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  1. imported_Scott_H

    Another one's gonna bite the dust - looks like a pink slip is in my future

    NVR FNSH, Lockheed is looking for help. Palmdale, Fort Worth and Marietta are all hurting for engineers. You can check for openings on their website at http://lmpeople.external.lmco.com/careers/Search/search.asp Good luck to you!
  2. imported_Scott_H

    MOTOMAN393 passed away today, please read.

    Sad news. The way Garrett lived his life is a model for the rest of us on how we should behave during our short time on this earth. Here is one of many examples floating around on this web site of Garrett’s selfless character http://www.thumpertalk.com/bike/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=6;t=007863 We all need to keep in mind that life is a point A to point B deal for each and everyone of us. Garret is one of those few who consistently made the most of it! To Garrett’s family and friends, you have my thoughts and prayers. Be strong for each other and be thankful you had the opportunity to know him. [ September 23, 2002, 12:51 AM: Message edited by: scott h ]
  3. imported_Scott_H

    Any pilots out there?

    This is NASA's High AoA Research Vehicle (HARV) I think they were able to achieve 70 deg sustained alpha toward the end of the program Here's more info on it... http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/PAO/PAIS/HTML/FS-002-DFRC.html Footnote: There's some good riding in that desert he's flying over! [ September 21, 2002, 05:39 PM: Message edited by: scott h ]
  4. imported_Scott_H

    New California Sound Law

    endozen, Looks like it is my turn to defend the country this weekend. A last minute FUBAR situation at work has precluded yet another ride... (not to mention the 16 hour drive). Good luck to you.
  5. NH Kevin, Mine is 0.403" long and has a 0.195" diameter. It is stout and is made up of only 2 coils between top and bottom edge. Good luck.
  6. imported_Scott_H

    Tire Changing...again

    I carry a travel size (2 oz) bottle of shampoo to lube up the bead for on the trail flat fixin'. Works great, doesn’t take up much room and doesn't make a mess.
  7. imported_Scott_H

    New California Sound Law

    Bill, Thanks for the heads up. I'm heading out to the Mile High enduro in Cloudcroft, NM this weekend. Their flyer http://www.tscec.org/flyers/pbma.jpg is calling for 94dB (20 inches away, 45 aft and outboard from the exhaust opening at idle). It’ll be interesting to see how well this rule will be enforced. I just bought a used FMF Q for this very purpose. My freshly repacked SX-1 Stroker with the quiet tip was running about 98-99 dB. All 2000 and up WRs are red sticker bikes. The DMV keeps track of them by the 8th digit in the VIN. If it’s a “C” or “3” you’re hosed and are supposed to get a red sticker. See http://www.offroadrider.com/lett/redsticker.html for more details. However, the DMV has been known to screw this up and issue green stickers to bikes slated for red stickers. Its just a matter of time before their processes will become robust enough to catch this error and no one will be able to slip through the crack. Thanks again, Scott
  8. imported_Scott_H

    Back to School - after 6 years

    tbronc, Best of luck to you & hang tough! It will be well worth the all the time, money and effort you put into it. Get a good handle on the math and physics and the rest of it will be pretty straightforward. Cheers!
  9. imported_Scott_H

    Why is gas running right through my carb?

    Dougie, Check the carb needle/seat (fuel valve) and float height. You probably have a little crud that has worked its way in between the needle and seat. Another possibility is the float is binding or hung up on something. In either case, this will result in this valve not closing all the way allowing the fuel to fill up the bowl and run out the vent hose. You might try tapping on the side of the float bowl to free the valve/float to get it to stop. Even it this works, you should pull the bowl and inspect everything.
  10. imported_Scott_H

    Can you paint radiators?

    I had excellent results using Jasco paint remover to strip the paint off my 98 WR radiators. You can pick a can up from Home Depot. Get some heavy-duty rubber gloves and a couple of cheap brushes while you’re there too. Be sure to follow the directions for the paint stripper. The stuff worked great. There was no damage to the aluminum and it was able to shed all the paint very quickly. I opted to do this mod to improve heat dissipation due to a chronic boil over (into the reservoir) following several rides at high altitudes (~9000 ft) on hot days, riding technical, low speed trails. My jetting (fuel screw, pilot jet and needle selection) were right on the money (not too lean) yet I’d be “making coffee” every time under these conditions. This problem has been eliminated since stripping the radiators and using Honda’s HP coolant and Red Line WaterWetter. I have since switched to Engine Ice with equally good results. On really hot days, I’ll run a 1.6 atmosphere rated radiator cap. Additionally, I also run exhaust header insulation wrap (Thermo-Tec) and have applied some adhesive backed heat shield material up under my IMS tank to help keep the fuel a bit cooler. I managed to boil the gas a couple of times before doing this all this stuff to control the heat. I now have zero heat related problems. Hope this helps.
  11. imported_Scott_H

