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    Color code???

    Ooops again, getting late should be in bed with my lady. Ooops, how do you post a URL? Here it is.... Color Rite Distributing Co. www.color-rite.com Color chart www.color-rite.com/pntchrt.cfm Matt.
  2. YamaMoto

    Color code???

    Ooops, how do you post a URL? Here it is.... Color Rite Distributing Co. www.color-rite.com Color chart www.colorite.com /pntchrt.cfm Matt
  3. YamaMoto

    Color code???

    Here it is.... Color Rite Distributing Co. Color chart Matt
  4. YamaMoto

    tips for removing tank decals

    I just replaced my tank and shroud decals on my 02 WR. Got a corner started and it peeled off with no resi do do. Wiped em down with some alcohol, installed new F effex kit with no troubles. Matt
  5. YamaMoto

    How fast is a 426f?

    My perspective is the 426 is not all that fast. Fast being a perception of speed to what you have previously experienced. I suppose it is fast for a dirt bike but not a motorcycle. My top speed on the 426 at El Mirage dry lake bed was 85 mph, tucked. I was only able to get it to 77 mph on a trail due to loss of traction in the rear on the loose stuff. All that was measured with a correctly configured Trail Tech. My 99 R1 has seen 182 mph on the 173 toll road and 156 at Willow Springs longest straight. Now if I put the R1 motor in the 426 frame I would have a FAST dirt bike.
  6. YamaMoto

    Helmet Cam Help

    Bman, I borrowed one from a friend, it was a Hitachi and had built in mic and battery. I ran the video/mic wire down through my chest protector into a camera bag/fanny pack. Only problem is you get quit a bit of unwanted video as it is a pain to get to the record switch. I am thinking of getting the one you got. Worth the money? Is the mount secure enough for the jumps bumps and whoops? Matt
  7. YamaMoto

    dual sport

    Yamaman, is it a green sticker or red sticker? If its a green sticker you should be able to dual sport it in CA. after a lighting kit install, having it signed off by an approved light tech, signing some paperwork, and giving the DMV some more of your money. I can give you all the details. If its a red sticker I think your only choice would be an out of state registration. Matt
  8. YamaMoto

    jetting information overload !

    I have an 02 Canadian, mine did the same thing. Its running out of gas at low throttle openings. If you give the throttle a little twist it clears up because of the accel pump sqiurt. At that point you are on the straight part of the needle. The R in the needle part number is the straight part. Dropping or raising the needle did not help in 1/8 to 1/4 steady throttle. I am sure a richer needle will help. Mine cleared up with a EMN neddle. Still working on making it PURRRfect. Matt
  9. YamaMoto

    DOT tire recommendations?

    E.G.O. Sorry for Late reply. Several of the parks I ride have roads in which you must be street legal. Some of the trails at Gorman, CA (Hungry Valley) you can only access by running on the paved road. Ranger there kicked me off the main road quoting DOT tires etc. Thats when I posted the question on the metal tank issue. Another time in Lucerne Valley, CA I got lost, found a county dirt road that headed back to my camp. I got stopped by the ranger, just cautioned me on my choice of roads. So far no tickets. Matt
  10. YamaMoto

    DOT tire recommendations?

    My next set of tires will be DOT to keep the rangers happy. Anyone have a recommendation? I mostly want dirt traction. I ride about 80% off road in a variety of conditions, soft silt, rock, sand and a little mud. I am not that concerned with wear, after buying tires for my street bike, dirt tires are cheeeeeep. Matt
  11. YamaMoto

    Will The New WR450 Have A Green Sticker?

    US models registered in Calif will come with a red sticker. Its BS! My campfire puts out more pollution than the 426. Matt
  12. YamaMoto

    Kennedy Meadow's update

    I was there last week, Wednesday through Friday. I camped at the Troy Meadows campground. First time there and had a great time. I let the 5 year old on the dirt roads with his PW 50. He got so much confidence on the way down from Mahogony trail entrance he did a wide open throttle pass on me. Told his mom he smoked me. I did some exploring on Jackass, Mahogony, Beach creek and some others. With all of the single track there I never meet up with anyone on the trails. Lots of rock, cliffs, whoops. Can't wait to go back. Ps. Rangers stopped twice in my camp. When I was packing up they requested a sound check on the 426. I have the E-series with 6 discs, arrester, and the quiet core. First test it popped a few times at 4200 rpm and registered 109db. He tried again and it was 100.8 barely passed. I think he was doing whatever he could to make it pass. On the street legal issue he had no knowledge of the matal tank or DOT lights and tires. He said if you got a plate, lights and turn signals it was OK with him. One of the cool ones. Matt
  13. Hi big G, that was me in Gorman, thanks for the info. I was across the street from a CHP office yesterday and tried to get some info on the metal tank, nothing but some photo copies of some offroad rules. Thanks to Ron in So Cal for the DMV site. I have been reviewing the vehicle code and haven't found anything on metal tanks, just allot of confusing verbiage. I will plan on going to law school in Sept so I can become a lawyer for TT and its members. If I fail the BAR exam I will go to welding school and make metal tanks for a living. Also I am making a list of bikes that get registered from the dealer that come with non metal tanks. So far I only know of the following. If you can add to it please send me a PM. Aprilia Mille and Mille R KTM LC4 640 Supermoto KTM LC$ 640 Duke Thanks, Matt
  14. YamaMoto

    WR450 dual sport / green sticker?

    Gary, I went the Canadian method. The dealer here imports them from a Canadian dealer. All I had to do was pay $21 for the off road registration. I had to wait about 45 days to receive the Green sticker. I then installed the Baja Design kit, took it to the dealer and had the lighting signed off. The owner is certified. I took the Green sticker to the DMV and asked for a dual registration. Seemed like she had some trouble typing it in or getting it to go through but in a few minutes and another $81 she gave me a plate. I did have to sign some paper that siad I would maintain both registrations. Its funny you mentioned taking the picture of the DMV person, I had just turned off my helmet cam a few minutes before getting pulled over. Would have made some interesting video. Matt
  15. YamaMoto


    My local dealer gives me 15% off all parts, accessories and clothing. In am a regular customer there. I even get 10% off Honda parts for my 125 shifter kart motor. I didn't buy my R1 through them but they still did warranty service and I bought many R1 parts, got to chat with them about a discount and was given the 15. Since then I have purchased a PW50 and the 426 and associated parts. Next R1 purchase I am going to see about a 20% discount. This can all be negotiated. A friend of mine negotiated a R1 and WR purchase and got cost +10 for 6 months. Matt