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  1. Goodbye TT. I've advanced passed your simplicity.

  2. I am praying for Global Warming so hard....

  3. R.I.P Vince. Gone too soon.

  4. Screw it, gonna teach the daughter how to ski. Global warming years are gone. :(

  5. I never did the math. I'm not sure that you check your work, but... 10k-15k in repairs in 4 years never happened with teh old gasser.
  6. Mr. Epeen

    Titan vs Tundra

    I have been looking at these two trucks a good bit lately. Getting the itch to drop the diesel and go with a good gas truck. I have only owned Fords, but I have a little beef with Ford so it falls to Nissan or Toyota. My wife owned a Nissan Xterra that was a great vehicle. It did everything we needed it to do and never once got it stuck, even when I tried to. I like the looks of the tundra a bit better, but feel that the Titan provides a great truck for the money. I would imagine that the quality, service, and dependability would be pretty equal in these two trucks. If I were in your situation I would go for the Nissan. Closer to home and like new would seal the deal for me. I'm looking at new trucks so I'll go with the best deal.
  7. Both have been done. It's the rest of the crap. Injectors, control module, tranny, turbo, etc. I needed the towing abilities and room. I sure as hell wasn't gonna buy a chevy or dodge, but this will be my last Ford.
  8. C'mon on Spring!!!!!

    1. K-dogg


      hahahhahahahhaha! C'mon Snow!

  9. '06 F250 6.0psd, 3.33 gears 15/20 mpg empty around 15mpg average towing. Had a 1997 f350 with a 351. got around 7mpg towing. The Maintenance costs and repairs of teh 6.0 could have paid for 500,000 miles of gas and maintenance on the 351.
  10. Mr. Epeen

    Truck wiring

    You could extend the wire to reach teh fuse box with a couple butt connectors. If you install a switch on the amp hot wire coming from the battery, install an inline fuse holder as well.
  11. Upland bird and Waterfowl season is in.

    1. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      Deer Rut and I'm not in a stand. Salmon run and I'm not on a river. I've got birds and dogs on the brain.

  12. buy American Airlines.

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    2. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      It's actually American being absorbed into Us Air. Us Air is buying American. DOJ said NO, but will let it go through in a week or so.

      American was trading around $5/share. It should hit $15/share after doj approval.

      Issue is all over Airport Hubs, and flights per day in states. The States challenged the merger. Things will be settled, American is going up, up, and up.

    3. Mr. Epeen
    4. Blaster21996


      I am locked on AAMRQ, I can not trade on either of my platforms without calling my broker...that usually means I can not buy it.

  13. Birds and Bird Dogs

    1. K-dogg


      I miss my bird dog.

  14. It Sucked Me Back In

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    2. K-dogg
    3. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      Ah, just this website and TS. Taht's all. :)

    4. K-dogg


      Doing my part to stir it up!

  15. Not gonna be posting much on this site.

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    2. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      I actually haven't logged on in a long time. I get back on and it's the same old stuff. It could be fun though. :thinking:

      Not sure who Walt is. Is Mike Mike38?

    3. busted bones

      busted bones

      Oh, you don't watch Breaking Bad. Great show, first season is a little slow but it's gets amazing after that.

    4. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      Ah yeah, no BB for me yet. Saving it for when there is nothing else to watch.

  16. R.I.P Brian. You will be missed.

    1. OnyrDer


      Sorry for your loss Rob... :(

    2. busted bones

      busted bones

      Sorry to hear about that.

  17. I'm Tired of just about everything right now. :(

  18. Where is this country going? Should I bail while ahead, or stick it out, and watch the inevitable death that's coming?

    1. OnyrDer


      I mexico is looking for gardeners anyways... :thumbsup:

    2. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      I'd happily be a Jaunmower in Mexico. hahahahhaha ;)

    3. K-dogg
  19. Yes it was me. I'm the one who farted...

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    2. EXxrldtgnow300dtg


      Thank God you claimed it, I was wondering if it was me sitting here all alone.

    3. naturaledge


      And an excellent fart it was. I give you B+ . next time please show your work Bob :smirk:

    4. Mr. Epeen

      Mr. Epeen

      Ah man. The wife found the skid marks...

  20. I need a three legged milking stool...

  21. Mr. Epeen

    End of Summer

    Double Likes in here!!!!
  22. Mr. Epeen

    6 Days in Germany 2012

    Gnarly little hill!!! If only I could touch the ground as easy as these guys...
  23. Mr. Epeen

    Tires... Which?

    The duelers wore out so fast on my wifes Xterra. They were done in 40k or so (or less), and hted the snow. Could have just been her vehicle, but I would not purchase them again. They are also of an older design. Straight lines from sidewll to sidewall is far superior to a broken line with a center patch in anything other than pavement.