    Flywheel removal

    That's pretty funny, Hick! I think that's how Red Mountain (not to mention the levy) was in the 70's, so not much has changed. Thanks for the update on my old stomping grounds.As far as the flywheel puller goes, try http://www.motionpro.com/flywheel_pullers.html They seem to be pretty proud of them though at $32.40 (yikes!) Its times like this when I wish I had my own personal machine shop on hand... After looking a bit more, I noticed Baja Designs http://www.bajadesigns.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv? is selling theirs for $21.95. I think this is where I got mine, I vaguely remember now that they included it in the dual sport kit I bought off of a fellow TTer a few years ago. Look into the craftsman idea too. The bolts that fix the puller to the flywheel are on a 25 mm (~1 in.) radius. Good luck,
  12. imported_Scott_H

    Flywheel removal

    Hick, You'll need a different puller. The WR flywheel has three 6x1mm threaded holes tapped into the outboard face. The puller attaches to the flywheel via these holes. You will also need to use the WR flywheel with that stator. By the way, how's the riding around El Paso these days? I grew up on the NE side of town (there until '81) and use to ride a lot on the Castner range between Hondo Pass and Trans Mountain just east of Gateway N/S and on up into the Franklin Mountains as far south as McKelligan Canyon and as far west as Tom Mays state parks. We use to also go out to Red Mountain on the East Side for the sand dune type stuff. There used to be a motocross track called Borderland then later renamed Star Track out on the west side (west of the Rio Grande). It was pretty cool track because it was built on a fairly large mesa and had several 300+ foot steep climbs/down hills very similar to those you see on the present day Glen Helen national track. All sand in El Paso though. I completely blew my knee out in a whoop section on that track when I was 15. We use to also race in La Luz just north of Alamogordo pretty regularly. Have all these places been taken over by urban growth? I'm planning on going to the Mile High Enduro in Cloudcroft next month and might spend an extra day in El Paso looking for some of my old favorite trails in the Franklins. Interested in your feedback, [ August 17, 2002: Message edited by: scott h ]
  13. imported_Scott_H

    Brake Problems

    I'll 2nd the recommendation on the mightyvac. You should be able to pick one up at an auto parts store, Harbor Freight tool store (not sure if they have those in CO) or online. Good luck.
  14. imported_Scott_H

    Big bear ride

    I had a great time on Saturday riding with Clark Mason (he’s now on a very trick KTM 540EXC). Thanks to the BBTR folks for laying out an excellent loop and putting on a well organized ride. I haven't been over that many rocks in years. The heat took its toll on me even though I rode well. I managed to get through to the lunch stop with only one very minor fall as I was wiggling my way through the Devil's Hole (very dry) water crossing. I tried putting my foot down from a stop only to realize that I was over a hole and ground was about a foot or more lower than I thought. I could have saved it if I was 6'8" or so! Oh well… I developed the chills and generally did not feel that good after we stopped at the malt shop. I guess I got a little too hot and maybe didn't drink as much water as I should have. I need to get some insulation over the hose on my drink system so the first few ounces of water aren't solar heated to over 100 degrees on those really hot days. We were both pretty worn out and decided to bail after lunch. It still made for a 110+ mile day. I had to be at work early Sunday morning, so I missed day two. I wish I had taken the time to download the route into my GPS. I still need to come up with a place to mount it. My bars are pretty well out of spare room due to the damper, mirror, hot start, ICO & roll chart. I did turn on the GPS, stowed in my backpack and logged a pretty good chunk of the route. Coverage gets a bit spotty though. I just bought a higher gain remote antenna and will try that on my next ride with the antenna velcroed to the outside of the backpack and the receiver protected inside the backpack. Thanks again BBTRs, D37 and the all the sponsors! Scott
  15. imported_Scott_H

    MotoCache - Landers CA

    Ron in SoCal, Since Kennedy Meadows is on fire, I think I'll try your Landers to Big Bear motocache ride this Friday. One question for you though, what 3D mapping s/w are you using? It looks a heck of a lot better than MapSource's Topo. Thanks for posting this. Cheers