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  1. Rusty Rocket

    Budds Creek Bench racing

    watching on TV. Can someone tell me how Plessinger gets 3rd OA with a 1-11 and Mitchell Harrison is 4th with a 4-5 moto score.
  2. Rusty Rocket

    Unadilla bench racing RD 10

    where can I see the results of the other group qualifier in 450 class? Thanks in advance
  3. Rusty Rocket

    Anybody riding this summer in/around Eastern Tennessee?

    anyone going to Royal BLue tomorrow? (Sunday 6/17)
  4. Rusty Rocket

    E-Bike Destroys RC

    other bikes are "enginecycles"
  5. Rusty Rocket

    Anybody riding this summer in/around Eastern Tennessee?

    I just moved to TN. may wanna join in if I get some time. still busy unpacking for a while
  6. The New England Trail Riders Association Annual Awards Banquet and Motorcycle Vendor Fair is Jan 10th in Cromwell, CT. Brought to you by The Berkshire Trail Riders. The same club that brings you the AMA Nationa Adventure Ride, the Berkshire Big Adventure This year we are adding Adventure bikes and Dualsport bikes to the vendor display. I have been in contact with several area dealers who have agreed to bring adventure and dualsport bikes this year, as well as the offroad race bikes. Depending on what they have in stock, the possibilities are that, most adventure bikes will be there for you to see in one place, free of charge. You do not need to be a NETRA member to attend. Parking is free also. New England Cycle has agreed to bring Suzuki and Yamahas. Razee's plans on bringing Hondas and Moto Guzzi MotoFit is bringing Kawasaki Ducati and Aprilia Libby's is bringing Triumphs Max Bmw is bringing BMW's Powerline is bringing Betas Manchester Honda-KTM is bring Hondas and KTM's Twisted Throttle is coming and will be displaying some of their products. Many of the dealers are also bringing competition bikes. Several sell KTM. The new Ducati Scrambler might make it in time. as well as a Husqvarna Dualsport bike, new for 2015. The vendor Fair is from approx 11am til 4:30 or 5pm. Come talk to all the dealers in one place There is also the NETRA Awards Banquet with a special speaker after dinner who will talk about the International Six Days event (BTR had 2 riders qualify and compete in Argentina a couple weeks ago with one member finishing on a gold medal) You do not have to be a member to attend the dinner either. The hotel has a special room rate for this event should you want to stay Friday or Saturday night to make travelling less of an issue. Come and hang out with old friends and meet new ones there will also be a display of vintage trail and race bikes if you have a vintage bike you'd be willing to show, PM me Crowne Plaza 100 Berlin Rd, Cromwell, CT 06416 If you are interested, post your intention ( IN ) and I'll compile a list Dinner Reservations if you'd like to stay for the banquet which starts about 6pm after the vendor fair ends. http://www.netra.org/store/ Hotel room deal: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do...oupID=24376366 There are time limits on the room deals and banquet dinner orders. I hope to have a seminar on GPS use, also free.
  7. Rusty Rocket

    Tips on Buying a Used Motorcycle

    What about suspension components and looking at the air filter to see if it has been neglected. Wheels bearings are worth checking also, especially on an offroad bike. Tires are important also. You should look at the engine oil and see if it is clean and you can smell it to check for an abused clutch. It will smell burned if it has been abused. Checking the frame for cracks is important as well as looking for dented frame underside if it is an offroad bike.
  8. Rusty Rocket

    No spark

  9. Rusty Rocket

    No spark

    is there somewhere that mentions what needs Loctite to prevent theses fails. (any other spots too) I know that my DR650 neutral sendind unit is a trouble spot but I'm unfamiliar w/ the DRZ400.
  10. Rusty Rocket

    Brand new, stalls at stops advice sought

    thanks. I call them air screws as a habit. I've had 2 strokes for 40 years and old habits die hard. I will drill the plug to get at the fuel mixture screw, as I've done it on 2 different DR650's. Thanks for the jetting advice.
  11. My good friend just bought a brand new DRZ400s. he was riding it this past weekend and it kept stalling on the road when he came to a stop. (brand new less than 50 miles) He will want to leave the airbox stock,(snorkle intact) but I would like to make it run clean for him. So I don't have to read the whole thread, what setting is good for the lowspeed airscrew? (turns out from lightly seated) and what about shimming the stock needle, for those airbox parameters? I will be geting his bike for a few days to put heavier springs on it and would like to clean up the carb issue for him. thanks in advance
  12. Rusty Rocket

    2013 Beta Suspension Settings

    What springs would the collective suggest for a 200 lb rider. (without gear) I'm torn between the 520RS and the 498RR. The suspension differences and the turn sigs (street legal stuff etc,) are the 2 items tearing at my decision making. Are the 45mm forks and RS shock nearly as good or do I get the RR and buy the Baja Kit??? I read about Titanium valves. Are those only in the 350?
  13. Rusty Rocket

    Beta cross reference?

    you guys need an index for this thread. It's getting kind of long. I read the whole thing anyway.
  14. Rusty Rocket

    GPS Options

    I asked on ADVRider in their GPS thread and after reviewing the responses, I chose the Garmin GPSMAP 60csx. Got it new from REI and bought the DVD CityNav all for $301. Then got a Ram Mount for $30 from another GPS site. ?? can't recall now. It is the accepted GPS for many events that download routes at the start. I like it. Took a little learning to get used to how to run it, (it has way more features than you need)
  15. Rusty Rocket

    Best coolant for the money?

    I think they are talking about the NPG +.. I'm still trying to learn as much as I can about this stuff. Good info about the thickness issue. Zip Ty sells evans stuff from what I can tell, just at double the price.