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  1. My dad bought a couple of new Honda ct70's for us kids to ride around on up north at our cabin. I was 10 and have been hooked ever since. Soon I got a xr -75 and started racing motocross, then a rm-125, fast forward 48 years and I still ride dirt bikes and street ride the 9 bikes I own. Thanks Dad!
  2. webb is not laughing at anyone, he is focused on winning the championship.
  3. Barcia has had way better results in the last year or so than cooer webb ever had on blue....
  4. adrew

    Mikuni Tmx over flowing out of float bowl

    Thanks, your bike looks great
  5. adrew

    15 yz450f or 16 crf450r

    Neither one, buy one that is close to stock....
  6. adrew

    Case saver

    Remove plastic part for easier cleaning, keep metal protector. somehow I can remember my gear pattern even with out plastic cover....
  7. adrew

    Mikuni Tmx over flowing out of float bowl

    Sounds like float bowl, on another front, where did you get the new style stickers from?
  8. adrew

    My 2003 KLX400R Supermoto!

    Do the 3x3 mod if not done already, get rid of the old school headlight and front fender, looks to me you could benefit from lowering the bike for super moto, if you are not going to use this bike for trail riding.
  9. I thought Webbs reply was classless and may come back to bite him. He clearly never got comfortable on the bike or with the team. Factory rides these days are far and few in between. No rider should ever bash a former team, he may need some of those people on his side one day.... As far as the bike goes, looks like Barcia is proving the bike is competitive as he is comfortable on the bike and is getting some good results.. Ps . Racer x carries all post race interviews and has race wrap up podcast.... good stuff
  10. adrew

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    Ricky will be fine. Give him some time just as emig needed time to flow. I also agree that he is limited to how in depth he can go. Most viewers don't know much or care about Motocross. Give him a chance I say
  11. adrew

    Seal savers?

    They work well but I got tired of removing them when cleaning the bike. Have not had them on for like 3 years and don't seem to miss them....
  12. adrew

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Just dump it into your vehicle or riding lawn mower or something similar...
  13. Hands down the best damn looking bike out right now. Yea they are a bit heavy and should come with estart, but they are a great reliable bike that turns incredibly well. Not many can people on the planet can ride this bike to its limits, not to mention the other lighter estart bikes. Buy a new Suzuki, spend the money you saved and customize the bike to your liking , go out and race , have fun and grab some of that Suzuki contingency money.... Good on Suzuki!
  14. adrew

    The problem with Motorcycles

    For me 3 would not cut it. I leave 2 up north at cabin, a2003 Honda xr 650 and a 2001 Suzuki drz 125 for puttn around. At home, I still have my 1983 Suzuki gs750 es which I bought new, a 2014 vstrom 1000, a 2008 Honda crf 450x street legal, a 2001 Suzuki drz400s, a 1990 Suzuki dr350s ( this one will be sold), a 2001 Kawasaki kdx 220r, A 2003 Suzuki drz 110, and finally a 1975 Honda xl 70. That makes 10 I think, it is a lot of work keeping everything maintained, licensed and insured, but I would not have it any other way...
  15. adrew

    Osborne in for Minneapolis

    Zacho is a beast for sure, but a 450 is a world apart from a 250. I think he will eventually challenge for wins, it will take time and he is no spring chicken....