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  1. stevethumpn

    Chain Maintenance, best practices

    I like that grunge brush!!! I'm looking for one online today, hopefully they are available here in Aus. How much do you pay for them??
  2. stevethumpn

    Chain Maintenance, best practices

    Hmm, interesting! Supervokes, do you apply it when the chain is hot like you would with the regular off-road chain lubes? or can you spray it on when cold, sounds like it goes on cold? steve.
  3. stevethumpn

    What chain to get?

    I'll throw in a vote for RK chains as well, had a few of them now and i like there resistance to stretch.
  4. stevethumpn

    Chain Maintenance, best practices

    Please don't submerge it in any solvent or degreaser Rib Eye. In fact try to avoid brushing it on also! Its a really difficult thing, cleaning chains, every time we do we literally take life away from it IMHO. Try to avoid any solvent based cleaner, like WD-40, kero etc, they penetrate into the rollers through the o rings and break down the thick, high temp grease that lubricates the chains internals. They are a poor substitute for this factory packed grease. My past two chains, I've taken to cleaning off exterior grime and dirt with a rag slightly wet with WD-40, not spraying the WD on the chain or brushing kero on it as a degreaser means it won't penetrate the chains internals. get the chain as clean as you can this way, refit it and go about lubing it with motul/belray or whatever chain lube you prefer in the usual way. Its an ugly task, but it seems to work, I now get longer service life from my chains. Your miles and smiles may vary greatly depending on all the other factors.
  5. stevethumpn

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Yeah, mine used to look a bit like that once!! Lucky find, no miles? heck, even the water overflow bottle is in one piece!! very nice. Now, to mod the beasty hey..
  6. stevethumpn

    Touring capable?

    ^ I love it. Yes, your balls will be broke for certain before a good DRZ gives up from everyday travel. Enjoy.
  7. stevethumpn

    Clutch noise?

    Eeeeww, doesn't sound much like clutch, more like gearbox cogs ???
  8. stevethumpn

    MCN's Top 100 -- see if the drz400 made it ?

    Mine is that they based their assessment on the stock woe-begotten S model. I don't blame them for not giving it a mention in dispatches. It doesn't much rate anywhere in the world of two wheels top 100's. I'd rather tootle about on a CT 100 than a DRZ-S, preferably a Honda postie bike. But the postie bike would have to be wearing knobbies, or else it'd be a close call..... DRZ-S beater... have you done this on your S model?
  9. stevethumpn

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Gave the poor old bugger a good wash and silicone treatment. New hand grips. fixed the inner spring on the side stand, the top of it broke off. repaired the brake light switch on the handlebar brake lever yet again. All my repairs are 'yet again' little stuff. I'm happy with that!! The older the bike gets, the more things become simplified, thats the goal anyway. EDIT; GOF1, I like your sig, how true is that!
  10. stevethumpn

    miosture in oil

    It happens even here in our warm climate and mild winters. Best cure is as Noble suggests, give it a proper run once or twice a week for 30 minutes at speed. That short hop travel where the engine doesn't get to or maintain peak operating temperarure is the culprit.
  11. stevethumpn

    Will I have Trouble?

    I'd rather bump start it than try to kick it!!!! Good question though. I wouldn't like to try it FWIW, I've got to many old memories and shin scars from kicking big old thumpers many years ago. Be interesting to see the replies to your question.
  12. stevethumpn

    Luggage for DRZ 400

    I really like the look of these!
  13. stevethumpn

    Luggage for DRZ 400

    I've had a Motodry bag for the past 4 years, its got a zippered pop-top and side bags so stores a fair bit of stuff. I bolted a thick plywood base onto the rear frame. Its done a lot of miles. You'll have to forgive the derail wing hoops, these are old pics of the bike.
  14. stevethumpn

    How much did you pay for your DRZ

    I paid bugger all for mine, in retrospect of what its given me over the past four years in miles and reliability. If it was stolen tomorrow, I'd be laughing out loud. this thread ain't a good idea at all, why would you be helping the thieves out? (insert smack in the head emoticon..)
  15. stevethumpn

    Breaking in and Non Synthetic?

    If cost is an issue, and it really shouldn't be for running in... You can run-in and then continue to run your DRZ with Penrite hpr gas10 oil, a 10-50w semi-synth suitable for wet clutches. $40 for 5 litres, I've ran almost 60,000km on the stuff, and expect i might get a lot more out of the original engine yet. I switched from the Motul 5100 and Belray thumperoil four years ago, and i don't miss them in any way.