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  1. flipt86

    What am I doing with my Oil?

    yea, im pulling all three bolts, checked the strainer also my first oil change and this is now my fourth, don't see it being clogged...i'm fixing to go and check my oil now, we will see what happens.
  2. flipt86

    What am I doing with my Oil?

    yes i am running it with a filter, i just didnt change it this time...and i'm not checking it when it is hot, im just doing what the manual says. thanks for the reply's so far, but i don't understand how it can read at the correct level one day and then a week later it overflow...
  3. Hey all, got a weird one for you ( in my opinion ) Ok, i change my oil on my 06 wr450, oil and filter, 1.15 quarts, check the level after letting idle for a few minutes, everything looks in order, level is right at the top of the dipstick. about 100 miles later, (streettard) i go to check my level and the oil will not stop coming out of the dipstick hole when i go to check it. First reaction is it's overfilled, change it again, and i go to check it today, (78 miles later) and it does it again. So i need to know why is my oil overflowing out my frame when i don't seem to be overfilling the bike? Is it my crankcase vent? i have no clue, need some advise from you other motoheads. P.S. just changed it again, no filter this time and only put in a quart, now it reads half way up the dipstick, im gonna ride it a while tonight and see what happens when i check it tomorrow. Give me your opinions.
  4. flipt86

    Please explain Super Motard-

    No offense, but to anyone who doesn't get it, you guys have obviously never ridden a motard. If you had you wouldn't be asking this question, but you would be putting some sticky tires and a tag on your wr! If you wanna try it out, give me a shout the next time your in the Chattanooga area.
  5. flipt86

    TrailTech Vapor user comments

    in response to one of the first posts...so you guys are saying that you can't view your bikes coolant temp while riding without hitting a button and changing screens? Or can you just keep it on that screen while your riding? The coolant temp would be why i buy this unit because i ride on the road a lot and i think it would be a hassle to constantly have to change screens...
  6. flipt86

    Minor Stumble

    your tps is prob just out of adjustment...do a search on tps in this forum and you will see what i am talking about, i forget the correct voltage off the top of my head, but if you unplug it and the stumble goes away, you just need to dig the volt meter out and adjust it:thumbsup:
  7. flipt86

    Trick Dual Sport Kit for 06 WR450

    mine for my 06 will get here on monday, i'll post some pics as i do the install and some after pics also...
  8. flipt86

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    20, but i've been riding for 11 years...just picked up my 06 wr450 and this is the most fun i've ever had on a bike, out of all 8 bikes i've owned including the 2other streetbikes and my current f4i. love the site guys thanks for everything
  9. flipt86

    2007 WR450F, when, when???

    wasn't worth the wait for me either, made a trip to corinth, MS last sat. and picked up one of the two remaining 06's they had for 5199.00 OTD
  10. hey all, first of all, i have searched these forums for hours and read lots of great info, but have a few questions. My f4i is getting old to me, and I really would like to get a wr450 and turn it into a street tard. I have heard the arguements against it, so let me tell you what it would be used for: Around town commuter, to work, school, downtown, up and down the mountains i live in. It would never see constant or steady rpm's and would never be on the freeway as i would never set out of town on it. That's what other bikes are for, or the back of my truck. Also very little stop and go, i could always add a fan, but don't think i would need it. Oil changes and valve checks are a given, maintenence i am up on, won't let that slide...my question is, if i get a cush drive rear hub from talon, will the tranny last me for a while? I have heard of 5th going out of these pretty often if ridden on the road for a while. I would put between 5k to 10k on it a year, what kind of milage do you guys think i could get out of the tranny? besides this i have gathered that these bikes are bullet proof when maintained, are there any other shortcomings that you guys could think of for my application besides the week 5th gear? cheers and thanks
  11. flipt86

    what size of rider?

    drz400 is out, seen a few around town, rode one at the dealer and it felt slower than my old xr250 at the time, also the dry weight for them is 297 thats twenty more pounds than the brp...
  12. flipt86

    what size of rider?

    Hey all, another few questions for all of you...I'm 5'7 140lbs, if i lowered the xrr and shaved the seat foam, would any of you guys think that i will have a problem riding this bike? It will only be on the street and will be in SuMo form? Also are there any weaknesses to this bike as far as making one a road bike only ie: tranny issues with no cush drive, i'm fairly easy on bikes and a stirct maintenence guy, so do you see any issues with these bikes as far as being only on-road bikes? Maybe some slight dirt use, maybe 90% street 10% dirt? Anyone else out there doing the same thing? How many miles you got on your pig? I'm asking these questions because i can't decide on my next bike. I want an sm bike very badly, i'm used to riding 250 two and four strokes, and my f4i isn't giving me the grin factor it used to. Titleing is no problem where i live, so i can convert any bike, but i want something that will last, drz is too heavy, xrr is lighter, don't want a euro. I'm hung between converting an xrr or a wr450, i can get an 06 of either bike for the same price... both are reliable, wr's seem to have tranny issues with no cush drive and losing 5th gear, but the xrr's seem to be bullet proof on the road from what i can gather in the searches i have done. Are the brp's too big for me with that extra 27 pounds over the wr? 249 verses 277? What would you do if you were my size and in my spot? Thanks again
  13. flipt86

    xrr up in third on power alone?

    so with power alone, stock or slightly altered gearing, and maybe a tug at the bars, these bikes will come up in third?
  14. was wondering if any of you guys who actually own a brp could settle an arguement that a friend and i have going...will a stock geared uncorked xrr bring the front end up in third without the clutch ( on power alone)? thanks
  15. flipt86

    2007 wr450f specs

    well, i use the term dual sport loosely, it will be an around town only bike and end up in sm trim, i will never use it on the highway or at constant rpm's, and i am totally up to speed with the frequent oil changes and often valve checks. the aftermarket will follow soon, not worried about that at all...Yes they redisgned the wr from top to bottom, but am i totally wrong in thinking it is just basically the 06 yz mill in wr form? The yz's have proven themselves quite well...i don't know what to do yet i want an sm so bad but the drz's don't do it for me and everything else seems too big or too exotic, as in there are no dealers near me anywhere...? oh well ill figure it out