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  1. stoney55

    2018 YZ450 Boise Idaho

    Thanks for watching. This was a video of me testing the day before a public event I was still shaping the track. I use a D6 with a 12' wide blade so trust me I make sure it is wide everywhere, its also hard to tell on the video but this track is a sand track on the side of a mountain the video doesn't give justice to the climbs and drops but it is a great place to ride for our little hometown. Nothing like you got in Texas but fun.

    1. stoney55


      Loving my 2018 YZ 450.  A little video from our local track in Boise Idaho


  3. stoney55

    Yamaha YZ450F (2010)


    Best bike I have ever had.
  4. stoney55

    Yamaha YZ450F 2010

    Best bike I have ever had.
  5. stoney55

    2010yz450 starts but shuts off

    Nevermind, just disconnected my kill switch and she runs just fine. thanks anyway
  6. Bike starts and revs up just fine but when it goes down to idle it shuts off. problem started about a month ago on a muddy rainy ride day after a long day of riding. thought it was out of gas but adding gas didn't help. is this a fuel pump problem? any help is appreciated.
  7. thanks for asking this that video shows my issue exactly in high winds. it sucks. sorry i can't help but i'm reading the advise as well.....
  8. stoney55

    2011 YZ450 White smoke from oil breather

    Does not use excessive oil at all, oil changes are done about every 3 rides so not sure we would pick up on that very easily. could some bad oil maybe be possible? we rode yesterday hard for about 4 hours and it didn't smoke at all. or maybe something else. thanks
  9. I always get good answers here so i'm asking before i take it to a shop. i did search the threads and didn't see anything close enough to convince me it's my problem. Did an oil change this morning and took the bike to the track. noticed white smoke coming from the oil breather hose. must have just started cause i was following the bike (this is my sons bike) and it was very noticable. It is not a big cloud but just a small puff so to speak when he is on the gas. we let the bike cool down and checked the radiator fluid it was still very visible but a little low. the oil shows no sign of fluid being mixed in. i had him ride it again for a short little bid and it continues to blow smoke especially when reved up. also notice fluid coming out, not alot but little splatters when reving the bike. looks like water to me not thick enough to be oil. doesn't have much odor to the smoke at all. Any help or ideas will be helpful. thanks in advance.
  10. My 09 just started kicking over way too easy. (in my opinion) is this just a decompression variance or is something wrong? it still starts fine and runs fine and i feel no loss of power. any help is appreciated so i do not grenade my bike. thanks
  11. stoney55

    how to get a dint out

    the water freeze didn't work the first time for me but when i made sure there were no air bubbles and taped the ends real good it started to work. after the first freeze i ran the dented area under hot water and re froze and the dent came out perfectly. not sure it will work everytime but might be worth a try.
  12. stoney55

    Not dirbtiking but very cool video!

    i want to see tha pooch do a good block pass and stuff him for the win.
  13. stoney55

    08 250f still leaking coolant

    i looked at the the filler neck and it looks good. would the bubbles be in the radiator fluid if the head gasket is leaking or in the oil? the oil looks fine. maybe i should flush it and see if it's clear?
  14. stoney55

    08 250f still leaking coolant

    thanks, any idea on how to determine if these might be the issue?