stock 05 pipe (looks too) . Maybe it's better who knows. Years ago I looked for that pipe and it was unavailable, I wonder if they remanufactured them or you just found some overstock, where did you get it?
  5. People have but it's not a simple bolt on affair, I don't recall exactly what it took but some matching and or spacers. A few guys swore by it being better etc. Imo I seriously doubt it was better (different, sure!) But I think KTM would've built that bike if so. Just the 250/300 went to one bottom end and two tops I think ktm would've done the same there if they thought the 17x that you get with that combination is better. Why do b you want to build one?
  6. It's a 99 with the forks swapped, you can tell by looking at the swingarm, it's flat and the 00 up ones have a triangular type shape to it.
  7. motocross

    Then I guess we know you're not a pea brain.....
  8. motocross

    His ideas for how to improve the racing make you feel like many of our politicians ideas for improving the country.... I'm with you, I like sx and mx, they're both fun to watch.
  9. motocross

    Big KTM's aren't for pussies or pea brains.
  10. motocross

    You're the real red death.
  11. motocross

    You sure seem to care if I participate or not... not happy either way... it doesn't appear much has changed though in the poking around I did for a few minutes...
  12. motocross

    Do what you want, but I'll just laugh knowing that after not even checking this place for weeks I can come in with one little post and hook you like it's your first day again.... You know as well as anyone that I've been here even when KTM wasn't doing well, if you want to pretend thats why I've not been around go for it. but honestly the man on man love, talk about shit etc is gross around here. See below.. The ONLY bike I've really shit on is the YZ450, I've said many times the YZ250f is a good bike. You guys just take it too personal.... I'll say it again, the YZ450 is the worst bike out on the track, even the RMZ450 that has changed in what a decade is better, because it doesn't have handling flaws. I call a spade a spade, if that offends you, well then, sorry you're don't like hearing the truth.
  13. motocross

    Yeah,,,, in 12 years I was never around here when KTM wasnt winning.... later.
  14. motocross

    KTMRider4Life isn't participating here any longer because this place is no longer about bench racing or even giving your buddies a hard time. It's a bunch of dudes talking about pushing each others shit in, delivering babies anally, eating other peoples shit and other disgusting stuff I dont care to read about any longer so I'm out of here. I'll be bench racing elsewhere.
  15. I met his family and friends at the sea otter classic where I live, others on here know his dad from his career, everyone I know who's net them say they're ass holes. Take that for what its worth....