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  1. smokemetallic

    EFI! EFI!! EFI!!! - Power Commander III

    Is it possible the fuel is getting hot from heat soak. This can happen with EFI cars that have a return style fuel system.
  2. smokemetallic

    New old bikes at dealerships

    I've never seen the Cannondales. He wants full price for the Husqys... The 610 was sold on Craigslist. And the dealer is a real piece of work. Very glad they lost the Ducatis.
  3. smokemetallic


    450/510's have a cush drive built into the back of the clutch basket. 450/510's are more high strung and maintenance intensive then 610's. The 610 is a better 50/50 bike.
  4. smokemetallic

    My new '07 TE510 !!!

    Whatever happened to AJSB? He used to be a fixture around here...
  5. smokemetallic

    This is Ridiculous

    "this ain't nuttin' right here yo" lol I'm suprised they know how to mix oil and gas...
  6. smokemetallic

    Dynoport pipe on '97 KX125?

    Nobody knows anything about Dynoport pipes?
  7. smokemetallic

    Dynoport pipe on '97 KX125?

    Picked up a beat '97 125 for $250.00 dollars. Doing a full rebuild to get it ready for spring. Came with a ratty looking Dynoport pipe. Anybody know how they work on this year 125? Did a search and couldn't find much. Thanks.
  8. smokemetallic

    Marchesinis on an SMR510

    Ride, check out my buildup thread to see the bike completed. http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=53658&highlight=marchesinis&page=2
  9. smokemetallic

    Marchesinis on an SMR510

    I've got an '06 with marchesinis. 5.0" rear , no chain rub whatsoever with a 160 pilot power.
  10. smokemetallic

    Main bearing failure 450, good eng. source

    The TC models also theoretically have a reduced top end life compared to the TE's due to the fact they have less rings on the piston. this allows for more piston rock but less ring drag and less reciprocating mass...
  11. smokemetallic

    KX500 motor swap into a '06KLX250s

    Yes but its not really worth the trouble, and its not exactly legit unless it was street titled in another state. I've got a killer '06 Husqy 510 sumo. looking to have the kawi as a back up bike. Would like to have equivalent HP as my Husqy and be street legal. the only kawi setup that works is the kx500 motor in a road legal chassis or a 450F motor, but i dont think that would hold up. Distance between fuel stops is not an issue as I can only go 70-80 miles on my 510 at a time and the 2 stroke would be similar. anyways im going to attempt this project. need to start putting the parts together. Thanks for all help.
  12. smokemetallic

    KX500 motor swap into a '06KLX250s

    How similar is the kdx frame to the klx 250? I know theyre both perimeter but how different size wise?
  13. Has anyone tried this? Is it feasible at all. Seems like it would be easier then an aluminum frame conversion because the KLX has a steel frame which I could have welded a lot easier if needed. Using the klx is the easiest way for me to get a big horsepower kawi supermoto legal on the street in my state. I did a search and came up blank.. much appreciated for any input. Thanks.
  14. smokemetallic

    Ceramic coatings

    I had my TE 510 header done when I converted to supermoto. Jet hot did the coating, and it wasnt cheap. close to 180 bucks. they kill you on return shipping. But it looks cool, is durable, easy to clean, and although I havent measured, temps seem to be reduced.
  15. smokemetallic

    TE250 Mystery Hose

    That's a vacuum line for the smog system. If your smog stuff fell off that should definitely be capped or plugged. Its probably pulling vacuum and with it unfiltered air into your bike... Don't ride it until you cap it or plug it.