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  1. buy American Airlines.

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    2. Blaster21996


      I will tread lightly on Monday, and if the chart talks sweet to me....I will through massive amounts of worthless dollars at it. Thank You Barnacle Bob for the leak...from you boat...Barnacle...get it? lol B

    3. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      Haha. I'm on a boat...

      I have an inside source on this merger, he dropped 300k on the stock. I could not comprehend what he was saying about the actual deal. Something about playing the system. For every point US goes up American will go up 122%. Merging huge companies always comes down to making stock holders happy. With his knowledge, he is betting American will triple in value within a couple weeks after teh Merger is Approved by the DOJ.

    4. Blaster21996


      Well, typically... the company being merged, in this case U.S. Airways stock holders will receive the windfall. However...it is normal for the parent company (America) to be revalued. Sometimes it takes a wile for the stock to make that slow climb north to the new price point. And sometimes it can happen in one or two days. B

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