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  1. moebot

    Rekluse Clutch Mechanic In Salt Lake?

    Sorry for the slow thank you. I've been locked out of TT for a while and haven't been able to sign in to thank you. It sounds like there are steel balls in the clutch that with heavier riders need to be replaced with Tungsten balls. I read about some people in the Rekluse thread that have had the same situation. Hopefully this will fix it.
  2. Anyone have an experiance mechanic in the Salt Lake Area that has worked on a Rekluse Clutch? I had one put into my CRF450x and after about 2 hours of riding it's making unfriendly almost grinding noise as it engages. It was installed by a someone who I believe is a reputable mechanic but hadn't done one before Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  3. moebot

    450x starter clutch

    The theory is that when your starter seems to not have the ability to turn over like it should is it is often that part number 6 on that schematic seperates and then binds and inhibits the starter from being able to turn over the engine like it should. If you leave it like that for too long eventually you burn up the starter and then replace the starter and burn it up again. That's the theory, I haven't done it. My question is- Can we fix the part if it seperates or do we need to buy a new one. If we can fix it, how is that done?
  4. moebot

    450x starter clutch

    My dad and I both have X's (the bike kind) and his has been showing all the symptoms for this problem so I need to get working on it before the snow melts so he can ride. I'll dig in a let you all know what I find. Thanks for the help
  5. moebot

    450x starter clutch

    Have you done this yet? I've read the bad part is number 6 on the clutch schematic. They say it seperates and then binds. How far under under the clutch cover is the part and do you need to buy new gaskets to do it?
  6. moebot

    hobble creek open

    that's what i was thinking, i'll have to try stansbury those pix looked cool
  7. moebot

    hobble creek open

    Any one know if we can ride in hobble creek Easter weekend? Is it closed or snowed in? I'm not even sure how/where to do it but i was up by the Golf course two weeks ago and there wasn't any snow. I've driven my jeep in the fork that goes to left as you drive up the canyon and when i went up the fork to the right 2 weeks ago i saw a closed gate. Where does everyone go with there bikes? Thanks guys
  8. moebot

    it lives (my bike is now running)

    Mind if I ask how much the new valves cost Parts and labor and can it be done by someone who hasn't been in a modern four stroke? Thanks guys
  9. moebot

    Best Time for Caineville, UT?

    Is this for the Honeymoon or the motorcylce riding?
  10. moebot

    Moab/Green River snow report

    I did Kane Creek in the jeep last Easter and if you haven't done it there is a pretty knarly hill at the top. It comes after those two big steps that you could go around on a bike. That's the only obstacle I can think of that would be a problem for a bike, other than the creek. In a Jeep it's a pretty big deal (we didn't get there until pretty late and hadn't seen anyone, suddenly we were in a pack of like 8 trying to keep going) Is there an easy way around that hill on a bike?
  11. moebot

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    I wanna know if Krannie's pic is pre or post the adhesive that was sprayed all over it! Pic of my bike? stock with an E2 is all. I'll try getting it on though
  12. moebot

    '05 CRF450X First Valve Check

    I need to move to a warmer climate you're all making me jelous:banghead: Do you guys all run those baha designs odometers? How do you know the total miles on your bikes and rides? I need to check my valves but I have only a rough idea (500-700?) of the miles i might have
  13. moebot

    OK to run? (after being overheated)

    It is worth the time to switch it over. You can do it fast enough that it would be worth it even if it cost some riding time. The airbox is quick and changing the jet. The whole JD jetting stuff took me awhile the first time around. However, if you don't do it, it's nice to see the before and after effect of waiting. That way you'll know it was worth it
  14. This is awesome! I really like the stickys on how to do maintanance. I can figure out how to wrench when it's broken but I'm all self taught so I don't know a lot about general maintanance. Thanks for the great work!
  15. moebot

    Moab Trip

    Welcome to heaven on earth, atleast the closest you'll get if you don't have a boat on lake powell. I've always stayed up by the slick rock trail head. You could ride slick rock, hells revenge, or fins and things with out trailering your bikes. Some of it depends on rider ability. Moabs cool because your traction is so good. This also makes for some very steep accents and decents on some trails. Hells revenge and slick rock have a lot of that. But the ground is smooth atleast so you don't get bucked off. If this is your first time, i think you'd be plenty happy to stick with this area and the trails are well marked. Just follow the two parellel black rubber lines