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  1. well im inbetween bikes right now. planing on having a 250 or a 450 come summer time. this is the truck im promised if i pass grade 12 06 dodge ram 3500, 5.9 cummins engine, dually 1 ton truck auto, single cab 8 foot bed
  2. rob150

    03 450r handle bars

    http://www.ravexperformance.com/store/images/RISERS.jpg use something like this with a 2 inch rise off a sled. if you sled you should know how they work.
  3. rob150

    My winter bike work slide show

    ever see the piston in a cr60? about 1.5 inches across
  4. rob150

    The affair

    you have way to much time on your hands or you are a poet
  5. rob150

    new bike maby

    not around here man an 05 would be like 5000 no joke it is out of hand but all the same i got 2000 for my 2004 150
  6. rob150

    new bike maby

    no i had a 2004 crf150f but i did the lawnmower engine upgrade hahah just kidding i know it isnt to big for me beacuse i asm 16 now and l;ikke 230 so i can handel it and i can get it for 2500
  7. i h looking for another bike eversince i sold my crf150 and i came across this what do you guys think http://www.sled-headz.com/forum/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=23261 by the way that is a local forum thats pretty good
  8. rob150

    My Custom Fiberglass Rad Shroud

    hook it up bahhhhhhhh
  9. rob150


    ok i am buying a 1997 cr250 and the fella who has it cut the seat, i think where i am 6,1 that wont work well for me so what i a wondering is will a seat off say, a 2005 work on this bike because i like the feal of them and stuff and i may be able o get one off ebay cheaper than a new seat foam and cover from honda anyone know?
  10. rob150

    Total Tare Down

    same here on a friends blaster in my dads parking liot doing a wheelie it flips back and slids into a front end loaders bucket, then i fly into the bucket behind it and hit like a sack of shit scary times i only ride 2 from now on
  11. rob150

    Red bull first person contest

    o figured it out. but how did the video "life in the fast lane" get infront of you it blew... anyhow hope u win
  12. rob150

    Red bull first person contest

    man i seen you on epic ride if i am corect it was in glamis on the trx 450 and at the end of the day you cooked for the bys? well i voted and i think u have a great video. what is it for anyhow to become sponsored?
  13. rob150

    Plating a CRF450x in Virginia

    yeah i am in ewfoundland canada so the ruels might be diffrent
  14. rob150

    Plating a CRF450x in Virginia

    thats a nice tidy kit if you dont mind how much was it and what is the name u cant put a cr250 on the rd can you? what about a 426
  15. rob150

    bike carrier

    trailer sounds to be a pretty good idea how expensive is it to hve them licensed and would it really be that much better i am thinking that a 1place ski-doo trailer would be good for putting a few bikes onand also do u need a special license or any thing to haul a trailer or is a regular lisense fine?