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  1. cw3383

    what carb to buy

    i got a 99 yz125 motor that I am puting in a kart. I need a carb. My question is... is there a carb that would work better than an oem one? Also, where is a good place to purchase one? Ive looked on ebay and stuff already. I also need a pipe. any recomendations? thanks
  2. cw3383

    Wheelies, 4-strokes, and oil.....

    Is there a difference in location for the pick up lines for the different brands? I guess what I am asking is.... Are some bikes more prone to this than others? What should I check for damage?
  3. cw3383

    Wheelies, 4-strokes, and oil.....

    Should I check for damage anywhere?
  4. I posted this at ronronmx.com as well. Just trying to get info. Me and my friend went trail riding (I guess thats what you would call it) a week or so ago and by the time we were done we noticed oil all over his motor (upper half). Come to find out, he needs a new cylinder. I don't know the details or much about four strokes but the shop told him its from riding wheelies. Sounds like BS but its got me a little worried. All we did that day was pretty much ride wheelies for 5 hours because we were mostly on roads and there was nothing else to do. My friend is a little excessive in the wheelie department. He goes for like 5 minutes at a time (until he runs out of road) . I don't feel so bad anymore for not being as good as him. lol. Anyways, is this BS? They said its from the oil not being in the right spot for too long. He rides a RMZ-450 and I ride a CRF-450. I just am happy that nothing happened to mine and I was wondering if it has something to do with the different brands. I was pretty much on one wheel most of the time too. I've heard this about certain street bikes but I just thought it was a myth. Its got me worried. Actually, its got me missing my 2-stroke! I just remembered some blurry details. They said something about the front of the head not getting oil because it was tipped backwards. Somewhere around the valves? Not sure. Again, dont know crap about 4 strokes. Something wore out or cracked and its a part of the cylinder. You need the whole thing I guess. I dunno.... wierd. Anybody heard of this? Thanks in advance.
  5. cw3383

    Lets see those 450's!

  6. cw3383

    Lets see those 450's!

    450 zzr600
  7. cw3383


    Its a 2005 zzr600. The zzr is basically the same as the 2000 ninja. So your almost right. The plastics for the cr were easy and cheap. I ordered them from motosportoutlet.com. I beleive they are acerbis.
  8. cw3383


    Just got the backgrounds for the number plates at my local shop. The graphics are from Factory Effects. http://www.factoryeffex.com/store/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=09-07324
  9. cw3383


    Hey guys. Ive been reading for a bit but I beleive this is my first post. Ill start by showing you guys my bikes. My 04 cr450f and my new ZZR600. I just redid the look of the 450 and just bought the zzr from my roomate. Not really the bike I wanted but its a start. I dont like kawis! Now, I just need the weather to warm up a bit! 450 http://img185.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc00267vd0.jpg zzr http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc00268gc9ro0.jpg
  10. But I dont have good enough credit. Damn, I can get a $40,000 car but not a $10,000 bike. Sucks. Any ideas (besides paying cash)?
  11. cw3383

    New noise

    I was riding last night and I noticed a noise that started between sessions. It sounds like a small ticking noise. My friend noticed it too before I even said anything. I know the logical thing would be to check the valves and I will. If it is the valves, why would this cause a noise? I also noticed the past 2 rides that the engine doesnt seem as responsive as usuall. What is the risk of riding it like this as I went on riding the rest of the night. Thanks in advance. I dont know how to check the valve clearence yet so I guess I have to take it to the shop. Sucks.