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  1. ebeck

    Friend won't get off my back?

    If you make excuses he will just counter it. Can't counter the truth like "I just don't feel like it" or "dude I don't like it as much as you do, so maybe next week".
  2. ebeck

    Do you dislike freestyle motocross?

  3. ebeck

    TTX Shock CRF 450

    With a spacer internally to keep it from extending. You can take out length form any shock that way. Much better strategy than linkage, or is seems to me at least. I have my CFR450 Ohlins softened to a C4.5 compression spec and had 3mm taken out internally. With the linkage and what not lowers it about 1/6 inch or so.
  4. Not sure about any of this. I do know that bike worked like ass. I mean what is up with that rear suspension? I am not saying JS is not a bit out of control but the crashes I saw I saw the back end buck, aint supposed to do that at that level. And it happened a lot.... I would love to see him on a Honda. Not making excuses for him but, that bike just did not seem like a good fit for him.
  5. ebeck

    J-Law to Ride Outdoors?

    Who is Jlaw?
  6. I vote for a 3 stroke to split the difference. Couple guys I know who race 250 4 strokes competitively go through 3 engines a year in a good year and that includes bottom ends. One guy I know who won some classes at World Mini spends $2500 a month on parts alone. Go 250F!
  7. ebeck

    250f vs. 125

    At 43 years old I went from EFI 450 back to a 125. It is more fun and cheaper to run. At my age having fun is more important than being competitive and broken femurs and ankles leave we not wanting go go huger over jumps anymore. the 450 was easier to ride for sure. it also tired me out more than the 125. The 125 is fun, way more fun but slower and I am definitely faster on my 450. It is different for younger kids than for older dudes though. My son in on 85's and he will be on a 125 for 2 years before we go to a 250F. Most fast kinds on 85's are faster than most novices, even fast novices on 250 f's. There is a reason for that, you have to learn to carry speed on a 2 stroke. 250's no so much. Ok we not talking about Barshia here were talking your typical local racing novices with no 2 stroke experience.
  8. ebeck

    kx85 shock piston

    Great link, thanks!
  9. ebeck

    kx85 shock piston

    Yep I agree. It can be made to work with YZ parts though. So happens I have a third set of suspension parts that do not have stock internals nor are the YZ internals. (ebay gamble, thought it was YZ internals, nope it was not.) Valving is REALLY small port piston. We use the Powerband linkage which is definitely longer and requires 2 rates stiffer on springs. Not the dog bones, their link itself requires it.
  10. ebeck

    kx85 shock piston

    Seems the stock one is hard to come by and there are very few if any options on the market. Even then the ones on the market have little information about them. Seems testing and what not is easier on a stock shock piston since the information is then usable by others. So, I want to do some testing, I need a spare one, anyone got one they do not need back?
  11. .42. I am running .48 in my 09 CRF450 with re-valve and frankly it is too light and I am 185 lbs. Hell stock is .46 and universally magazine tests agreed it was too light and the 09 R bike is a ballerina compared to the X. How one rides has a lot to do with for springs. Lean back a lot when you turn and you need softer springs. Lean forward over the bars and you need stiffer springs. I do know this put .42 in a 450 and drop form 5 feet up and you'll break wrists and go over the bars with your wrists flopping. Unless you never see anything other than an occasional root or small rock you'll need more spring. Where and how you ride is 2/3 the solution. There is no math for that. Put .42 in and post back the results after you flat land a table top.
  12. ebeck

    best place for ktm suspension

    MXA or one of those did a review. Their assessment was the Ohlins was 30% better than a reworked stock shock. Not sure if that helps, but if you Google hard enough you can find it and read the details.
  13. ebeck

    AX Spring rates?

    OK cool. The bikes have a linkage that necessitates a stiffer spring that stock, the Power Band Racing Linkage. My boy runs .27 forks was planning to go .29 and uses a 4.7 rear was going to go with a 4.9. Compression stack is stiffened and the rebound is too apparently with the shop doing it. They had a few other kids running KX85 in AMA and I am having done what they worked out. Maybe I'll stiffen the forks one rate and keep the 4.7 rear.
  14. ebeck

    AX Spring rates?

    Certainly the compression and rebound is stiffer in AX than Moto, but I have had 2 conversations with 2 suspension guys. One says you need a lot softer spring to get it to squat since the valving it so burly and another says you need to go a lot stiffer to help with the beefy valving. So I pretty much know everyone is just guessing on suspension, multiple answers means there is no answer but I a curious what you all think on AX spring rates. I am completely sure there are as many answers as there are people but still.... Harder or softer spring rats for AX bike compared to Moto.
  15. ebeck

    gp-racing kx85 Midvalve?

    It is identical, to the eye at least, to the gold valves. Looks like a copy to me but what do I know. I'll post a picture next week.