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  1. RMZRacer811

    07 Rmz Cams

    Personally I'd keep the motor stock to keep the bike reliable as possible. The only mods I do are outside like exhaust, sususpension, ac pump etc. No motor internals mods cause everything works in conjunction with each other the way suzuki designed it to work. Putting one aftermarket thing in the motor then means you have to ideally add sometihng else to conpensate for the increased performance. i.e different cam requires stronger valve springs and aftermarket stronger vavles and seats possibily. Suzuki designed that bike to work with all those parts, in conjunction with each other. Don't cause yourself any problems unless your willing to conpentsate in other areas and upgrade.
  2. ^^^^^Yep what he said or get some one to proffessionally blow it out.
  3. RMZRacer811

    what to do .... 04 or new 07

    No point in refreshing an old bike it's a waste of money. It's literally a money pit and you'll never be able to make the 04 as reliable or as fast no matter how much money you spend. At the same time you'll never get any of that money back you put into the 04 as the 07 will still be worth something. Not to mention old fourstrokes period are money traps, gearbox repairs, bottom end ect. Not to mention the old suspension too. Sell the 04 and purchase an 07 I say, spending money on old bike regardless of how clean they are is dead money.
  4. RMZRacer811

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    Thanks, this is all good news, BUT I have my new bike arriving Saturday... I'll post it up so you'll see it then.
  5. RMZRacer811

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    Sweet sorry for not responding guys I haven't been around this is all good stuff I'm seriously thinking about it now.
  6. RMZRacer811

    Which Is the Better Triple Clamp?

    Ok thanks for your response...
  7. RMZRacer811

    My factory Mechanic at Work

    Can you hook me up with his e-mail address, I need some things doing on my bike and it looks like he knows what's he doing, leave it to the proffessionals I say. That was just stupid...
  8. RMZRacer811

    My new (to me) bike!

    Yeah seems like you got a good deal, very clean.
  9. RMZRacer811

    Which Is the Better Triple Clamp?

    I'm buying a set of upper and lower clamps for my Suzuki, I am woundering which you think is the best of these two? Pro-Circuit or RG3? Any others I might want to consider?
  10. RMZRacer811

    back rim looks like crap why?????

    Once it's lost it's shine there's not much you can do to get it back just like engine casing metal, frames and shock linkages do. Once they're dull and gunky your screwed. The best thing you can do is replace the rim and keep on top of keeping it really clean, just washing it off ASAP after a ride before the dirt takes effect on the metal. Simple green I've found works great at keeping al metal super shiney, providing you wash it off staright away at the track or at the very least at home when you get back (I do myn at the track with simple green, then the whole bike at home with the seat off to get at the subframe and airbox again all with simple green), but not like a few days later.
  11. RMZRacer811

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    thanks, I understand you get more hours from them.
  12. RMZRacer811

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    I am a 250F rider but want something faster. I previously rode 450's not my own, but friends and felt they were too heavy (Honda CRF450R) and a little too powerful. I'm not sure wiether to get a 250F or a 450 next. Thinking about it I'll probably have both, but either way from what I hear the Suzuki has a more usable powerband and is a better bike overall and more lighter. I love power, but i jsut need to know it;s not going to be too huge for me. I'm like 5,11 and 185lb's. I guess i can give it a try and if I don't like it I can sell it. What kinda of hours are you guys getting from motors/top ends? providing a perfect maintainance schedule and proper riding style of course. Thanks Regards RMZ...
  13. RMZRacer811

    Clutch side oil gray?? Losing coolant in radiator

    I'd think the water pump seal is leaking/gone and leaking coolant into the transmission part. It's a common thing for some reason on Honda's. Is it coming out a little white or lots silver? I can see you boiling water yeah but I still think it's a strange coincidence loosing coolant and oil coming out grey possibly whitish?
  14. RMZRacer811

    Oil Leak Please help

    There's a rubber seal behind the countershaft sprocket remember, sometimes it breaks up and leaks oil. There is a seal on the gear shift too form the transmission possibly may be that also. What year is this bike and how many hours?