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  1. single track red

    Dos and Don'ts to Trail Riding

    Trials tire the only way to go on any tight idaho like trail!
  2. single track red

    Taking a trip to Idaho, where should I go?

    Idaho City period! Killer loops for both!
  3. single track red

    09 250 xcw needs more snap, help!

    Do an Sx head and ignition. Gnarly fmf and it will rock for sure!
  4. single track red

    Idaho City 100 Saturday finishers, kudos

    It was alot of fun! I am glad they gave us some break on the length on sunday! But it was tough for sure! I houred out but still had a great time! I dont ever recall seeing IC that wet in 2 dozen times riding there!
  5. single track red

    ISDE Qualifier

    I put in for it! I hope that I am not too late at rider 350, only going to ride sunday. IC is a great place to ride even if not racing!
  6. single track red

    new rear tire recommendations M12 XC or MX51

    I wouldn't buy an MX 51 for any serious offroad, doesn't last long and the front was horrible. Probably a great moto tire but not a good choice for offroad IMO.
  7. single track red

    2009 rm250af

    Right on! Nice job on that one!
  8. single track red

    First Ride on 300XC-W

    Welcome to the 2 stroke side! They really kill it on the dirt, great bikes! Glad you like it!
  9. single track red

    Suggestions for riding dunes!!

    You'll want a paddle for there for sure! It is almost always soft and the bowls and hills are huge and it will only help you! Your bike will thank you later.
  10. single track red

    Big Sky XC

    Man that tire is worked! Maybe Maxxis wouldn't mind being a sponsor next year! I might have to venture over for the race next year.
  11. single track red

    It's Here...the 2010 YZ450F

    I think we will all benefit from this down the road, yamaha pushing the pace again on bike design. Although there probably was influance from husaberg.
  12. single track red

    Interesting photo.......

    Check out that rear tire, bet the ama wouldn't let that fly at daytona! What brand is it?
  13. single track red

    Tight wooded trails near Boise?

    Just go up 8th street don't get much closer than that. Go over the top and work down some of the draws on the back side.
  14. single track red

    Back On Orange !

    looks good! Welcome back!
  15. single track red

    250sx on a diet

    You might be able to get lighter hubs but not by alot. There are some carbon fiber and billet hubs by talon, a ti bolt kit and maybe some small weight savings things. I think had a ti pipe that is probably unoptainable, but don't quote, but money talks!