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  1. NYmike

    $2000 for 88 xr600???

    600 max....think of it this way, its a 19 year old headache
  2. NYmike

    Where to ride in Connecticut

    how far are all these riding spots from nyc? i have a plated dr350 and two buddies with the same that would be very willing to join you guys... thanks, mike
  3. NYmike

    Anybody from Long island, NY

    john keep me updated mike
  4. NYmike

    Anybody from Long island, NY

    john, where do you ride? have any good spots, i have a few friends that would join us... mike
  5. NYmike

    Anybody from Long island, NY

    i'm in manhasset, have been to the pine barons, there is riding up by the shoreham power plant but i havent been out there, would love to go... have family in wading river and mattituck, would head out there if anybody wanted to meet up on a sunday or holiday??? i have a plated dr 350, and two buddies with the same that would join us...
  6. NYmike

    dr 100 shop manual & cdi box needed

    i havent seen it, its my buddy's bike, that what he said it was, model ran from 82-90 or something???
  7. NYmike

    435 kit

    i have the 400 kit, higher compression better kit in my opinion than 435..
  8. NYmike

    **Stolen Bikes NYC**

    where is nyc do you live, i would watch craigslist..local impound...you need to chain them up seriously in nyc
  9. anybody got one or know where i can get one?
  10. NYmike

    big bore kit dr 350

    i have the 400 kit and my two buddies have 350s with the airbox mod, the were very happy with the airbox mod.....the 400 is great since i'm on the street a lot and a big guy....my neighbor brought up a valid point when discussing the 400 kit, he mentioned the fact that the front forks and rear suspension are crap, so he really isn't able to ride the bike in the woods to its fullest potential and doesnt need more power until he works out the suspension probs....
  11. NYmike

    Alert: Stolen Bikes from Baltimore Area

    kryptonite has an anchor that mounts into the cement floor and a few badass chains...not to expensive, think i got the anchor for 55$, and the "fagettaboudit" 5ft chain with lock for 110$....my bike was parked in high theft nyc neighborhood for a year or so, never had a prob, slept a lot easier knowing that i had the anchor...
  12. NYmike

    dr350s flasher relay needed

    anybody got one for sale?
  13. NYmike

    04 dr650

    get the xr650r plated
  14. NYmike

    Dirtygirl Video

    how about in a bikini next time
  15. i'm headed to commack on saturday around 1 pm, anybody gonna be around, or have a recommendations???