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  1. tampadrz

    Need 6 pit passes for Orlando, all newbies to sx

    I could use 2 adult and 2 kid passes.
  2. tampadrz

    Prayers for Cody

    Ryan, I feel for ya. My 12 year old snapped his leg about 3 months ago, luckily it was right in front of me. I could not imagine finding him on a trail somewhere. We will keep his recovery in our prayers.
  3. tampadrz

    hard rock ocala help

    Thursday would work to ride Croom. Wednesday and Friday are not good. Is your GF thinking about riding in the Scramble as well? My son is going to. I took my wife out this weekend to see if she wanted to race and she decided that she needs to get out about 5 more times before she can decide. Major rookie. She rides the quads to much and now wants to try anouter bike? Go figure, just when you think they are happy!!
  4. tampadrz

    hard rock ocala help

    Mook, Are you thinking about trying a Hare Scramble? Dec 9nad 10 there is one Near Myakka City. I think that I amgoing to make that one my first. I dont think that I am going to enter the beginner class. I think I am going to go to the Vet C. DonO, the A class is the better riders? Corrert???? What class do you ride?
  5. tampadrz

    FTR db sound limit?

    I am running an FMF PowerCore 4 with the stock E head pipe on my DRZ400, anyone know if this setup will make the 96?
  6. tampadrz

    Brooksville Track

    OK here is the latest: As you may know the Brooksville MX has been been closed for the past four weeks due to redesign and renovation. We apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred during this time. We are proud to finally announce that with the many weeks spent on designing a new track that will be challenging to our advanced riders, yet safe enough for our beginners to have fun on. The new track consists of 50 ft. table tops, S-turns, Step-on Step-off doubles and triples. We here at Team OAS feel that we have achieved our goal in designing a new track. In the coming months you will notice many changes such as a new lighting system, a new PA system, new bleachers, and sponsored giveaways. The track will be open for practice Sunday October 22 and Sunday October 29 from 12pm-5pm. On November 5, 2006 will be our Grand Re-Opening!!!!! This will be a race day with prizes and giveaways. Throughout the month of November we will be open wednesday 12pm-dusk for practice and on sundays from 12pm-5pm. Starting in December we will begin a full race schedule. Once again we I am very sorry for any inconveniences that may have occured. You may contact me Danny Vancil at 1-352-796-6611 or 1-866-OASDIRT, feel free to email me at TeamOAS@aol.com. I wish you all the best of luck in a safe and fun riding experiance at the new Brooksville MX!!!!!
  7. tampadrz

    Brooksville Track

    I talked with the Danny at OAS and asked him about holding a free practice session at the track for TT members since there were many negative comments about the track here in the past. He has indicated that he would be up for it. It has been redone and I understand that it is very nice. How many people would be initerested in doing it maybe next week?
  8. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    Thank you. Still looking for the kids new bike
  9. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    Thank you as well but S.C. is a bit of a hike to pick up a bike. I would like to stay a bit local. Thank you again.
  10. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    We looked at the 150 and it is to small. He is at that perfect height for the 150 at this time and will outgrow it soon. Thank you as well.
  11. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    Bike sounds nice but my son needs a big wheel. He is 5'4'' and 125lbs. But thank you.
  12. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    Let me know what your friend is doing with this bike.
  13. tampadrz

    BIKE WANTED 85big wheel, 100 or 230

    Looking for a 2 stroker (85 bike wheel or kx100) or the Honda or Yamaha 230. Son is coming off of a DRZ 125. He is ready for the go faster. Also, looking for something newer, 03-05.
  14. I am lookiing for a bike for a 13 year old. 85big wheel, 100 or 230 at a decent price. If you have one or know of someone that is selling one, please pm me..
  15. tampadrz

    HS plate and numbers colors

    Is there a certain color that your plates and numbers have to be to ride a HS?