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  1. Suds

    DIY temperature dipstick XR650L

    I made one up myself today. I used an oil cap dipstick from my Craftsman power washer, that has a B&S engine, and a digital thermometer I found at Target for $9.99. http://www.target.com/Taylor-TruTemp-Instant-Digital-Thermometer/dp/B0001BFJ5O/ref=sc_ri_3/602-1398723-1755822 After cutting off the dipstick part, I drilled a 9/64th hole in the cap, and for now, just force fit the thermometer through it. The diameter on the oil cap was a little smaller than the stock dipstick. It felt a little loose when screwing it in, but snugged up nicely when tightened down to the O-ring. I will definitely look for a better fitting oil filler cap. I found one on Sears Parts for $1.50 that I might try. It is also for B&S engines. I took a pretty good 10 mile cruise around town after installing. Outside temps were in the low 80's. Oil temp peaked at about 237. My wings are removed. Didn't notice any oil leaking. Time will tell on the durability of this setup, but so far, so good. Here's a couple of pics.
  2. Suds

    Just went Blue

    That would be sweet!!! Although I don't think I could ever get rid of the Pig. She's too much fun. Thankfully there is no law against owning two bikes. I thought you were working today? LOL Pat
  3. Suds

    Just went Blue

    Welcome to the club! Oh wait, I'm still Red. But I guess I'll be Blue for those times we switch up for a bit. Great bike, I love it... Patrick
  4. Suds

    Newbie here

    Welcome. What part of Mass are you from? I'm in Foxboro, and picked up an 07 L last summer from Weymouth Honda. I'm loving every minute of it. Enjoy... Patrick
  5. Suds

    Poor little Piglet gets a ride

    And Tigger to...
  6. Suds

    XRL Wing Removal?

    Yup, thought the same thing myself. My question wasn't so much about cooling/oil. I was more worried about the stock tank being secure enough with the wings off. With only the one bolt and the two hooks underneath, the tank feels a little loose/wobbly with the wings off. I was wondering if anyone else ran the stock tank with the wings off, and did they feel it was secure enough? Or, was there any way to tie it in to the holes that are there for the wings? Thanks for any help... Suds
  7. Suds

    XRL Wing Removal?

    From what I've read in other posts, the temp does go up some, but not enough to worry about, except during long highway runs. I'm more worried abut the tank being supported properly. Seems kid of loose with them off. Thanks, Suds
  8. Suds

    XRL Wing Removal?

    I've searched and read some posts on removing the wings/shrouds from the 650L. Most think it doesn't affect cooling that much, so I was thinking of removing them. Definitely like the look better with them off. My question: When I've had them off for maintenance, the stock tank doesn't seem to be supported very well like it is with them on. I was wondering if this is ok, and are there any mods/aftermarket parts to tie the tank into the frame using the existing holes for the wings? Thanks, Suds
  9. Suds

    My new(to me) XR650L

    Welcome and congrats on your new ride. You'll love it. I just did the smog removal and it definitely helped with the decel popping. Here's a guide with pics. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xrlsmog/ Enjoy... Suds
  10. Suds

    Moto Game for XBOX 360

    Sweet, can't wait. Currently playing the PC version of MX vs. ATV. Some great addon tracks... Hope they don't forget about the PC. Will definitely get for my 360 at least. Suds
  11. Do you not have the service manual? MY choke never felt right on my new 07L, so I adjusted it when doing Daves mods. "Loosen the SE valve and remove it from the carburetor. Turn the choke lever to fully open position and measure the clearance between the SE valve end and the cable threaded end. Clearance = 1 - 2 mm Adjust by loosening the lock nut and turning the adjuster to specified clearance." Hope this helps... Suds
  12. Suds

    Offroading 650L

    Yup, I absolutely love ripping around town on the L. Almost feels illegal. I love the looks I get. It's also good to know that I can take it offroad and make it out without too much trouble. I will definitely be getting another offroad only bike once I pay off the 650. Seems like the 2 strokes are really popular for woods riding. Thats all we saw that day in Franklin. Hmm...250xc-w???. Suds
  13. Suds

    Two questions....

    I got my jets from http://www.motorcyclecarbs.com/index.cfm Pretty easy to find which ones you need, and shipped quickly up here to Mass. Suds
  14. Suds

    TT Skid Plate

    Does the stock engine guard have to come off? That's what I thought. They all look the same. Thanks for the input guys. Placing my order now. Suds
  15. Suds

    Offroading 650L

    Yup, saw that post before. All I could think about when I dropped it in that huge rut was that I'd done the same thing. But then I realized that it was only fuel running out and not oil from a broken case. Lucky... What a bitch picking the pig up from beyond vertical. Some how I managed without my buddy's help! Suds