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  1. I ride my 07 95% in the woods and I would like a seat with a little more cushion. Can anybody recommend anything?
  2. So, I ended up buying a 2007 CRF250R new from the dealer about three weeks ago. I got the title last week, but never really bothered to look at it in detail. Then, yesterday, I receive a license plate in the mail!!! I look over the registration and its for the CRF250R! So I check the title, and under odometer, it says "1 mile". Normally it says "OH" for off-highway use only. So 'm thinking I may need to start putting together a Super Motard conversion together. The question I have is how do I get a headlight, tailight and dash wired up to a battery that can charge? Is this possible?
  3. I'm not seeing Unabiker Radiator Guards for the 07 CRF250R on the Thumpertalk Store. Did Unabiker not make them for the 07?
  4. So I am buying a new bike this week and I have come down to two choices... A 2007 CRF250R or a 2008 Yamaha YZ250F? The YZ is about $350 more otd than the 07 CRF...so at this point, the price really doesnt matter...the question is, which one is the better bike for me? I ride mostly tight trails and do not do any track days, but hope to do some soon... I am coming of a 2005 RMZ450 which has way to power for what I ride, so please help me with the strengths and weaknesses of these two models...
  5. I was at the dealer today and they quoted me $5800 otd for a leftover 2007 CRF250R....is that a good price or do you think they are holding out on me? I heard they have $700 incentive dollars from Honda on all leftover 2007 dirtbikes...so Im thinking I should push for $5400 otd... Or do you think I could get a new 2008 for $5800 otd instead? Thanks for any input...
  6. GSXR_Drew

    08 RMZ450 update

    Interesting...nobody has mentioned this, but I heard the bikes were delayed because the fuel injection pressure was so high that is was causing tanks to implode...I dont know if this is accurate information, but this is what my buddy told me, who is the sales manager at a local Suzuki shop...he said the bikes were shipped and then recalled to have aluminum fuel tanks installed. I heard this about a month ago...
  7. GSXR_Drew

    Racing a 2000 DRZ 400e

    You would be fine with the 250 four stroke. That motor spins a lot faster than the DRZ so it will feel quicker. The RMz450 has ALOT more power than the DRZ, and you might find it to be a bit of a handful.
  8. I dont see how how leaving it on the side would damage your bike...think about all the street motorcycles out there that lean over to the left for the majority of their lives...you may be thinking to much!
  9. GSXR_Drew

    CRF250X or CFR250R?

    I weigh about 230 lbs...but again do mostly trail riding. The DRZ was really a heavy bike in comparison I think. Also, the local dealer has leftover new 06's and I can get one for $4000 out the door including tax and other fees...good deal?? Or should I try to work a number on a new 07?
  10. GSXR_Drew

    CRF250X or CFR250R?

    Well, just wondering how much different these guys really are i power. I rode a buddies CRF250R and I really liked it in the trails, but I really like the E start of the X. I recently had a DRZ400, but wanted to get something lighter for the trails...so I am looking at the Honda. Would I be disappointed in the X instead of the R power wise or are they pretty similar? Again, mostly trail riding...so I understand the benefits of the X in the trail... Also, anybody know if there might be some left over 06 X's out there?
  11. Ah hah...it seems that every forum that I have ever been on always has the ole' "how should I break it in?" question, and the " Mototune says this...." Honestly, I have always broken my stuff in by the manual, and guess what...my stuff has always been reliable. My engines also tend to run really strong... But you know what...somebody is going to reply to this and say they break their stuff in according to "mototune" and their stuff is reliable and strong too. So guess what...I dont think you will be able to get a scientific answer to your question, because nobody here is probably willing to take two of the same motors in a controlled environment and run mtbf tests based on two different break in methods... My suggestion...just go ride it and try not to stay in the same rpm range for very long stints for the first few hundred miles.
  12. How much are the wheels going for on ebay?
  13. Hi Guys, I am debating on selling my dirt setup and keeping my SM strictly for the road. Can you guys give me an idea of what I should sell the kit for? Here is what I have... Complete E rear wheel with like new sprocket and disc brake, spacers included, Rear tire is the stock Dunlop with minimal tread wear. Copmplete E front wheel with OEM SM 320mm front rotor, spacers included. Front tire is a Michelin, with 70% tread left. Yellow plastic E Tank with petcock and EFX graphics. Yellow shrouds with EFX graphics. If you have an SM and want to take your bike offroad without damaging your metal take and stock shrouds...this is the kit you need. Should I sell everything separately or should I bundle it all together...what should I expect to get for each individual item and what should I expect to get for the complete kit?
  14. GSXR_Drew

    Which Bars do I need?

    yeah, I feel like I am not totally in control when the speeds start getting higher...I feel like I am standing over the stock bars. I'm thinking that the taller bars would help a lot.
  15. GSXR_Drew

    Which Bars do I need?

    Been riding my SM off road most of the time, but I feel like I am standing over the gas tank when riding. Will getting different handlebars help? I am 6'1" tall, so does anyone have any suggestions for some handlebars that will make me more comfortable running off-road?