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  1. Is this swap possible? Is the axle & frt wheel required? Is the fork offset the same? Thanks for any info! - Joe
  2. I am rebuilding a '99 kx500, and it's missing the carb ... I was going to buy a stock replacment, but was curious if there's a beeetter choice? Or size? The engine will be stock... thanks, Joe
  3. Anyone know where to get one? Or what paint to use to make one? Thanks, Joe.
  4. Hi, I have a 06RM85 I plan to switch to a big wheel version. I have the fron & rear wheels and swingarm. Gearing - stock small wheel RM85 is 14/47; the bg wheel version is 13/49 ... is this correct? I know the rear wheel is larger, but the overall gearing it seems much lower than the 14/47 combo. Suspension: Is the shock and forks identical? Or does the big wheel version have stiffer springs and different dampening? Thanks for your help, Joe.
  5. Joko

    Phat Head Racing heads

    Sappers, Did you put the Phathead on a KX250 or only the KX125? I have an 05 KX250 that I'm considering putting it on instead of modifying the squish on the stock head. When you mentioned huge improvements, what was improved ... more power, no detonation, improved throttle response? ... Thanks, Joe.
  6. No, it is much more stable in a straight line, 5th gear whoops and the bike tracks straight, before it was twitchy.
  7. Ref. similar topic at kxriders.com: http://www.kxriders.com/forums/index.php/topic,10017.15.html
  8. , I'd thought I'd share this info for anyone not happy with the handling on the 05-07 KX250's .. Feb 17, 2012 Ride Report ! I installed the Applied 21.5 mm offset triple clamps (stock offset =25mm) on my '05 KX250 and the bike handles so much better now! Goes exactly where the the front wheel is pointed, feels very similar to my 05 cr250, but tracks much straighter and feels more planted, even in deep sand. I was going to sell the bike due to it's poor handling with the stock triple clamps, but the new 21.5 clamps really make the handling excellent ... now my favorite bike to ride! BTW, ordered them through the Thumpertalk parts store, for $376.15... - Joe.
  9. Joko

    05 KX250 High RPM Flutter

    detonation? My 05kx250 is sensitve to low octane
  10. Does anyone have any reviews of the '80 CR250 or '80 YZ250?
  11. Hi, I'd like to get into a few vintage mx races for 2012 here in New England with ACR, and am wondering what would be a good choice for the 1975-1977 post vintage and the 1978-1981 evolution classes. I favor the 125 or 250cc displacements. My first thoughts are the 1977 RM 125/250 for the PV classes and the 1980 yz250 or CR250 for the evo class. I used to race a 1978 RM125 when they came out, and am partial to that bike, but thought it may give away too much performance to the 1980 models? Are there websites that reviews these bikes or old magazine articles on line to reference? Is the 1978 Husky CR250 a good choice? Thanks, Joe.
  12. Joko

    Best gear oil for longevity? 06 RM250

    What goes/wears out on the trans?
  13. I'm looking to buy a used 06-08 RM250, and after looking a several bikes, I found that all had major engine rebuilds (lower end, trans) within 50-70 hours of time on them. Is this typical of the RM's? Thanks, Joe.