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  1. trailtraks

    NC OHV area in jeopardy

    Thank you much for your help w/ this and posting. Yeah I was kinda stunned when the Ranger told me about all that on the phone. I always thought OHV parks had to deal more w/ the problems of overuse. I think you're right about it being faster these days, many of the trails have really good flow.
  2. trailtraks

    NC OHV area in jeopardy

    You might be right about that. I do remember those days when you were hoping someone wouldn't block you in. There are a few more privately operated parks now, maybe drawing folks away. Anyway, hoping things work out and we don't lose Wayehutta. Been going there for decades, lots of good 'ol times.
  3. trailtraks

    NC OHV area in jeopardy

    A friend and I rode at Wayehutta OHV park near Cullowee NC recently. When I called the Nantahala Ranger office to give a quick thanks/appreciation for some work being done there, he told me they have some serious challenges. They operate on grant money which has to be matched @ 25% by riding pass sales. Last year they fell short and were in the red and evidently this year is down so far. He stopped short of saying shut down but I got the feeling that it could happen. That would be a huge loss as it is a great place to ride and practice. There are some ideas afloat and letters can be written, but what they really need right now is paying riders and soon to hopefully turn things around. So I am just asking everyone to pass the word, and if you're going riding or know someone who is to consider trying this place out. It is typical WNC terrain similar to Brown Mtn. but less rocks and little faster. They do not offer camping though. Right now it is still $5. per vehicle! Passes can be bought at the convenience stores listed on website, Caney Fork store and Top Cat grocery. Thanks for your help. http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/north_carolina_03413/ride_1b3d.htm
  4. trailtraks

    KYB fork service info needed.

    Very interesting, bookmarked it. Thanks
  5. trailtraks

    KYB fork service info needed.

    Hey thanks. I found yet another site where you can pull it up and view it online.
  6. trailtraks

    KYB fork service info needed.

    so it's 300 ml in this one? https://www.matrixracingproducts.com/m34-measuring-beaker/
  7. trailtraks

    KYB fork service info needed.

    Appreciate the info Captain. So do you have to use a suction type tool to get it at that level or how are you measuring that?
  8. trailtraks

    KYB fork service info needed.

    Thanks mog that's a good idea. Yeah that sounds more like it on the bleeding, that's about what I had to do on my shock bleed, it took awhile.
  9. Hey guys, I bought a pair of 2005 YZ250 KYB dual chamber forks on Ebay awhile back and adapted them onto my KTM 250. They worked well on the initial test and following ride. Now I need to get the oil and seals changed for the season. I watched the Rocky mtn. atv video on it and would like to do the servicing. I did my WP shock and it came out good. (w/ some helpful hints from members on the KTM forum) The forks were/are in good condition but the seller gave no background specs/maint. history on the forks. I assume they're still stock. Just want to put in fresh oil and seals for now and maybe I'll try to find out what weight springs I have. (seemed okay for my weight on the ride.) So just a few questions; 1) What are the amounts of fork oil in ounces for the inner and outer chambers? In case it matters, I ride fast (debatable) eastern trails, single track and hare scrambles. 2) What weight oil recommended? Same for both chambers? 3) The video (if you've seen it) was pretty good but seemed to lack on details, does it leave out anything crucial? They did the air bleeding in a few pumps, does it really get done that quickly?
  10. trailtraks

    Picked up a new 250fx, what a great bike!

    Thanks for the reply/input. Even though you can't tell much in a parking lot, I need to get over to the dealer for a test ride. How did the FX do and how'd you finish @ Powerline?
  11. trailtraks

    Picked up a new 250fx, what a great bike!

    Looks Good. Thinking about one for next season. How does it turn compared to your old Honda or Suzuki? How does the suspension compare?
  12. It's the Unlimited class. Ron's 2nd race of the day. Holy crap that sounds painful by about Tuesday. R.H.I.P. HaHa (Rank has it's privileges) MidEast runs all adult classes together. Plus & minuses to either.
  13. trailtraks

    Fowken Farms Vet A

    Really good video as always. HaHa Liked the on board coaching comments, I thought that was just me. Is the clutch slipping? What do you think of the new spring type? as in the feel @ the lever, actuation, longevity etc.
  14. trailtraks

    1996 rm 250 complete rebuild, first ride

    Sounds good. Nice work saving another one from the scrap heap. I would think an aftermarket steering damper like a Scotts would help and making sure the susp. sag is set right. Man that looks like one big 'ol farm. Just curious, how many acres?
  15. trailtraks

    I committed to the ground

    Yep have done similar moves and it's just not complete unless your riding bud is right there to horse laugh ya. HaHa