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  1. hondbeach

    Street legal 230F

    I have a 2005 CRF230 plated since 2005. Haven't seen anyone else around with one, I put a bt45 tire on the back and a kenda dual sport tire on the front, gearing 14-49, baja designs kit.
  2. hondbeach

    Yoshimura 450 big bore kit

    Where can you buy the Yosh 450 Big Bore Kit?? I'm thinking of getting a big bore someday, I have the FCR carb and a Two Bro's Slip On Pipe right now on my DRZ400sm.
  3. hondbeach

    Holy (insurance) Crap!!!!

    this is without full coverage, I have a 5 year Gap Insurace contract for 1000 dollars on the DRZ covering Total Loss, theft etc.
  4. hondbeach

    Holy (insurance) Crap!!!!

    I pay about 116 bucks for My Drz400Sm and Honda CRF230 per year, both street legal. Progressive gives a discount for being a Honda Red Rider Member. My insurance is about 1$ a month on the Honda 230, the DRZ is about 105 a year. I'm 25 and just got my M/C license last week, these were the rates before my license.
  5. Oh, I forgot to Mention, If I were going to replace my CRF230 with a comparable bike, I would get that Kawasaki KLX250S, on paper specs and details it looks to be pretty darned close to what I want except it is water cooled and maybe if the engine was a little bigger.
  6. I'm 5'6 and I have the CRF230 Offroad Version with Baja Designs Kit, I got it Street Legal CA plated and I too wanted more power from my 223cc bike. Basically what I want is a Dirtbike that is street legal, not a dual sport bike that 'can' go offroad. That is what the manufacturers need to know, and people need to tell them to make a dirtbike just like the 230 but with better suspension and more power, and must have 6 gears, preferably air cooled for easy maintenance and a low seat height, but not too low, 34 is perfect if you ask me. The bike has to be roomy enough but not too cramped, and it has to have MX like suspension, front and rear disc brakes, all the bell's and whistles. They need something in between the CRF230 and XR650, and if air cooled isn't practical, then I'll take water cooled 450cc's. My CRF230 dirtbike's carb has been rejetted, a UNI airfilter installed, snorkel removed, 14T front sprocket, 49T aluminum rear sprocket, (stock gearing is 13/50, my gearing gives a few more mph top end) FMF slip on pipe, kenda dual sport tires, trailtech speedometer, and have recently put in new clutch discs (whether I needed to or not), I've put over 3,000 miles on it since March 2005. I change the oil once a month, maintenence is what makes this bike so badass versus a water cooled bike, its reliable and cheap to maintain except the battery is always dead and I always have to bump start (the reason why I put new discs in..). So a backup kickstart is a must!! I wanted more power and better suspension and ended up buying a 150R and then a 250x. The 150R was too small and cramped, the 250x was too tall and I couldn't get them street legal in CA. I lost a bunch of money and got rid of them for a DRZ400SM. I put the FCR carb on it and am pleased with the power of DRZ400SM bike, (yeah I still want more power, who doesn't?, but any faster and I would get myself in real trouble. I don't want to dual sport it at all, just use it on the street (I have been to El Mirage with the SM tho . I love both these bikes and end up riding my CRF230 on the street way more than I do offroad, I just wish it had more power and suspension like the 400 because the 230 has a lower seat height and weighs like 60 lbs less (even though it is certainly heavy and could certainly use a diet!), plus it has dirt bike tires 21 inch front and 18 inch rear and can do sharp turns and has 6 gears. Having a dirtbike on the street rocks, I don't care what anyone says, dirtbikes and Supermotard are . I'm about to go take my motorcycle test on the CRF230, should be pretty easy on it. Basically someone needs to make an air cooled dirtbike with at least 400cc with a low enough seat height, low weight, good suspension, that is street legal. The DRZ400S fits that description, except it only has 5 gears, weighs a lot, and has a high seat height. but I chose the DRZ400SM because it has the lower seat height, but still it does not steer and make sharp turns like my 230. I can't be the only one who wants to ride their dirtbike on the street, CA emissions and laws suck:foul:
  7. hondbeach

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    Yeah, On a CRF230.
  8. hondbeach

    It's here crf230L

    Sweet, If I didn't already have a CRF230 with baja designs kit and got it plated I would get this. It looks like the major differences are the seat height of 31.9 (34.1 on the dirt version) and the addition of a rear disk brake and .1 gallon more on the tank. This bike gets sweet gas mileage in the high 50's to 60's and the maintenance a piece of cake compared to the water cooled fancier more expensive bikes. It doesn't have a whole lot of power but a great trail bike and you can get to your local riding spots without loading it in a truck. Way to go Honda. This is a step in the right direction for street legal dualsport bikes.
  9. When the river runs red, take the dirt road.
  10. hondbeach

    Fcr Is In Stock!!!

    I ordered one earlier today..hope it comes fast because it charged my credit card...
  11. hondbeach

    beer delivery.......thanks!

    Sweet, I live pretty much live on the border of Oceanside/Vista
  12. Mine's been ridden by a bunch of guys and even a few girls...
  13. hondbeach

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    My bike will do 70mph on flat ground with Kenda dual sport tires. The other day I got it to 80mph going down a hill. No B.S. here 14T front gear and 49T Rear, O-ring Renthal chain, stock exhaust uncorked w baja designs tip, UNI Airfilter, bigger main jet and pilot, Tag handlebars, baja designs street legal kit.
  14. hondbeach

    The top speed of the CRF150/230F

    My bike will do 70mph on flat ground with Kenda dual sport tires. The other day I got it to 80mph going down a hill. No B.S. here
  15. hondbeach

    DRZ400SM died at 65 mph-suggestions?

    Damn I had the exact same symptoms on my bike, the battery was dead at the dealership, it had only been sitting since 5/1 and I just got it on 7/30. I was on the freeway in the fast lane with someone riding my ass while i was going 95 and it died and I pulled over and I got the bike started and would shift into first and it would die. I would start in neutral again and shift to second and it died. I checked the gas tank, then switched to reserve. I started in neutral, shift to first gear and it dies again. A few more minutes go buy and I get it shifts into gear without dying, and I rode another 25-30 miles with no problems. If I take the charcoal canister off does this make it illegal to ride on the streets because of emissions requirements?