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  1. YZ_Abuser

    Check this out! Motorcycle high-lift stand

    I don't think it would be very stable and can see knocking it over quite easily. My Team Hawg MX EZ Up would be easy enough to knock over and it has at least twice the width compared to a floor jack.
  2. YZ_Abuser

    what to do with a '99 250 ?

    Someone must still like the 99s. My son's 99 YZ250 and my 08 KTM 450XCF were just stolen. If you see another 99 rolling around with 567 on the plates it's probably mine.
  3. YZ_Abuser

    Mx-tech - New Stuff

    You know what happens when you ASSUME right? You make and and AS$ out of U and ME. I'm not sure what all WP changed so it makes me wonder if the new stuff will work on the older shocks. I'd really love to see a comparison of the new MX-T stuff and the Ohlins TTX both set-up for off-road and tested on the same bike.
  4. YZ_Abuser

    2009 Sx 450

    I wonder if the hot start cable was not completely inserted into the cable holder at the carb. I had this happen to me when putting the carb back on.
  5. YZ_Abuser

    Mx-tech - New Stuff

    Is this new needle and set-up going to fit the 08 shock as well?
  6. YZ_Abuser

    Milville Minnesota KTM 450sx

    Which shock did you put on, the TTX? Where did you get it and what did it run you? Did you have it revalved or are you running it straight from Ohlins?
  7. Albertaguy What kind of skid plate is that? It looks like poly.
  8. YZ_Abuser

    YZ85 Rear Wheel Bearings. What Size Are They??

    Found the info '02 Thru '07 YZ 85 (2) Front Seals: 20*32*5 (2) Front Bearings: 6201-2RD ------ (2) Rear Seals: 20*35*7 (1) Rear Bearing: 6002-2RD (1) Rear Bearing: 6202-2RD
  9. I want to run to the bearing house and pick up some rear wheel bearings BEFORE I tear the bike apart. Does anyone know what ones I need? If you know seal size that is good too. Thanks!
  10. YZ_Abuser

    Shane Watts YZ 250 in Dirt Bike...

    That is what I least liked about the bike I rode too. In good traction areas it was fine, great in fact. In less than perfect areas it would be a handful IMO. I have been on a KTM for years(like Shane) that has a heavy FWW and crank so the difference is very apparent. In MX conditions I think it would be near perfect as is.
  11. YZ_Abuser

    Shane Watts YZ 250 in Dirt Bike...

    I rode a 07 YZ 250 last weekend for a 7 mile loop. It is a very potent machine. In deep sand I bet it's perfect. In dry slick or mud I bet it's a handful. This bike had a 13oz FWW and a 15T front sprocket too! If I get one I can see trying to make it less "HYPER" for my racing needs. Maybe a couple base gaskets would do the trick? Overall I really liked the bike though. I can honestly say the YZ is on the short list of bikes I'd buy to replace my 300EXC.
  12. I rode a 07 with 1 tooth more on the front sprocket and a 13oz FWW and it still was omni potent. I think it would be too much for a long race in dry slick or muddy conditions. I was hoping there was a bigger one to tame it down even more for those conditions. I loved the bike though and will probably replace my 04 300EXC with one if I don't get another KTM.
  13. Is 13oz the biggest FWW made for current year YZ250s?
  14. YZ_Abuser

    o6 yz250 bottom end

    Looks like the rings lost tension or too large of end gap causing blow-by. Certainly has some carbon on top but I've seen much worse. My guess is the bike isn't jetted terribly, just not crisp.