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  1. gravy181


    im looking for a new after market exaust fore my kx450 for a bit more hp what exausts would suit . also im looking at adding a lighter flywheel for a bit more hit has any one done this?
  2. gravy181

    Best Rider ever...

    stewert is a better sx rider but when its mx no 1 could dominate over charmical it seems that every time rc is challenged outdoors he some how manages to go even faster. rc is the greatest motocrosser ever best alround rider tho has to b pastrana(DOUBLE BACKFLIP) just sums it up
  3. gravy181

    motor blues

    im not sure were its leaking but the oil isnt merky that may be it il ask my mechanic cheers
  4. gravy181

    motor blues

    yea it did and was covered by kawi but since that rebiuld its been leaking and superior cant work out why
  5. poor kid hope kyle gets weel soon
  6. gravy181

    motor blues

    I've only done 16 hours on my kx450f and it was fine untill 10hrs then it blew a hole in the caseing just by the kickstart .I had that fixed and it then it started leaking coolant my mechanic has cheaked the head gasket and water pump but both are fine. If any ones had any problems like this or knows what it mite be id like 2 hear. Cheers gravy181
  7. gravy181

    07 KX 450F question

    07 should have less problems on my 06 ive done 2 clutches, the cases cracked i had them fixed and now its leaking coolant if any 1 knows why it would be appretiated its not the water pump or head gasket
  8. gravy181

    Annoying Arm Pump!!! Help Please

    ride sand tracks thats what helped me i had a bad problem like that. i just do half hour motos on rough sand tracks
  9. gravy181

    I saw the guy to run Bubba and Ricky

    forget dusty clat put ben townley on a kx450 they wont no what hit
  10. gravy181


    defanatly takes the prize for the most interesting cheers man
  11. gravy181


    having masive troble with my arms geting so warn out that i can hardly hold on. What can i do to get around this?