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  1. BigRichard

    Why do my rear spokes keep getting loose?

    You shouldnt need a new wheel - just spokes. They won't stay tight and will eventually break. When they are seized, you're twisting the spoke itself when you tighten them.
  2. BigRichard

    2008 WR250F

    I thought the motor was a little stonger on the CRF but I liked the WR more for suspension and turning.
  3. BigRichard

    2008 WR250F

    I'd like to know if you guys are running 100 or 110 rear tires. I know it make a difference on smaller displacement bikes.
  4. BigRichard

    2008 WR250F

    Can someone please post a link for the 2008R specs? When I search, all I get is info on the WR250X duel sport.
  5. BigRichard

    2008 WR250F

  6. BigRichard

    2008 WR250F

    I found this low hour '08 for $3300. What a blast to ride. I've been on 450s for the last 15 years - I've been missing out. Awesome brakes, decent suspension for stock and turns really well.
  7. BigRichard

    Getting Plates in AZ

    My wife would like to get a plate for her CRF230F. She has a relative in Arizona that is willing to own the bike on paper. Does Arizona have a sales tax and can you get a plate without an inspection? We are in Oregon and they have tightened the laws regarding plates for dirt bikes. Thanks.
  8. BigRichard

    Justin Barcia... most OVERRATED rider ever!

    I believe that was a '77. I had the next model year with a green tank. Nice picture.
  9. BigRichard

    rear brakes

    +1 that siringe and tube fed into rear bleeder is money.
  10. BigRichard

    Klamath Falls Riding?

    I used to ride the Klamath Sportsmans Park. It's an MX track that doesn't get maintained or watered. It used to be $4 for the day.
  11. BigRichard

    18" rear wheel on 05 450r

    My trials tire is a 4.00-18 and fits but the bike is noticeably taller. I think you will be fine that size tire and you can always add a link. I've been running a trials off and on for a few years and they still amaze me.
  12. BigRichard

    18" rear wheel on 05 450r

    The trials tires are significantly taller and can rub the swing arm. There are also 19" trials tires available. I think Vee Rubber is the maker.
  13. BigRichard

    What boots to buy?

    A buddie of mine told me about the Gaerne GX-1. I found a pair on Amazon for $179. I like them better than my Tech 8s. You can still find them for under $200. It feels like a $400 pair of boots to me.
  14. BigRichard

    Wearing glasses under a duel sport helmet

    I tried on the trekker yesterday and didnt like it. I also tried a GMAX and it felt great and it is a ridiculously cheap helmet. I can get the GMAX for $75 on-line. I'm starting to lean toward the prescription goggles. I don't think these DS helmet will breath good enough for slower trails. I like the idea of not having to mess with goggles.
  15. BigRichard

    Where do you ride

    Trails. My goal is to not let my Michelins touch gravel.