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  1. I've been playing with my wifes '06 Suzuki LT-Z 250 (she loves the bike but wanted a little more power). I put a Hot-Cams cam in it along with an FMF silencer and had the head ported. I've got the jetting dialed in pretty good - going from a 125 main to approx a 195-200. ANYWAY - it starts and runs great - nice boost to the power - but I am hitting the rev limiter and feel like there is more go-go to be had if I can disable or bypass it. Has anyone done that on this particular bike? What is the process? I noticed that Big Gun sells a rev box claiming an extra 1000 rpm but if I can 'fix' this one for free I prefer that option!
  2. Did a 30 mile loop Sept 10 in the Giff. Put in at the Wright Meadows trailhead just above Lower Falls campground (35? miles out of Cougar). Conditions were awesome! Forgive the choppy editing - I'm just starting to play with some software I downloaded from GoPro. http://youtu.be/VjDVEvkwxhs
  3. Yeah I think it's probably best to keep the oil where it belongs!
  4. Darrell - I took it off and got ahold of the shop that had serviced it before the ride (I had a bladder installed). The o-ring in the compression adjuster had bulged out. Turns out he (shop owner) had not touched that part of the shock during the bladder install/service BUT he tore the shock down while I waited, inspected the entire thing for damage, discovered the the bladder was damaged as a result- replaced the bladder and rebuilt the shock and wouldn't accept any payment. (Again, all while I waited - and watched!) Anyone in the Northwest needing suspension work should give him (Craig Bowman Racing - 360.957.3385) a shout. Great work, very reasonable prices and stands by his work!
  5. Went riding this week. About 10 miles into a 42 mile loop I noticed gas/oil leaking from my shock. With about 10 miles left all the gas/oil was gone leaving the bike with somewhat annoying handling out back.
  6. Great vid, thanks for sharing...I wanna come ride with you!
  7. Great information - thank you! I will be talking to my doc when I go back in. If he is not familiar with the patella/ligament graft would you suggest the hamstring harvest over the cadaver? From my reading of your information it sounds as if the cadaver graft - though better than nothing - isn't a great option for someone who intends to remain active. I wish we had been aware of that when my son had his knee repaired!
  8. I just found out that I have a totally ruptured ACL (and some tears to the meniscus). My question has to do with repair options. They have mentioned donor ligament or hamstring graft. So far as I can tell the benefit to the cadaver ligament is a quicker recovery with the downside being possible rejection. On the other side of the coin is the hamstring graft with no chance of rejection but a substantially longer healing time. Am I missing anything? If I opted for the hamstring graft will that significantly weaken my hamstring making it more susceptible to injury? Are there other questions I should ask my surgeon? Thanks for your time!
  9. Options, options, options, eh? I actually considered (briefly) the idea of doing nothing and just dealing with it (it really doesn't hurt now - a lil achy) but the reality is that it doesn't have much stability. Also - the remains seem to be balled up and is preventing full range of motion. Looking forward to getting back to normal and (eventually) back on the bike. Thanks, again, for all the input!
  10. Thanks for the well wishes guys! Jeff - I hadn't considered the quicker re-hab due to pre op pt - good call! And, speaking of calls, I will call some time! I need to look at the cadaver Vs hamstring option. They used a cadaver for my son and he's had no problems (and they say the healing time is much reduced). On the bright side - when I do get healed up and back out there I'll have an excuse for my spode riding 'skills'!
  11. Just got the MRI report yesterday - total rupture of the ACL and tears in the meniscus. They figure 4 mos recovery after surgery but want me to do PT prior to any surgery. Leg won't bend past 90 degrees or straighten out and they say it's probably because the ACL is caught in the knee joint...I'm not completely understanding the purpose of PT then but, hey, I'm not a Dr.
  12. Looks like a good time - nice pics!
  13. Thanks for the well wishes guys! I WILL be back at it but, for some reason, I don't heal as fast as I used to?! I thought 40 was the new 20?!? A couple more years couldn't add that much could it? My son pulled the trigger on this shot right when my leg made impact - you can see it in my face (kinda hurts to look at)
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