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  1. I got one and put it on my ProTaper bars but it went on really tight, I had to tap it on with a mallet. Of course now it's locked solidly in place and doesn't flex or move at all, defeating the whole purpose. I haven't seen any mention of different size bar diameters, aren't they all the same at the grips? Anyone had problems installing it? thx
  2. lescor

    New 09 owner need help

    Here is the MRD pipe on my '09 450
  3. lescor

    Just got my graphics done-09 450

    Viagra, Geritol and Old Spice. Let me guess, you race in the vet class? Great looking bike, btw.
  4. lescor

    Look at this ride !!!

    Guts racing. I got the same thing for mine. http://i618.photobucket.com/albums/tt263/lescor/mybikeleftside.jpg
  5. lescor

    bikes done!

    Nice! Same situation for me. Got a left over '09 to replace my 95 hour '09. Suspension, clutch and new cam should be done today. Put on a few more trinkets and it'll be ready to go later this week. Snow just melted enough to get on the track yesterday.
  6. I sent the power control unit from my '09 450R to Eddie Sisneros to re-map it specifically for the MRD pipe. This year I added a stage 1 Hotcam. Would there be any noticeable benefit to having it re-mapped again?
  7. 94 hours on mine. Intermediate vet riding mx. Only problem I had was around the 80 hour mark, it started to hit a false neutral now and then if I didn't shift cleanly. I love the bike and bought another one for this season.
  8. I have a '09 450R and was thinking about trying a different linkage arm to lower the rear end a bit. The RaceTech guy at our shop tells me he can lower the rear end about 13mm by changing a shim somewhere in the shock. I've never heard of this before, anyone tried it, or is he mis-informed?
  9. lescor

    Rode a 2moto for first time today

    Still a lot cheaper than a sled.
  10. lescor

    Video cams - which one?

    what software do you use to flip the video so it doesn't play upside down?
  11. I am driving across the border and picking up a 2009 450R on the weekend. The dealer just informed me that the decompression pin hasn't been done on it yet. I'm planning on slipping an aftermarket cam in it anyway, does anyone know if any of these come with a decompression pin already installed, or do you always have to re-use the stock one? thanks
  12. lescor

    Rekluse Z-start

    I have the z-start pro on my 09 450R and love it. I use it for mx only. If the idle is adjusted right it won't stall. Don't have to clutch for brake slides and if you dump it you are up and going again in seconds.
  13. I fractured my lateral tibial plateau Oct 31. They did a bone graft from my hip to repair the depression. The surgery went well. Ligaments were ok and they did some minor meniscal repair at the same time. X-ray and follow up at 1 and 5 weeks everything looked good. My next appointment is two more weeks, which will be 9 weeks post surgery. I was diligent on working on range of motion of the knee early on and was on my stationary bike with zero resistance as soon as I could turn the pedals over. At my 5 week visit I had about 80% range of motion and the surgeon told me I could start weight bearing up to 40% body weight. I started to walk with one crutch and cycle with resistance. At 6 weeks I realized I could walk without crutches in short spurts and the leg felt good. So good in fact that I ditched the crutches all together after a few days. My leg still feels better and stronger every day and walking without crutches just feels right. The knee clicks a lot, which is annoying but not painful. My question is, am I pushing it by walking like this too soon? Everyone told me to expect at least 8 weeks before being off crutches but more likely 10 or more. My only concern is that I might be affecting how the bone graft takes on the tibia. Through all this I've never had any pain. I am thinking if it doesn't hurt, it's not doing any damage, is this correct? Is the clicking something I should worry about, will it improve or go away? thanks a lot.
  14. lescor

    Riding Dirt Bikes for Exercise?

    I spent 3 weeks getting ready to solo a two hour mx race on a rough sand track. I only recently got back into mx after a 20 year lay off. In that time I raced bicycles and did triathlons, so I am pretty in tune with my body and the affects of training. I just did lots of 30 minute motos and a few 45 min to 1 hour ones. I wore a heart rate monitor a few times and averaged in the mid 150's riding a 'comfortably hard' pace. An average pace run for me would be mid 130's. I was more wasted after a one hour moto than a one hour run or bike ride. No doubt mx is physically challenging and provides a whole body workout. Upper and lower, cardio and strength.