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  1. KLXj0nes

    Major camshaft problem

    okay well that clears up alot thanks alot brewster. Um can someone also tell me if i took out the cams properly?
  2. KLXj0nes

    Major camshaft problem

    I bought the bike used so this may have happened before i got it, all i know is i gotta fix it. Ok before i go on i want to know if i took the cams out correct. I didnt check the marks on the cams or the magneto and rotor so i think i may have messed up in that way. I didnt figure it was a must to do that because i figured that if i was somewhere in the compression stroke i would be fine but now that i think of it i might to need to make sure it is at TDC on the compression stroke. I tried to take off the caps on the magneto cover but they wouldnt budge so i had to work around it. My bike is sitting somewhere in the compression stroke without the cams on, i dont know if this is a problem or not. Im just taking the cams out and adjusting the valves and such so i can save myself some money (and gain some knowlege) When i put it back together, i know how important timing is so im going to take it to my mechanic who i can watch and he will teach me how to set up the timing. Well i took out the cams, buckets, and shims today and heres what i found: The exhaust cam is definatly messed up, when i looked at the peice that is bent on the acr i noticed a hairline crack going across the acr. I also noticed that the side closest to the valves on the acr it looks like it smacked something. I know that sooner or later it was gonna give and id have a even bigger problem. I know that the acr doesnt really do much in the engine except for helping me kick the bike over by lowering the compression. But if the weights were stuck open id have no compression and the bike wouldnt start. I dont think it would be the cause of the bike being hard to start. Now onto the shims, my clearance right now is zero for my intake valves. And i took out my shims and measured them and they seem to be 3mm (can someone tell me if this seems normal for a stock klx?) Now if i read the manual correctly now im going to need to put 2.85mm shims instead. So im pretty sure my valves tightened up. Can someone please tell me if this all sounds right because this is all new to me. Thanks I need all the help i can get.
  3. KLXj0nes

    Is this a bad idea?

    What i did is make sure its on the compression stroke because any time during the compression stroke the valves are closed and then u can check the clearences. So to make sure its on the compression stroke you can put your finger on the spark plug hole and slowly turn the engine over, when u feel air that tries to push your finger off u know you are on the compression stroke. And to make sure its on the compression stroke look to see if the lobes on the camshaft are not turned down. Id have someoen agree on what i say before going to do it haha
  4. KLXj0nes

    Major camshaft problem

    I know a valve job is coming, i have absolutly no clearance for the intake valves. Ive done research on adjusting the clearence plus i have a friend who is a licenced mechanic who is going to help me do it. I wanna get it right the first time. From what i see i think all i have to buy is a new exhaust cam and drop it in there while im doing a valve adjust. I can get more pictures if people want to see more of the topend. And could the malfunctioned acr cause my bike not to start properly? I already know my zero intake valve clearence was probably the main culprit. And trust me bill i know a KLX isnt the bike for me thats why im going to fix it up, get it ready to go and sell it and buy me a kx or yz 250 or possibly even a kxf or yzf 450 (depending on how this valve adjust and cam replacing goes) because im not a huge fan of fourstrokes now. Look at my signature haha Well i "rev my bike to the moon" when i ride because i keep up with my buddies on their kx's and yz's so i see how my valves are hurting but i have no idea how me revving my engine could cause so much stress on the acr that it would bend so dramatically. And like someone said you dont want to just put another stock kawi cam in there if its just gonna happen again. My mechanic is out of town until tuesday (after the canadian thanksgiving) so i wont be tearing the top end apart until he gets in town. Hopefully the fix isnt too costly, need my money for my schooling.
  5. im selling my 4st and buying me a yz250
  6. KLXj0nes

    So Funny

    haha never gonna catch a bike offroad dumb cop
  7. KLXj0nes

    ducati mx449

  8. KLXj0nes

    Hard starting

    I bet with some more time that probably could have broke apart or hit something and caused alot of damage. I look around the exhaust cam shaft and found nothing that could have caused it. When i turned the engine the acr didnt touch anything so im baffled on to what could have made it become that way. Too much engine stress maybe also when i looked inside engine top end i couldnt find and scratches on anything that would suggest that it hit something. i personally think i just probably over worked it
  9. i realize that haha, yeah i left it at my buddies house
  10. KLXj0nes

    18 month riding anniversery

    yeah im no bubba stewart but yeah be more aggressive and stand up and be hard on that throttle. But good progress
  11. KLXj0nes

    monster graphics, not on a kawasaki

    I like it on the wr but its an odd combo, the red plates, blue bike, green and black graphics
  12. KLXj0nes

    Hard starting

    Well its not the choke, my intake valves are less than 0.05 and they should be between 0.10 and 0.19. Also the acr on my cam shaft is bent bad (look at my garage or other post to see it)
  13. KLXj0nes

    Major camshaft problem

    I think the picture works now
  14. Well today i got the courage to check my valves. Well i got out my tools and got into the engine and checked the valves. The exhaust valves were within spec. And then i went and checked out my inlet valves which were way below spec. i think the inlet valves are between 0.1mm and 0.19mm and mine were under 0.05mm(smaller than smallest i had) so they have obviously tightened up. Well i figured i got some work ahead of me to get these valves back in spec and then i just looked over the camshaft to see all the parts and such (first time ive ever seen the inside of a 4 stroke engine) and i cam across this: Well i figure that no part would ever have this shape and it looks horribly wrong. I dont know what could have caused it, maybe two much stress on the engine??? Another pic in my garage. I figure the part is for decompression but that is just a guess. Does anyone know what that peice of the camshaft does? and how much will it cost approx. to fix it w/o labour?