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  1. Chris_from_Oz

    fork bleed screws

    I got a pair of these sent to me, they are great. Anderson fork bleeders.
  2. Chris_from_Oz

    suggestions on a good video?

    Get a copy of "Motocrossed". He should be able to identify with the younger kids in the movie, especially the little brother.
  3. Chris_from_Oz

    Owners of WB E-Series look here

    Yes, lazybones is right, use something like anti-seize. Also, they seem to come out way easier if the pipe is hot. I wear gloves, and remove my bolts after a ride. Works great.
  4. Chris_from_Oz

    Looking for advice on education

    I'm a HD mechanic (technician, sorry.....), and the shop I work for charge the customer $75.00 an hour for my labour. I take home about a quarter of that. Harley dealerships make good money on workshop rates (all motorcycle workshops do), and big $$$ on accessories/clothing, but the overheads are high. I like what I do, but in the not too distant future, I hope to work for myself, my own hours etc. Good luck man.
  5. Chris_from_Oz

    Black or Silver engine

    I like the black. On another note, I got my son an almost identical bike to that knock off in the pic's. On the RHS, the footpeg, when it folds up, hits both the kickstart lever and the RHS engine cover. After my son dropped the bike last week, the footpeg actually punctured the engine cover. The covers aren't cast very well, there are thin and thick areas, not an even thickness all over. You'll need to file a few teeth off the footpeg to clear the case, or better yet, replace the cheap 'pegs.
  6. Chris_from_Oz

    What do I have here ?

    My first thought was RD/RZ250, but on closer inspection, I think it's a TZR250 engine. Compare your pic's to these. TZR250 engine pic's
  7. Chris_from_Oz

    MY Little YZ80 Mini-Moto!

    That little YZ looks fantastic! The graphics in particular are awesome.
  8. Dunno where he'll finish, but in the after race interview, he'll use the words 'gnarly', and 'dude' a lot.
  9. Chris_from_Oz

    1983 YZ490 Tank

    YZ490 tank, yellow in colour.....
  10. Chris_from_Oz

    Wr 500 in Nor Cal.

    I would love one of those big 2 stroke WR's. Then again, I still have a thing for YZ465's too. I think I have unresolved issues, because I never had one when they were new.
  11. Chris_from_Oz

    Just finished my SM logo. Wha'do ya think?

    I'd try and incorporate a rider on the bike, with the 'backing it in' theme.
  12. Chris_from_Oz

    Where to dump old fuel???

    Pour it on your front lawn in the shape of a swastika. Your neighbours will dig it.
  13. Chris_from_Oz

    Just finished my SM logo. Wha'do ya think?

    Check out the Aussie Sumoto's logo here for comparison..... SUMOTO
  14. Chris_from_Oz

    Shipping a gas tank

    If you have to fill out an insurance form, or a Customs Declaration, DO NOT use the words "gas tank", "fuel tank", or anything similar. They will reject the package. Wash out with soapy water, and leave to dry outdoors for as long as possible with the cap off. I've been through this a few times.....
  15. Chris_from_Oz

    arm pump

    Use green nail polish